Crucial & Changeable Moments

anchoring paradise earth eraoflightdotcomGood evening everyone, well as you are all aware I’m busy preparing for the website to go live but as we are not quite there I am posting this week’s energy report here, for now, as it will be stored on the website too so that we are able to go back and look at the beginnings of portals etc should we need to. It’s quite helpful to be able to do this when we are looking at patterns, personal and collective, well that’s if you are as interested as I am

I am super excited to be building a home for my light work to be housed, a place where it can be found, for whoever is seeking more, whatever that more may be, and even I can become complacent at times and need to go over an old key to allow it to completely merge with me and I am even more excited to completely open my heart and share the wisdom received.

A new era for A Gift from Gaia is looming and I want to thank you all for being so patient.

Here is this week’s energy report

These are the website posts but I want to be sure you get them immediately……we are almost there!

Energetic Navigation for 1st – 7th December 2019

We are here at one of the most crucial and changeable months of 2019 but there is no time to look back now, this is where we move fully into the Capricorn energy and begin to realise how to truly surf these energies and Capricorn is about to reconnect The All to meet their inner goat or their goat totem if you aren’t too keen on goats, lets just say you are either going to love it or hate it by the end but either way we will all have the opportunity to learn what aligning to energy is all about.

Slow steady progression is the way we move, cosmic goats move confidently and carefully up those steep mountain slopes and we will all do well to stay aware that our journey is exactly that, up a very steep mountain face to get to the top which from down here at the foot of the mountain looks to be nothing less than heaven, I can see beautiful light structures, pillars of light, I can see the trees abundant in fruit hanging over the edge of the cliff, and I can hear the most magical celestial music being played, what I can also see are some magnificent view points and places to rest along the way, these are also abundantly filled with everything needed to take a breather and whilst I see these amazing spaces I can also see a few danger spots, some can be avoided by holding focus, and some look as though I am either going to have to head straight through although….things could change once I reach those points, they could clear or perhaps I can find a new route once I am up there, who knows, but what matters most is that we begin this journey and focus on the NOW.

We begin the week with Jupiter creeping ever closer to the borders of Capricorn, so for now I would highly suggest that you conserve your energy and begin to dream big, look at the areas that have become super light filled, those areas you became “aware” of during 2019 and cleared, they have had a new foundation set, a “Promise to Self” has been made to never experience those old ways again, which means a new way or a new foundation of how it should be/begin will be forming, setting, and will soon, if not now, be ready to build upon and it is in those spaces that I encourage you to focus, to fill up with gratitude for the ability to receive the keys that unlocked those programs that brought nothing but stress to the field, so now, now how do you imagine the new light structure to look, how to you dream to experience that space now? Dream it, see it as your path to follow and expand upon it because as Jupiter moves into Capricorn this week we begin to make the goat steps to create this newness.

What is important to mention is that Jupiter is still just kissing the Galactic Centre goodbye, the orb spans from 26 degrees Sagittarius to 0 degree Capricorn, what’s entering your field are the codes from your Ancient Future Self, passed through the planet of expansion, of luck, wisdom and authority, so please remember those who are in the phases of clearing the restrictions it always appears as “difficult” in the beginning, but hold focus, all is happening in Divine Time and Divine Order to reveal those parts deeply hidden underneath the layers of pain and suffering you have been holding onto, all must be revealed to be released, it’s how this works. Those who have attuned to these codes will be data crunching and recoding the physical body through expansion, finding new ways to support the physical more, we have learned that the secret to abundance is though health, a healthy mind and a healthy body creates a more high vibrational energy field and it is through this magnetised field that we create our reality, these new codes have been delivering the goods so to speak, all we need do is apply everything received into the experience.

Jupiter in Capricorn is of course going to take a little bit of getting used to, everything has to become simplified in order to catch the surf, the energy of Jupiter within us needs to be observed, in fact if you think the energy of Buddha you will hit a perfect surf experience in terms of holding your frequency and maximising the experience this transit will bring. Jupiter likes to jump the gun a little, it can trigger the ego and things can get a little over excitable, and when this happens understand that you are witnessing self in the bipolar phases, high highs and low lows are to be expected in the Capricorn energies, those learning how to operate will be seen bounding up the mountain, and they will fall. Instead go within, be Buddha and find the jungle within, take time to journal instead of blurting out the light gems you retrieve from the quantum field, also learning to observe the field without the need to interrupt what is playing out before you, learning to see how it is forming, the patterns, the whys and hows that are the building blocks to the reality. Notice when you are about to leap out in reaction, hold the feeling, get to know the feeling and figure out why it came into your experience.

