Athena: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

twin flames eraoflightdotcomI am channeling through this vehicle, Sharon, as a means of guiding those whose divine feminine energies have been oppressed throughout this life and through successive past lives. The feminine within you all has been oppressed through your over-masculinized world and this of course, leaves your world out of balance.

You must all access the divine feminine energies as part of your daily lives. We are the nurturers, the bearers of life, the ones who are intuitive, the ones who are abstractive. We are also the ones who must combine our energy with the masculine in order to live upon your world. Your world is an expression of the feminine and the masculine, who would appear to be separate as you have chosen individualized bodies, but it your work to join together and merge these energies despite your separation.

The energies must be merged within yourselves, and merged within your groups. This creates balance and cooperation comes forthwith.

It is not a question of seeking dominance. Your talk of “man hating” is not an expression of the divine feminine but an out of balance expression based on fear. Male bashing is a thing of the past now as we seek to heal ourselves through love and through loving the other as they are. There is no need for one-sidedness. Balance is the new way of living.

Love is the key. Love unites all. Hate divides, of course. You have experienced this but now you are turning the tides and uniting all with love. There is no difference. To love another is to love yourself. How you love another is how you love yourself. That is important to remember.

It is no small feat for a group of warriors to change your world entirely around, however the work begins with you. Transformation is your work laid out in front of you daily in your challenges. Bring to these challenges goddess energy of love and wisdom, and watch your day transform. Your light will shine brighter as you align with our energy.

We of the divine kingdom celebrate your successes and support you in your failures. There is no admonishing those who devote their lives to a cause such as yours. This is not the way of love. Those who love can only know supporting, caring, nurturing and loving you. Such are we of the kingdom.

Seek us out when you are troubled. When you do not know how to proceed, give your problems to us. Let us relieve your pain and your sorrows and let us help you bring the light of the kingdom to your earth. We love you, and we watch over you with care.

I am Athena, I loved your earth once and now I have returned.

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