Yeshua: Reigniting The Flame Within

yeshua eraoflightdotcomYes, I am Yeshua.

I often come as my Higher Self, Sananda. But this time we chose that I would come to be with you, because of that which is approaching in your next Advance (Ancient Awakenings Retreat in the Mountains). Your next gathering together of old souls coming back together again and reuniting and reigniting the flame within all of you.

That is what this ascension process is all about: reigniting the flame within each and every one of you and to all of mankind, and to all of LIFE! All of life forms here on the planet, re-igniting the flame.  Not igniting it for the first time, but re-igniting it, re-awakening the source within all of life.  That is what you are doing, my friends, my brothers, my sisters.

And that is what I attempted to do, those 2000+ years ago, was to reignite the flame in my brothers and sisters there, to all that I could reach.  Did I reach them all?  Certainly not.  Can you reach them all?  Most likely not.  But you can reach many, just as I did as well.  I reached those who were ready to be taught, who were reach to open up to the understanding of who they were, even to the understanding that they were god within them.  I spoke about that.  I and my father are one.  But I did not speak only of my father, I spoke of all of our fathers and mothers.  The Father-Mother God Source within all of us.  All was about reawakening that to come out of the sleep process that we had all fallen into.  And to reach to those who were ready.  And those that I called my disciples, which may of you were there along with me.  Even a few of you were those disciples.

But know that even thought it has been said that there were twelve disciples, there were many more.  Many more than this followed me.  But they did not follow me.  They followed the I AM, THAT I AM within me.  And I was there to show the way, just as you, each and every one of you are here now to show the way, to open up to all those around you.

And yes, you are being ridiculed for your beliefs.  I certainly was ridiculed for my beliefs.  But did that stop me?  No.  Is that stopping you?  No.  Because you are remembering now who you are.

Each and every one of you are beginning more and more to remember.  And you are allowing this remembrance to move through you and have the being within you open up to all of those who are ready.  Is everyone ready?  Not in this moment.  But in the next moment they could be.  That is what keeps you going, just as that is what kept me going, and kept me learning and remembering who I was.

Did I know it all at once?  No.  I had to learn.  I had to be taught.  I had to travel and experience those who were more advanced than I was at that time.  They taught me.  Just as we, those of us, which you call the Ascended Masters, are here to teach you and to help reawaken within you the God Source within all of you.

We are all one in this endeavor, in this experience, in this journey, my friends, my dear brothers and sisters.  And I say that as brothers and sisters because several of you were a part of my family at that time there in Galilee, in Jerusalem, in Egypt.  You were there with me, just as you are here with me now, and I am here with you now, in the moment, now.

You spoke earlier of being able to stop the aging process, and to be able to reverse the aging process, and is this possible.  And I say now as Yeshua, certainly—it is not only possible, but probable that each and every one of you can not only do this, but are destined to do this if you allow it.

Just as those that were so-called ‘healed’ by my hands.  They were not healed by my hands, they were healed by the hands that worked within me, the Father-Mother God Source that worked within me.  Just as the Father-Mother God Source works within all of you.  And because of that, all healing is possible.  All age-reversal is possible.  And, as you are going to find in your next Advance, even the rising of one who has passed on is possible in the reading that the James is going to give, just as I did in those times 2000-plus years ago.

Yes, I did raise from the dead.  But know that that one, the one you call Lazarus, he was not dead.  His life force was still within him, and I reached to that life force within him and brought that forward.  If the life force is still there, it is possible.  Just as the life force is within all of you now.  And all of you, because of that life force, that tremendous life force within you, anything is possible.  That life force can stop the aging process right now in its tracks and begin to reverse it.  But the belief has to be there.

Believe it, and you will see it.  Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing.  If you have to wait to see it to believe it, you are going to wait a long time.  You need to believe it, and then it is possible.  Just as those that I laid my hands upon, it is their faith that set them free.  It is their faith that healed them, their belief, and the God Source within me that healed them.

I appreciate this time that I could be together with you and be able to share in this way, and to be able to open up many of your minds that have been so programmed to believe those things that have been shared in your bible and in your other religious works that attested to my miracles.  They were not miracles.  It was science with a knowing of how to use that science, that spiritual science to bring about the changes that were necessary to show others around me that it was possible, that all things are possible within the God Source.  All things are possible within the God Source within all of you.

All of my peace, and love, and oneness, and sharing of the Light continue to be with all of you.  I am the way, the truth, and the life, and the Light, just as all of you are, as you continue to show the way now to your brothers and sisters all around you.

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