Renew & Take Stock at Year End; Prepare Yourself for 2020 Mega Shifts

we are one love eraoflightAs we near the end of 2019 there is an increasing intensity in the air. Emotions are more on the surface. Many people are challenged staying centered enough to avoid overreacting or jumping into a scenario they later will find problematic. The tensions involved with handling a multitude of things at once can feel overwhelming. Continue reading for background and some simple tools for riding the intensity waves with more ease and inner peace.


If December this year seems more difficult you are not imagining it.

The reasons vary from person to person, yet most of us are being impacted by things like the following:

*the general unstable state of our outer world
*knowing how much needs to change for us to have a livable planet and loving global society
*concerns, even if they are unconscious, about climate and the Earth's future
*energy cycles and the impact of mega planetary conjunctions that are beginning to impact each of us whether or not we understand astrology
*we as individuals are being catalyzed on inner levels, sometimes without conscious awareness, to make huge changes in how we live personally and operate in the world
*the tempo of all things has accelerated
*with so much seeming to come at us simultaneously now, we can get bogged down by minutia and decisions that before were easier to handle.

Relate to any of these examples?

I’ll include much more on all in my Predictions 2020 eBook being prepared now.

Meanwhile, below are some practical approaches for where we are – things you can put in place now and throughout December.

Prepare Yourself for 2020 Mega Shifts

Here are three ways to begin preparing yourself for the 2020 mega shifts and end the year on a high note.

FIRST – Take Stock of Yourself and Your Life

I mention this first, as this is essential to knowing yourself on a deeper level and beginning to intuit what needs shifting in your personal life. Taking stock is like an inner spiritual review of self, from your Higher Self’s perspective. There’s a tendency in all of us to ignore the need to shift outdated approaches to ourselves and being in the world. That’s our ego-based conditioning. Ironically we are hard-wired at a DNA level to change and evolve. At the same time, we are conditioned to prefer the safety of what we know and think we can do or be. I suggest going into meditation, turning off your thinking mind and energetically inviting insights about yourself. Be bold, daring, and fearless as you look inside. It’s not scary. In fact, when you take stock you will discover many things that make you smile and give you comfort.

SECOND – Clear Baggage of Old Energies, DNA Patterns

Now is an excellent time to assess and clear old stuck energies that can otherwise hold you back as we enter the 2020s. Many of them are likely rooted at a DNA level in past circumstances, in family upbringing, in ancestral patterns, past lives, and issues your soul wants you to address in this precious life. Unless you are trained to work with DNA, you won’t be able to see these, for they lie hidden in the subconscious – catalyzed into expression when certain life events occur.

THIRD – Renew and Replenish

Before the end of any year, but especially this one, it’s vital to energetically resource yourself for the coming year. Renewal and replenishment can take many forms. Your own approach may be different than that of others. Tune into what refreshes you most and helps you reset your energies. Ask yourself before you plan a holiday how you can work around the often typical stress that comes with family gatherings, travel, and taking downtime. Be good to yourself. You don’t have to say “yes” to everything or everyone. Remind yourself that you are loved and you deserve the space and time to replenish your body and mind. In fact, give your overthinking and over-planning mind a vacation too.

I look forward to connecting with you again soon. Let me know what you would like me to write about in 2020 and how I can serve you in the highest ways with other things I offer globally.


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