Message from Leilah and The Vastness of Being

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomGreetings to all who find this message. I have been in stillness with the changing energies on the Earth plane for what feels like many years and also feels like the blink of an eye. Such is the nature of what we call “time”. The prodding of the vastness is urging me forward and outward to share visions and wisdom once again.

When I view our beautiful planet with my inner eye, I am seeing a smoky cloud, dark and dense in some places and sparse and filmy in others. Beneath this cloud are sparkles of light, like flowers. I’m seeing this all around the surface of the earth. The light flowers represent individual people like you and me. Those who are cultivating self-love and appreciation are radiating this light just by being in this frequency of love. Not by trying or doing, but by being love. The density cannot attach itself to the light flowers, because there are no receptors for fear where there is love. It is so simple and elegant. This is why we have been called to clear our energy for so many years – releasing and transforming beliefs, patterns, coping mechanisms due to trauma and so on. We’ve been clearing programming from this lifetime, other lifetimes and our ancestral lineage so we can embody our divine soul essence more and more fully. This programming is from our ancestors’ world view and belief systems and is what we were taught about the world when we were young.  We have had layers of beliefs weighing us down like heavy blankets and we are shedding them one by one. We are creating a new truth, new knowings, based on our individual experience, instead of beliefs. Cultivating love within ourselves is how we transform our Human experience on Planet Earth. As we do this, we begin to embody our Divine Soul Essence more and more fully and through this embodiment we are becoming the New Humans on the New Earth. The new earth is not a different planet, it is simply transforming as we transform (and we transform as Earth transforms), right here in our lives with everything we do and think, with all of our creations, all of our relationships, with every breath and every action we take. Shifting our focus from fear and anger towards gratitude and self-love, no matter what our circumstances, helps to lift the darkness from our beings.

Message from The Vastness of Being

Aside from all the stuff out there that you read and sense in the collective – all the noise of the political chaos and swirling of emotions – you are tapping into a greater perspective. What you see in your vision of clouds of density and flowers of light, is that love is awakening in Humanity. More and more people are cultivating that inner light through self-love. This message is a message of light and buoyancy, laced with sparkles of joy, offering expansiveness to those who read it.

 We are showing you that focusing on love – and by that we mean inner love, self-love, feeling yourself as innocent, sacred, divine beings filled with life force energy and the love frequency – you are lifting the density from this planet. You also come into alignment with one another all over the earth through a network of light that is your creation. By being in the resonance of love, you connect with the frequency of Earth which flows in and around the planet in sacred geometric forms which resonate with the innocent, loving nature of Earth, receiving the love that Earth has for Humanity. Oh yes, this is true, even though there is pollution and exploitation of her resources, Earth loves Humanity. So we offer you a vision of yourselves as light-filled, love-filled beings going about your lives resonating love, which, by the law of entrainment, allows you to share that love in your field with all you come into contact with – without trying or DO-ing anything.

There is a dark force that has been reaching into and feeding off of the energy field of Humans and manipulating Human activity for thousands of years. As the New Humans (this is you) resonate with the love frequency, they are like billions of seeds of light walking on earth. This love frequency gets amplified when these Humans connect with one another either in the physical or in the etheric realm surrounding earth, through telepathic connections. As this happens, the dark force is lifted from the Humans on earth. It cannot find a foothold within the New Human.

We are seeing a cloud of dark, depressing energy wafting around and looking for a host to live off of, but there are less and less hosts to accommodate this force. For a time, the experience on Earth will continue to be chaotic and you will witness dire events, for ones who are still accepting the dark force will seem to become stronger in their fearful actions. We council you not to pay too much attention to this and to continue to bring yourself into the resonance of love and appreciation.

You may feel the dark wave coming around you. You may feel a sense of hopelessness, despair and grief. When this happens it is sometimes difficult to remember your tools for moving energy, so we suggest you make it a daily practice to take moments to sit in silence – even if it is just for three minutes to tune into your heart, linking your three energy centres – body, heart, and mind. Focus on these centres, create a coherence within and feel the love for yourself and your divine soul essence. Bring forth the light of Source from within you and allow it to expand and come forth through your energy centres – below the navel (body/creative), the heart and the centre of your head (mind). Practice this before you get out of bed and when you lie down to sleep, before you go out into your daily activities. Know that you are a part of a field of light – we see it like flowers of light all around the earth, connected to earth and creating a blanket of love, like flowers dancing across a field. This is a powerful and authentic practice.

Know that you are part of a great transformation that is unfolding in perfect timing. All you have to do is love yourselves. As you contemplate this, feel the love expanding all around you. The radiance of love helps to maintain healthy boundaries. Being connected to the Earth energy and to your inner Source Light keeps you in energetic integrity.

Empowered Empaths

If you know yourself to be empathic, you may feel like you are picking up on the despair, grief and depression of the collective. You are feeling the cloud of discord, like a wave flowing around the planet. You can intentionally spin this energy out of your field and out of the Earth’s field and then bring yourself back into love by tuning into the life force energy within you. Empaths are energy sensors and have the ability to clear the discordant energy from their field and out of the Earth’s field. That is one of the gifts of an empath. You need not sit helplessly within the lower frequency. When you feel the cloud of heaviness around you, find the love within and radiate it into your field and then spin the dense energy away.

Often when people feel the density, they think it is something from within them, or even if they know they are feeling something in the collective, they may feel helpless within it but we say to you that YOU are the ones who can move that energy literally off the planet. It is the job of the empath. As you connect to that flower of light and love within you, the radiance will help you to actively send love into the density for transformation and what isn’t able to be transformed can be sent out of Earth’s field and back to its own source. You are creating a Humanity and an Earth that can no longer identify with or house the density, for the light of love and joy has no receptors for it.

We are Spiritual Warriors

Now is not the time to give up, but to amp up all that we have been working towards- some of us for many, many years. Now is the time for us to be true Spiritual Warriors, shining the light of Source from the center of our Being out into the density. Find something that you love – the sight of a butterfly, sunlight sparkling on water, whatever “small” thing, and allow it to grow within you. Add the feeling of gratitude and appreciation and you will feel it expand, little by little. This is what we came here for and we are connected to one another. In unity, we are an advancing consciousness of love.


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