The Process of Feel, Deal, & Heal

we are one love eraoflightLosing your identity, I was changing the words to the REM hit Losing my Religion yesterday as the realisation entered that nothing is the same, masses of dialogue entered as Mercury faced the Seven Sisters, the song continues, “that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spot light” and I looked at her, and realised all that WAS and all that now IS.

How we Feel and how we Deal has resulted in the most incredible Healing phases, the key I began sharing over 2 years ago fully integrated just before we make the move into the new paradigm that is entering.

The process of Feel, Deal and Heal is a flight path of acceptance that everything moves, everything has purpose and it was the key to realising nothing in this game of life is personal, it’s simply a movement, based on our frequ2ncies.

Each section of this process has so many octaves to learn, the heal phase is especially intricate as we come to realise that it simply cannot happen until the seed crystal of the heart has been reached and that is only possible once the masculine and feminine energies within are working in unison, The Unified Heart which is where the actual healing takes place and the rejuvenation begins, the entire rewrite of the phsyical body leading to nothing short of miracle healing.

Until then it’s a loop, until the energy is balanced and the heart is open we looped in cycles until the secret unfolded.

What I see now is the acceptance that was held for “sickness” and for “pain” but the truth is it was only ever an ignored symbolic message, from our most prescious possession, our extraordinary physical body, that we all have taken for granted and been separated from.

Incredible when you See.
But then when you do, and begin to experience the magic of the unification and heart awakening it becomes something that you will happily sit in silence and watch in amazement the transitions that follow, within and with Out on so many levels, and with no effort, love takes no effort, it just is and once the frequency is found and stabilised it simply flows and grows

Physically we get stronger, places and spaces firm up, the mind is patient and awaits the signals from the heart and body before acting, it learns its place as it’s dutiful servant and only acts upon command to create from the council of the heart, which becomes the central processing unit and is the seat of creation for your experience here on Earth.

Sickness and pain becomes ignorance and resistance, blindness and deafness and therefore suicidal, because once you know, you have no reason to ignore.

And by paying attention, by staying awake and fully conscious we have the super power of creation and begin to build super light structures that will now stand the test of time, as we near the end of that era anyway, time, as we know it, that enslaved us, blindly creating more karma, it simply cannot and will not continue as it has, our race is now to be held accountable to dissolve these old ways because our planet will no longer allow this level of destruction to go on, hence why out there, and within there for some of you reading this is now getting particularly more stressful and loud, if this is you I encourage you to stop accepting life as it is and begin to follow keys to your path of light.

This is not “the way it is” and you do not need to “make your bed and lie in it”, if that bed is ridden with bedbugs, get to hell to get out…interesting choice of words Andrea, hell, a misinterpretation, it is the purification of the dead, like a funeral pyre, the perfect place to allow the old to be cremated.

Another human patterning that will eventually be shown, the need to bury or cremate, that pattern shows in all ways, look how deep we bury our dead, and yet the process to clear is to purify and that is how we allow our loved ones to leave, by not holding the attachment to the bones and playing out the story, corrupting energy fields with distortions, no, we allow all to be entirely renewed with complete love for every aspect of our loved ones momentous journey through life, I will cover this further in The Alignment Program, it is an eye opener of a key and completely changes how we deal with the dead, in all ways and all patterns, as I said, this pattern is the same as our own “ego deaths” and how we heal, renew and rejuvenate from these phases.

Because that’s all this and everything is, patterns and phases, steps in the evolution of our race to live in harmony with our planet.
A new experience is entering, no longer the matriarchy of our ancinents although to the expanded this does mean a unified energy despite how it sounds, as the matriarchy is not feminine ruled as many think but it’s a unified energy, the matriarchal energy knows it works together with the masculine, it’s a partnership, but for the sake of explaining I shall show the pattern in this format, we have become sick through experiencing the fear energy through the patriarchy and all that brings and now we are dissolving the patriarchal era and moving into the unified space, which technically is as I said known as the matriarchy, but for argument’s sake, for now, we can call it the unified heart energy as this will make more sense……
Once it’s experienced we will all see and understand, it’s possibly only rejected as the masculine energies within many see the matriarchal energy as corrupted, like a world full of angry defensive feminists, which of course, the resistance and defense shows its truth as masculine frequencies, feminists react through masculine wounding, a seed of victim fights for the light, and never gets to bloom and sway freely in the breeze.

It’s simple, the feminine is the guidance, and the masculine is the action that receives the guidance with respect and responsibility and together when working in unison we create love filled realities, we are filled with compassion and we choose to stay in that new rhythm in every moment to experience the magic of each moment.

So with these words we get to see our current “identity” who we are, how we respond or react, and we know, that losing any identity that doesn’t follow the pattern of internal guidance and act/ion from the heart is something we no longer need to hold onto.

Why hold what we know isn’t the most purest version of you, why block the love that your soul is patiently waiting to share with our world.

Pointless, so we find the purpose and sometimes this can happen by default.

This morning I awoke from my dream state, which just before waking the information is always energy related, and it spurs me to write and share.

I owned the laundry place that the Emperor and the Senate’s of Rome used to have their white togas washed and cleaned.

One of my employees accidently tipped some black dye into the white wash and we created black togas for the heads of the country.
The girl was terrified, however immediately what I noticed was how these black togas looked so formal with the gold stitching and detail, so I took it upon myself to show off the new formal wear (the biggest accident that could have taken my life) I stood before the senates and showed how our Emperor would look so regal in his purple cloak over the top, of course this dress would only be for incredibly important events but all the senate’s, dressed in black and gold too would without doubt stand out from the crowd and show the importance they held.

I kept my life, it was accepted and the change was seen across Rome as officials changed their dress, their identity and feeling of power, all through mistake, all of it born through apparent error.

A change by default is the theme, and with the moon opposing Chiron whilst Chiron is trine with Mercury it will offer the shift required for a huge identity shift.

Some dialogue/data/emotion or perhaps an opportunity is entering to finalise the phase of Chiron’s retrograde, who we think we are is going to change into who we truly are based on our frequency and from here we get to choose, do we choose to sit with “me in the corner, me in the spotlight” do we choose to feel sorry and get stuck in the pity and empathy or do we choose to change the religion, the identity, and allow this super transformative energy to transcend you through into the new.

This may feel cutting, some may experience a moment of complete disconnection which is normal during quantum leap’s, but the key is to allow, accept and most often rest and relax.

These transformations are likely to feel heavy, and that is reflected in how the physical body feels, very sluggish and heavy as if gravity just intensified, how we think becomes confusing as the heart and mind conflict, the mind tries to continue the old ways, the old pattern and the heart will put the anchors on and respond with weight, the heavy heart.

What happens in these moments is everything slows, and this enables us to see each moment more clearly and focus on choosing to stay conscious, and those conscious always have more to expand upon, there is always something to be revealed and move into however that appears.

New templates are constantly being sent through, new energies, new phases, new ways of being because this is how evolution works, there is always MORE and it’s always new and this takes time to acclimatise in.

These next few days of this week are likely to feel a little confusing as we all choose whether to experience more wounding or more healing.
Yesterday Mars opposed Vesta which brought forward some much needed agitation to show up the quantum leap, whilst Mercury faced the Seven Sisters, this is not the time to simply accept the state of play, it is the time to create the game and play it well.

Not knowing who you are or how to be is the greatest gift, release the need to know, release the push, and instead see your beautiful white canvas and paint the new design.

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