Yeshua: In God We Trust

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved one, let us speak on a topic that you know very well; at least, the words you know very well. We will speak of the Father: to trust in God. But in order to do that, you have to know who and what God is, and that, down through the ages, has been defined in many different ways.

For a long time you have believed that God was separate from you. God was out there somewhere judging you. This is what your holy ones and your learned ones told you, and you needed to follow all of the rules and behave yourself; otherwise, there would be some kind of horrible, very, very bad retribution forever, even past the knowing of time.

So you had to follow all of the rules and behave as the holy ones said that you had to behave; otherwise, you would suffer forever. And because you felt these ones to be in authority, to know of what they were speaking, you followed. When they said to jump, you jumped, and when they said to sit, you sat, and when they said to kneel in prayer, you did.

But there was a part of you, after a while, that began to question, began to wonder, “Why do these ones who supposedly know the love of the Father get into their various conclaves and argue amongst themselves? Why do they try to take worldly power? Why, if as they preach sometimes that there is only love, why do I not feel that when I am with them? Why do I feel judgment? Why do I feel that I’d better watch what I do or what I say and perhaps follow all of the rules and regulations?”

So you began to question. Now, this was not approved of. You were not supposed to question. But in your times of solitude, you asked, “Is this really true, what they are telling me? Am I really such a sinner? Am I really? Even though I try to live in love, love my neighbor to help him/her out whenever they need something, when I come to a place with the best intention, why am I judged as not doing the best that I could do?”

You began to question the rules, and there were many rules. Even in this day and time your various religious organizations will give you many rules to follow, and woe unto you if you do not follow them, because you can be cast out of the family of the ones who are belongers, the ones who are the inner circle perhaps.

In taking this incarnation, you have agreed to be social beings—you desire to be in a group of other ones of like mind and to associate. There are some of you who have been there, done that enough times that you now say, “No, I like my company best, and I don’t need anyone else.”

But for the most part, the human being is a social being, wanting to be in a loving group. So you have sought out others who think as you do and ask questions and follow their own heart and their own teachings, and you find that because, number one, you create your own reality moment by moment by moment, you have created a happier place to be, finding friends who are of like mind. And even if they are not of like mind right down one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, etc., they are compatible—sympatico, I think, is a good word for it. They are in resonance with you on the main points—in love, in friendship. So you allow your heart to open and to be with them, often discussing the values of life and the nature of Life and God.

This brings us to a very important question: Who is God? Moreover, what is God? This has been defined by your scholars down through the ages in many, many different ways. God is the Energy, the power to be; the Creator; the one creative Principle. God is not a He, God is not a She, God is not an It, as a specific entity. God is All. God is the power that you are, the divine power which allows you to create your reality, to create that which you experience, and gives you the freedom—because of the creative Principle—to judge that which you create.

“Wow. I didn’t know I had that much responsibility.” And you have said, “I don’t want all that responsibility. That’s too much.” And then you have gone to find a grouping which will give you all the rules you have to follow, and you have said, “Okay, that’s security, having those rules and following the rules.”

Well, that works for a while, and then you have said, “But some of the rules I don’t agree with. I’m going to write my own rules.” So you have; you have tested them out, and it has brought you to this very moment where you know that you have the power to be happy and the power to not be happy; the power to judge other ones and the power to judge yourself. Sometimes that has felt okay, and sometimes it has felt very, very heavy.

God has been likened unto a father. I have called It/Him/Principle as a father. I chose that word back in the day and time when I was speaking to you some two thousand years ago, because the father at that point was the power decider, the one who took care of all of the family. And hopefully he was a loving being, the patriarch of the descendants, the one who provided for all of the family.

So I chose that word in its best sense. But that then came down through the ages as being a personage, a person, individual. But the Isness of God is not that narrow. God is a power. God is an energy. God is the principal Creator and the creative Principle—words are interesting to use as building blocks; they give you clues, but they cannot define that which is undefinable, because God is truly all this and more.

That is why you have certain organizations, groupings that come together who say, “God is this, and more, and as Principle, creative Principle, is forever on-going and forever creating.” That is why, when we speak of various individual experiences—we will call them perhaps lifetimes, and we speak of an idea that has not always been accepted in this stream of consciousness, the idea of reincarnation, where you get to try out various costumes, such as you had a holiday just recently with the costumes—you get to try out various personalities to see which ones you like to play with, and the operative word there is “play”. Please play.

Creative Principle likes to be creative. Creative Principle creates that which you ask for. And if you are in a certain place of believing that you are still the lowliest of low, and you create from that point of understanding, the experience is not especially happy. But when you come to a place where you meet a certain grouping of ones who say, “Well, you can believe that if you want to, but that’s not what I believe,” and they share with you what they believe, which is uplifting and expansive, then you say, “Hey, this feels really good. Maybe it’s okay if I accept this train of thought.”

You try it for a while until some of the old teachings come around and around in the mind, and you say, “Well, how does this fit with some of the older teachings that I had, some of the guiltridden beliefs which were taught to me when I was a young person?” And you have played—because you have created for yourself an analytical mind —you have played with ideas, and you have seen which ones bring to you a space of expansiveness, a space of knowing Who and What you are as potential.

So when you use the old saying of, “In God We Trust”—you have that on some of your coinage—allow yourself the next time when you think about it to realize that what it means is creative Principle, and in that Principle I create as much abundance as I can take in, and then let it flow outward. Because truly you are happiest as you are allowing it to flow creatively through you.

You have many in your world now who are coming forth with the creative potential in music, in the arts, photography, the writing of different aspects, all of the creative arts. That is why you have ones questioning, “Is there really a barrier? Do I come to a certain point in my beliefs and I can’t go any further?”