If you choose to truly learn to surf now and spend time with self, using the Jupiter in Capricorn energy you will surely create a Master before the end of its transit.

Also what would be good to mention here is whilst Jupiter now enters Capricorn this week he is now on his countdown to meeting up with the Lords, Saturn and Pluto, the Great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter happens at the end of 2020, so we will have a giant size awakening and as everything is a spectrum, for now at least, we are likely to see the collective unconscious enter a giant sized karmic loop that I am not entirely sure how it can be supported and it could lead one of two ways, the theme of both is change, it will either manifest as a crash or a flow, and the only way to assist us leading the collective into the flow is to continue to take our roles here incredibly serious, to fully understand that by increasing our vibration, walking further into the pool of purity, releasing our programs and awakening all unconscious aspects so that we increase the light quotient here on Earth and by doing so we are each responsible for raising the collective frequency which in turn harmonises our race and opens more opportunities to experience, both individually and collectively, at least until that spectrum becomes One.

Who we are NOW counts, the NOW is literally the most important moment, and whilst you have all heard those words very few can hold that focus entirely throughout their day, to completely live from that now moment is the space of the Creator and Jupiter in Capricorn is going to be such a wonderful teacher.

Purpose – Precision – Integrity – Succeed – Service – Maturity – Observant – Responsive – Responsible – Respectful

Are just a few selection of words that come to mind when I feel into this energy, and so for those who made these words their priority over these past 12 months will be releasing the final remnants of the old and beginning to create their NewBuild Structures of Light.

Now whilst I say dream big Wednesday amplifies the energy with our Moon conjunct Neptune, as it’s a Wednesday and the day is ruled by Mercury perhaps observe self, and learn to decipher between the minds ideas (Mercury) and the hearts requests, when we pay a little more attention to how the body responds to our thoughts and dreams we get to learn its language without so many bumps in the reality. The flow exists in the heart and until the mind has been cleared of its old programs it continues to lead us into experiences to wake us up, but of course, you can bypass that by bringing it into your awareness now and setting reminders to be observant.

A little gem here to know is that the mind will power a million thoughts and contradicitons a minute, the heart will simply have a path and its unquestionable. Many say they don’t receive this communication yet, that all they receive is a bombardment and nothing precise, calm and sure and to that I say wonderful, you have seen your truth, that the heart hasn’t yet opened and the best is yet to come, this is the reason I share the keys of this cosmic journey, because I have found a path that I continue to expand into and experience, it has become my reality and who wouldn’t want to share that wisdom with their family of light.

So within the lower octaves this may manifest as emotional overload or perhaps some may just get a little delusional, unconscious aspects get rather loud and reactive and when this is witnessed please remember it is for you to see/experience to learn to pay attention, to understand why its in your field and the quicker you can move out of the “he said” or “she did” view the quicker you are able to neutralise the presentation, remembering blindness is not to be blamed and that anger or ignorance simply means there is currently no capacity to understand, the choice at this point is yours, do you engage or dissolve, but before you do don’t forget to see why you created it, what needs to be seen, what needs to be adjusted, what needs more of YOU, within you, and don’t forget that it has appeared for action, is this the energy you invite into your Sacred Field, because allowing just one allows All, the Universe or your field doesn’t understand allowances, we don’t work that way.

When we have learned to surf these octaves and can reach the “higher” more expanded states of awareness this energy brings forward a gush of energy to surf, deciphering becomes easy, and we know the best place to head during these energies is to the drawing board and begin mapping it out and providing the path appears to be reflecting a beautiful sine wave as opposed to the spikey peaks and troughs that we once would have surfed then we know we must act now, by taking that next, sure footed goat step, not too fast, without pushing and yet don’t be hesitant either, any odds and ends of the procrastination programming will highlight the blocks to the heart frequencies.

Keep an eye on communication, Mercury spends the end of this week in opposition to Algol, some brutal ends for some, some cutting information, losing ones mind which is most helpful on the path of light and yet it was once most uncomfortable, this energy whilst dramatic can often be the most gigantic spinners that take you off into new directions, and we have more heading in next week as Mercury conjuncts the Pleiades, more incredible frequencies however this most often means the collective becomes more resistant for a while until the intensity settles and folk climatize again but we shall discuss this nearer the time and I will share how to focus and flow through.

Sending so much love

Andrea xxx

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