Did You Live a Past Life?

higher self eraoflightdotcomCould you have lived a past life? Learn more about reincarnation and find out how to recognize the signs that you may have been here before.

As we observe nature throughout the seasons, it’s clear that life fades away and then is replaced by similar life.


When a creature or plant dies, the compounds and minerals in its body break down, feed the surrounding animals, fungus, and soil. Thus, it does not disappear at death — it is reborn into a new form.

The same, then, must be true for us. Many people even have memories of their past life as a human before this one.

Connecting to this inner truth may help us learn more about ourselves and our path. Learning about our past lives may also offer another connection into the mystical realm, the one where Spirit or God lives, the one that we can’t find exact words to describe.

Keep reading to find out more about past lives so you can deepen the meaning of your life.

Reincarnation and Your Past Life

Reincarnation comes from Latin and breaks down to mean “to take on the flesh again”.

It’s the idea that when you experience death, only your form dies. In other words, only your body decays and becomes lifeless.

Your spirit, your essence, your consciousness — whatever you prefer to call it — then transfers into a new form. Because this is an occurrence in the intangible realm, nobody can say for sure if this happens immediately or if it takes time. Still, there is a strong belief reincarnation across the world and there has been since at least 6 BCE.

What proof is there of reincarnation? What has made people believe in it for thousands of years?

Part of the “proof” is intellectual reasoning, like what we offered in the nature example at the beginning of this article.

It would make sense that our lives don’t completely end, even if we look at the concept with reason alone and no spirituality. Matter is neither created nor destroyed, after all.

Energy is simply transferred.

The other part of the “proof” that causes people to believe in reincarnation is the signs and symptoms of past lives. We’ll discuss these at length in the rest of the article.

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Déjà vu translates to “already seen” in French.

Most people are familiar with this term, yet it’s hard to pin down exactly what it is and what causes it.

The agreed definition of déjà vu seems to be a feeling of already experiencing the situation you’re in. It can be a split second, last minutes, or continue longer.

The strangest part about this sensation is that many people get this feeling of familiarity in completely new situations.

Of course, science looks for definitive answers to justify this experience. Anybody who is in touch with the unexplainable and mystical realm of life knows it’s not that simple.

A probable cause of déjà vu is past lives. You did experience what you are experiencing now — whether it’s a place, a feeling, et cetera — only it was in a past life.

Memories That Aren’t Your Own

Have you ever had clear memories about something that doesn’t fit in with the timeline of your life?

These out of place memories are a major sign of a past life. They are glimpses into what you experienced before. Oftentimes, these memories are most clear when people are children. There are hundreds of accounts of children who can, in full detail, recount lives before their own.

What feels so authentic about this “proof” is the fact that many of these children know details that they shouldn’t know because they weren’t exposed to or taught anything similar.

Experience-less Fears

There are universal phobias across the world. They usually involve an aspect of safety being threatened, such as heights and spiders.

So, it would make sense that these fears are tied to our survival instinct.

What about fears that aren’t common? If the person had an experience earlier in this life where they were traumatized, that may be the cause.

Otherwise, it may be true that the trigger (i.e. thing feared) traumatized the person in a past life.

The same is true for unexplainable pain. Some people experience pain without injury or real cause. It is specific to a certain area and often comes and goes.

This could be the place where someone was injured or physically traumatized in a past life.

Burning Passions

Many people, especially artists, state that they are “compelled” to follow their passion with intensity. They cannot go a day without participating in what they love.

These irresistible passions may have been pursuits or occupations from a past life. This would make sense, as the positive energy behind the action has had time to build and build.

This seems to be the case with “soulmates”, too. Soulmates are people who feel they have been together for lifetimes. There is an uncanny connection between the pair, oftentimes making them feel like they’ve found each other again and again throughout time.

Old Soul

A typical sign of a past life is the feeling of being an “old soul”.

This may mean associating with an older era or having more maturity and wisdom than peers of the same age.

Along with this may come intuition about the past, present, or future.

Cellular Memory

How do all of these things happen?

Most of the answers likely lie in the intangible, mystical realm. However, there is some science that backs up how reincarnation could happen.

The most profound evidence is that of cellular memory.

Cellular memory means that memories are stored in the cell and in the body — not just the mind. There’s a growing body of research on this, from sea slugs to human stem cells.

Whether it’s scientifically provable or not, past lives have major implications for our journey as humans on earth. If you’re intrigued and want to explore this dimension of yourself, get some past life readings done.

More Than Meets the Eye

If there’s one thing you take from this past life discussion, let it be this: your being is much more than what meets the eye.

We are all complex, infinite beings. We may never be able to fully understand the magic of ourselves and this world, but we ought to try.

Keep reading our blog to do just that.