Cosmic Rays Continue to Heighten

star magnetic waves eraoflightdotcomCosmic rays continue to heighten, we haven’t yet broken the back of the last record that happened between 2009/10 which would be expected for the awakening that took form during 2012. Well we are here again, deep Inna solar minimum expected to go deeper, and just days ago we were just a point off the record held, we have plenty of time to go before the next solar cycle and therefore we begin to see the pattern that the incoming decade and solar cycle holds and its going to be EYE opening to say the least.

This is deep soul work and I am sure many of you, are aware of this, which is what makes this super exciting, the more aware we are means the more conscious and the more we learn about these energies the more we release the blockages which means we become aligned to these Ascension energies, we surf them, we understand them and therefore there is no longer resistance, it’s used as intended and creates super fast streams of light to highlight the path ahead

Our realities are now moving at such crazy speeds, this is normal during a solar minimum, fast paced changes, literally quantum leaping from one reality to another, rags to riches, riches to rags as everything jumps around, to show up the polarity, the duality, the density and the light, and the louder these flips the more we are requested to learn why we are experiencing these flips, and therefore how to steady the movement, ride/surf the movement until you learn the ability to hold it, stable.

The solar minimum allows us to experience the core of the programming, whereas solar maximum allows us to see the effects of our choices of programs we hold.
This is the time in which we can choose more easily, this is the time we are bombarded with DNA changing codes and if we operate from the core frequency, our truth, when we question everything and become the devil’s or rather angels advocate of our thoughts and beliefs we begin to see where there are jumbles of misaligned ways, beliefs, exceptions, contradictions and from here we create the cracks in our own lies, which allows the DNA to begin it’s process of transformation.

Letting the false belief go, opening into a space of knowing nothing and allowing the heart to guide you into its truth, the highest frequency of all and by doing so teaching the physical to operate from that new space is the most freeing, liberating and healing, enlightening experience. The letting go relaxes a tightly coiled DNA strand, and opens up the ability to receive the new codes being sent on our cosmic rays.

No beliefs are replaced, just new behaviours, of the conscious kind. A field of peace is created simply because the mind stops trying to align to distorted beliefs, constant failure through chasing the unachievable, or the non existent story and through releasing this discord the physical body finally gets to heal and the energy field lightens and expands.

That is how important these times are, that is why it’s crucial to understand how this works and this is why more people are seeking those who have “figured” this out to learn the keys.

The light is increasing this means everything spins faster, or everything Frazzles because it’s unable to spin faster, our world is changing and we either choose the path of evolution or the choice to be the mirror, of what happens if we don’t, and whilst this may or may not be a rapid process I feel it’s fair to say we are all aware of the chaos that is rising out there.

As walkers of light we know these choices are exactly that, each human has access to data in these times, all Keyholders have made themselves accessible and those who have found resonance are now sharing the gems to shine out as lighthouses assisting all who are secretly awakening, just as we all did, it wasn’t something we shouted about, we doubted we were sane which is why we hold no fear of judgment of sharing our light, we came through.

We are here for this purpose, there is no shame to be had any longer, if you are worried what someone might think then the mirror is for you, there is no love in shame, there is no connection to the light if it doesn’t shine from you, you may see the light, but the truth is there is resistance to light, because once connected it SHINES and that is that.

Entering a new paradigm means we release, we let go of holding back, we go into service and now is the time for this to be fully realised, especially here in the A Gift from Gaia Field, let us unite, let us share the light, those awakening now do not need to awaken as we once did, it now all gets quicker because the information is now available, instead of figuring it all out as we once did, we can now share the gems, the markers, the pointers, we have created a map and that makes things somewhat easier for those moving into alignment now.

That’s evolution and that’s how light works, it expands and quickens.

And all of this would be right on schedule as Mercury leaves shadow phase, 29th degree Scorpio and moves into opposition with the Pleiades, we are called to the Seven Sisters to show our truth, our frequency, the vibration of creation, our true dialogue and if our core frequency matches that of the Sisters, we receive entry, we receive the new dialogue, the codes, the communication and if our frequency is not a match we are returned, with codes, of course they would never not gift something, but these codes are the materials to build the teaching required to raise that frequency so that on the next meeting there is an opportunity of progression, until it’s finally innerstood and become you.

The mirror is about to speak very loudly and it is either going to tell you that you are the fairest of them all…..or not…..

If you are not the fairest, then take the messages that the mirror delivers and begin to work through, down, into your self discovery and remove the core, this begins a systematic process of expansion, the mind clears, the body relaxes, the release of energy commences, everything begins to shift as does the reality and it becomes our responsibility to underpin the new ways, it takes time to retrain the physical so as we retrain we heal, over time we get super quick at the retraining so the healing is also super quick.

If the mirror says you are the fairest then the reality begins to sprout more light structures, it’s slow right now, don’t hurry a thing, it’s the goat energy, don’t forget that, slow and steady, one step at a time, you’ve got a long climb so don’t be the martyr goat and push yourself, that’s the old way, everything moves with ease once you are aligned and paying attention to everything, literally everything as your body and field are constantly showing symbols, speaking a language we had once forgotten. A slight bit of dis-ease pay attention immediately, make the shift and it’s instant flow again. Martyr goats will bounce down the mountain face….stay strong, stay precise, rest when the body says, eat super high altitude foods and drink the most pure mountain water you can choose.

Super changeable times, super changeable week with the full moon and Chiron turning direct

Also just to mention I’m currently rewriting and making some changes to the website that’s under construction, thank you all for being so patient (Saturn – we are all learning) so I will post the monthly report I had written for the website, it’s rather large and meant for the website but for those who follow the reports I am not going to wait for the website, it’s coming to you all later today.

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