What is a Tarot Card and How Exactly Do They Work?

tarot cards eraoflightdotcomAre you wondering what is a tarot card and how exactly do they work? If yes, check out this guide on everything you should know.

We all want to tap into the ability to know what’s coming next, if a new relationship will work out, or what to expect from our career. Which is why many turn to the age-old practice of tarot card reading to find the information they seek.

Are you wondering what is a tarot card and how exactly do they work? Worry no more as we’ll give you the detailed information.

What is a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading is when a middle-aged woman dressed in a shaggy white robe, or sometimes a multicolored robe sits you down in a candlelit room and after doing some weird stuff tells you about your future.

There you have it: the biggest misconception of what a tarot card reading is.

Tarot reading has little to do with anyone telling you about your future. Instead, it involves you getting into a space where you can get in touch with your higher self.

The tarot involves the use of tarot cards to help a person get a better understanding of their past, have a grey understanding of their present, and see the options that lie in their future.

Tarot can help you understand why certain things in your present are happening, how they could be linked to your past, and how they could affect your future.

What is a Tarot Card?

A tarot card refers to a single card in the tarot deck. Usually, tarot reading is done using a deck of tarot cards.

Tarot cards are a tool used by tarot experts to guide someone to their ultimate inner truth. They reveal insights that are held deep within a person.

There are 22 major Arcana cards that reveal some of the greatest secrets that are held deep within. There are also other 56 minor Arcana cards that reveal lesser secrets. The 46 cards are also subdivided into four categories or suits.

How Do Tarot Card Readings Work?

An expert reader typically does tarot card readings. Before a reading session, the reader arranges the tarot cards in a spread. A spread refers to how the cards are arranged to be interpreted.

There are many types of spreads, and they can involve a single card or all the 78 cards.

The most popular spread (the one you’ve likely seen) involves three cards. This is the spread used to tell the past, present, and future of aspects such as relationships and career.

The expert can either do an open reading tarot or question reading tarot.

What are the Differences Between an Open Reading and a Question Reading Tarot?

To answer that question, keep reading.

Open Reading

This type of reading is usually general: it’s not tied to a specific problem or issue in life. Usually, you allow your soul to be reflective and give you insights you might need for your present or future.

Open readings are usually very insightful when used during special occasions or when you’re entering a new phase in life.

For example, when you’re about to get married, an open tarot reading could give you life revealing insights on your new journey in life.

Question Reading

This is the most common type of tarot reading. It deals with a specific question in your life and seeks to give you answers to help you deal with the specific problem.

Question reading is usually specific and focused on problem-solving. On the other hand, open reading is general and focused on growth and development.

Can Tarot Cards Predict our Future?

Tarot cards provide a mirror to our spiritual beings. They help us gain a better understanding of what could be in our future. But, they do not predict the future. Instead, they show us a possible future. Which is why…


Tarot cards only show us a possibility. It’s a single possibility amongst a myriad of other possible choices. It’s upon us to decide whether that is the future we desire or not. If not, we have the power to take action and change it.

So, the future predicted by the tarot cards isn’t set in stone. Nothing is. The future is fluid, and we have the power to take action and change the future.

So, instead of the tarot cards ‘showing’ us the future or predicting our future, they empower us to take action and live a more intentional life.

How Do Tarot Readers Interpret the Cards?

Tarot readers are usually deeply intuitive and in touch with their higher selves. Their mind is calm and souls reflective. Due to their highly intuitive nature, they can easily deduce the meaning of each card.

All in all, card reading is a complex process only understood by experts. However, here are a few ideas into how they interpret the cards:

· The face of each card has a meaning. These meanings can be found in the tarot card book. There are multiple books on tarot reading, and they all empower the reader on how to become effective in their practice.

· The wisdom gained over the years of reading.

· The meaning associated with the position of the card. For example, each position in the Celtic cross has a deeper meaning.

· Your question or life circumstances also gives the reader a framework for the response they’re going to give you.

· Using their intuition and revelations.

Want to Learn More About Your Future?

So, what is a tarot card reading really capable of doing for you? Tarot reading is a powerful method to help clients to figure out their lives and lead more meaningful futures. Tarot reading might sound ‘so-so’ to some people.

However, to other people who believe in getting in touch with their higher self through reflective practices, a tarot reading can be a very effective technique.

Note, if you engage in tarot reading to ‘prove’ whether it works or not, it might probably not work. This is because your mind isn’t open to being reflective and getting in touch with your soul or inner self.

If you’re looking for more ways to engage with your future and your highest self, check out our blog for more inspiration.