Anatoli: New Era

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomOur time is now. Mother Russia is preparing for the new era. Warmer winds sweep over her expanses. They blow away that distrust, doubt and the time of preparation are now. The energy is anchored and increased in frequency. The clean place makes it easy. North-west of the deep Baikal Lake is the portal to Agharta. Here is the breakthrough in the future. We’re already there. It takes a while before it comes to public knowledge. We must cleanse and purify before then.

Babylon falls in the west. East is being prepared for the new era, to be guiding, guiding and new building.

Babylon falls and we see pillars after pillars collapse and spread fear and despair. Don’t despair. When one dies, the next one is born, pure and new, we can say old.

Every thing has its time and a lot of wisdom is needed to handle the new technology. Old Atlantis is reborn in the North and the light is spreading throughout our dear Mother Earth.

The new Atlantis will use the technology in the service of light. The intent of the technology has not always been good. We turn the ship over and use it for our help and improvement in the new era.

The dragons stand at each portal, protecting and acting as guardians. Babylon’s tall horses can’t imagine falling, but in fact they have already fallen. They now live on the shining image of themselves. The light that is not of the true spiritual light.

The false matrix struggles spasmodically to keep its shining images in human consciousness, to keep them trapped in power and the desires and worship of their idols.

Mother earth and the plains of Siberia are now being prepared and slowly turning into fertile soil and life-giving. She turns in the transformation and shakes her large body. No one escapes her change, from the smallest being to the greatest. I Anatoli, a Russian ascended master is part of the new architecture. Don’t despair, we’re building new.

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» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen