Current Energy Corridor

meteor shower eraoflightdotcomWAYSHOWERS: THIS CURRENT CORRIDOR, 3rd – 21 December inclusive: Please discard if this doesn’t resonate, it is just a little sharing, known DEEPLY within me: If ever there was a ‘time’ to put your unique PATH first, this is it. This time period. If ever there was a ‘time’ to take our focus INWARD, away from the noise of the brain’s inner chatter, this is it. This time period. If ever there was a time to let others be, and be on their own path and perceptions, this is it. This time period. To pull back from the dream, for YOU and your OWN rise forthcoming.

Be assured, this IS thus far, (only thus far), an experience of parallels and polarities. Be assured if you are wishing to turn inward NOW, into being silent to hear the higher essences of you, your Self Created reality will present distraction after distraction as you try to. Understand that YOUR HIGHER SELF is master-minding your RISE in consciousness, and will always bring in choices for your free will to respond to; will you currently allow all distractions that are IN your Self Created dream to override your path, or will you be wise and steadfast, and hold to your inner knowing and wisdoms, knowing in part of the HUGE precipice we are moving into, together.

Family, friends, loved ones, people you don’t know, unexpected events, business of this and that, will all flood in, NOW, created by your Higher Self, for the lower self to make HIGHEST choices in this NOW (lower self only meaning the lower energetic frequency so the experience of less perception/less consciousness). It’s a choice, to view the wider picture for all and make the HIGHER choices from within you, or be REACTIVE to the illusion and events as they present.

This is what your Higher Self does. It gives you choice, so that as we each take the higher frequency choice more and more, we become the Higher Self more and more. We ARE to become the Higher Self, fully, with human form, with an outer consciousness that does not lie within the dream reality. We can not become in full, the Higher Self, unless we match it in choices, actions, beingness, and thus match it’s higher energetic frequency. The Higher Self is ENERGY BASED, it works directly with energy, outside of the illusion. Guiding you, as observer for the whole, as a balance, peaceful observer outside of the dream, with a neutral vastness of knowing and at ONE with all, so not a self focus consciousness that focuses on the small stuff or submerged within the dream reality itself.

We can all connect within, to rise higher in our energetic frequency. By being at peace. By being wiser. By being LOVE. By allowing the dream and all in our reality to be on their way, be in their own lane, knowing they are responsible only for themselves as we hold, are love for them, with compassion. By going within NOW, thus hearing, seeing, FEELING, EXPERIENCING the higher energetics being gifted to each NOW, we rise, we integrate, we prepare our body, for this unprecedented time that lies ‘ahead’ that humanity will also adjust to. YOU…are the balance and energy necessary for this huge transitional phase.

This is for some a HUGE Initiation Passageway before solstice. If so, the advice is to Hold your path. Know it. Be that. It’s YOUR journey, your time, to honour YOU, giving time to yourself, to BE LOVE WITHIN, and emitting as energy, LOVE WITHOUT. You become the wiser one, less reactive, as you journey back to being known within you, as ALL THAT IS.

The Key…is always LOVE frequency, within. Let others be all they wish to be. Love them as that. Then, be LOVE to thyself and true to your own path. You are everything. Allow yourself this quality time to honour your own path, it’s a breath-taking, beautiful time of unfoldment of pure essence to be experienced within you. For by giving this time to yourself, when you have risen further, you will be able to give out, to ALL, SOOOO much more than ever before. This, is why you came. Honour your journey. I honour you fully.

Please discard if it does not resonate. Just know, there is intentionally much distraction within the dream reality NOW. Always, there is an individual choice of free will. It is all so perfectly and intricately designed.

One Love
Amanda Lorence.

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