And then one of you goes through that barrier and says, “Hey, you know, we all thought there was a barrier there, but look, I’m on the other side of it, and it’s not too bad over here.” You have an exciting time that you are living in now, where a lot of the old barriers, the old beliefs and traditions are being examined and have been found to be restrictive. And you have said, “Well, maybe that’s okay, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe I want to go further.”

And in your thinking, in your meditations, in your prayers to the one creative Principle, you have asked, “What is beyond what I’ve been taught? Maybe I am more than what I have been taught to believe about myself. Maybe I have abilities that I haven’t looked into yet. Maybe I can write a poem. I can take sounds and put them into words that convey a feeling to other ones reading it. Maybe I can put together sounds of music that allow the spirit and soul to rise up and be really happy, either in a kind of a meditative state or in what is called the really energetic music.”

All of it is good, if you call it good. I know that you have ones who judge and say, “Well, that kind of music is for the young folk.” How old are you? Only as old as you think you are. Every day when you awaken in the morning, you are as old as you think you are. And if you say to yourself, “You know, I’m a teenager, I’m still learning, I’m still expressing, I’m still having fun, I’m still questioning, I’m still…etc.,” you are the teenager at heart. Why not?

You have asked the question about youthing, and it is all in what you choose to believe. You have seen the brothers and sisters who feel, “Oh, well, I’m really getting old. I looked on the calendar, and it says that I’m 72. Oh, my goodness.” And then a friend comes along and says, “Well, the heck with that. I’m 86, and I’m still alive and doing great.” Then another friend comes along and says, “Well, guess what? I just had a birthday, and I turned 99.” And you ask, “Oh, you mean there’s hope?”

Hope springs eternal. You have that saying, and it is so true. You are only as old as you think you are. You know that. There are some friends who seem to be old, and they’re only 29, and they say, “Oh, my goodness, I’m going to be 30; oh, no.” Well, I have news for you. Thirty is quite young when you think about living until you are 300 years old or 600 years old. What’s 30? Just beginning.

And this is where you are right now. You who are reading these words, you are just beginning. You have seen a glimmer of truth. You have seen the glimmer of potentiality. You have seen God. “Oh, no. No, I couldn’t do that. No. God would be too bright, too great, too…no, if I were in his presence— if I were in her presence, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

Well, I have news for you. You have been talking to creative Principle your whole lifetime and all of the other lifetimes before this because you are unlimited. God—creative Principle, energy, whatever you want to call it, divine energy—is unlimited. The only limits are the ones that you put on it momentarily, and then, creative beings that you are, you turn around, reincarnate, and come back with a new belief because you want to test that out.

You are creative. That is a question for you: “Why am I creative? I keep creating these situations for myself.” I’ve heard you say that. “I don’t know what it is about me. I just keep creating these situations.” Well, the clue is, “I keep creating”, and you do. So if you do not like what you are creating, stop for a moment and say, “How would I like it to be? Well, you know, I’d like to look really handsome. I’d like to have the physique of a really strong person.”

Well, you can do that. You go to your gym, you work out, and within a few months’ time you get the body that you want. Or you look at what you are wanting, and you choose a new perspective.

“I don’t like who I think I am.” Now, that is a sin: to judge oneself and say, “I don’t like that which I am.” Now, it is not a sin in the old definition of sin, in the definition of missing the mark, not being good enough. Because when you know the whole truth about yourself, you fall in love. You fall in love with yourSelf—capital “S”—and then you probably look around and fall in love with somebody else because you see their radiance.

And you have then a new understanding, a new appreciation for life, what it is all about. It is not for suffering.

You can do that if you want to. Some of you have been the drama queens, and kings. You have played your part up to the hilt. Sometimes you have played that up to the hilt of the sword, where you committed suicide and decided to have a do-over. Even that is not a sin. That is just saying, “Okay, I want to have a do-over.” So you trade in one body, exit off the stage, and come back on the stage from the other wing—no judgment; you just get to play the different parts.

Allow yourself to be light-hearted. Allow yourself to look for the good, to find the good. Even when you are speaking with someone and you do not completely agree with how they see things, allow yourself to come to a place of humor and just say, “Oh, okay, in the big expanse of life”—and life is pretty big, with a lot of experiences—“I guess that’s one way to play the part.”

And this is what you do. You try out different parts to see how you feel about playing them. Sometimes you will come as the four-footed one, because you want to supposedly give power over to the bigger ones. But those of you who have the four-footed ones, you know that they can wrap you around their little paw and make your heart open.

There is power in love. There is power in being all that you can be. You have some good slogans in this world. Latch onto the good ones. Let the other ones go. The ones that judge heavily, let them go. You do not need to be weighted down.

And when you are so in love with life, why not keep on keeping on? That is the secret to some who garner quite a number of years to themselves. They are having such fun that they want to keep on. That is part of what you have called youthing. That is part of being in love with life. “I have to see what’s going to happen on the next day. What am I going to do? Who am I going to meet? What are they going to be like? Who can I fall in love with?”

And you are free to do that. It does not mean that you have to hold hands and walk down the aisle together. Fall in love with every friend. Look for the good points. Accentuate the positive —you have a song that says that. You have a lot of good clues around you.

So, yes, in God place your trust, in the creative Principle, and know that any moment, any time, you can turn around and change whatever is happening in your life.

Assume a characteristic if you feel you do not have it: act as if you have it; try it on for size in the next day, just for fun. Life is meant to be fun. The smile comes across the face and you feel uplifted, feeling happier than before. That is your heritage. That is truly God, your GodSelf, allowing, even encouraging the smile on the face, the eyes that crinkle because you are smiling and you are happy.

Creative Principle. That is your Godhood, Creative Principle. In that God place your trust, and create only Love.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith
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