The Ascended Masters: Going in Circles

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomBeloved humans,

Stop your restlessness, your activity that is only focused the outer world. Your attention is strongly directed outwards, and so you are missing the purpose!

With the torch of light, descend into your own inner depth – that’s where the treasures lie, just waiting to be retrieved.

Envy and jealousy are waiting for your light, arrogance and hatred are waiting for your light!

Hidden deep within you lies the treasure of awareness, and you can only retrieve it if you are ready to give it your all wanting to master all challenges that come with this journey.

This treasure is in fact your own sacred, eternal and unharmed soul!

Innocent and divine, it is resting within you, waiting for you to notice it again. For that it is necessary that you remove everything that has been keeping you from your soul for eons.

The divine can reveal itself to you when your soul is receptive for it, love can fulfill you when your heart is full of compassion, light can shine through you when your spirit is ready for the healings that go along with it.

The great illness of humanity

Still it is the grave illness on earth that humans are seeking outside instead of finding inside.

Do you really wish to live through further lives in the cycle of death and reincarnation? Do you really wish to continue walking in circles instead of walking the path of awareness?

Don’t be afraid of yourselves any longer! Become courageous, be brave and stay brave.

Without the courage to face your own personal history there is no spiritual development.

Even if a thousand Buddhas and a thousand Jesuses came to earth, it would have no effect on those who choose to stay distant and alienated from themselves.

• Great is the human will to create outer success, but small is the inner wish to become a master.

• Great is the human wish to extract time from impermanence, but small is the will to open up to the eternal imperishable spirit.

• Great is the human need to pretend, small is the desire to become and to be.

Stop acting like this!

Go into stillness, walk towards yourselves and dedicate yourselves fully to this inner journey – until you have arrived and until this world has nothing more to offer you because you have reached self-awareness.

Cleanse yourselves, remove blockades and waste dumps that have piled up in your heart!

Sheltered in God’s love, carried by God’s angels and guided through God’s light, you will master each and any situation. Accept this challenge, because life after life, you are born to accept this challenge, until one day you are ready.

In the end there’s freedom and triumph over death. In the end, you are reborn and this world is nothing but an illusion.

With endless love

» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl