There is a Feeling of Urgency

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThis is mission control reporting to ground crew.

All is well. It may seem that it is anything but, as many of you have begun to question your reality and some of you…your very existence! As these next few waves of energy arrive, there may be some turbulence, but if you have ever flown in an airplane during a storm you might understand why people seem to be freaking out in this now moment. There has been a great deal of collective purging taking place and it may feel like a weeks worth of now moments are more like a year.

There is a rapid acceleration process involved with this clearing, as we are 5 days and counting for the galactic reset. Many of you have had a small taste of shifting realities and that was enough to get your attention..was it not? Now more than ever is the time to listen to your inner guidance and your physical bodies. You are so busy assisting the collective that you may be feeling downright exhausted at this point in time. Rest! Drink plenty of water and stay in your heart center. In this moment and every moment, focus on love, peace and harmony.

First and second wavers may be feeling these energies more intensely than others at this time as we prepare to shift into the higher timelines. There is a feeling of urgency. You may feel like you are taking a spur of the moment trip and are wondering if you have packed everything you will need. I assure you brothers and sisters that you indeed have all you need to move forward on these timelines. You always have! Many of us were feeling compelled to help awaken the others. We felt we needed to lower our vibration in order to meet the others who we deemed “asleep” because if we didn’t then they wouldn’t be able to see us. For a time this was true but it was never for them…it was for YOU! A lesson on your path of self discovery… that you didn’t come to save anyone.

It is the collective vibration that is doing that and it ONLY ever happens when EACH of you begins to do the inner work and raise your own. You are the ONE. All of you. It was always you waiting for YOU. Now the time has come to meet yourselves. You don’t need to lower your vibration, pretend you are something you are not, hide your truth, explain who you are to others or convine them of YOUR truth. You simply just need to tap into your heart center and step fully into the BEing you have always been. Let go of all of the masks you have worn. Be proud of who you are and rise up into the awareness of the incredibly divine and magical being that you already ARE. There will be no more lowering ourselves into lower frequencies to assist the others to awaken, for it was always preplanned by each of us when that time would be.

When the time is right, those who are ready will remember and rise up to meet you within the frequency that you carry. It was always that way. It only seemed that it wasn’t. Remember now?! Choose love in ALL moments because that is who you are. Your heart is where the soul speaks to you. Are you listening? It’s time to return HOME 💖🙏💫 Thank you for being here to show me the truth. I love you all!
~Kimberly Hall

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