We Are One Evolving Race

we are one love eraoflightThe stress of the collective will hold in our muscular system, no matter how aware we have become we all transmute the energy and when we are aware of the tension within we ensure the focus is kept, to soften everything down, keeping ourselves energetically open to transmute and assist the collective unconscious shift.

We can feel the energies of change upon us, the full moon, Chiron about to station are just two most known influencers, Venus snuggled between Saturn and Pluto, if you wish to understand more please continue to scroll down and read the reports that are filled with specifics.

We are closing so many portals and opening more, more opportunities, loading timelines, themes and growth codes for the next incoming decade and as we move though these energies the physical world holds its breath, we can feel the energy stir as the UK now begins its Chiron reset, one way or another we are to mirror to the world the reflection of what we have been searching or sifting through individually, our identity.

The unconscious, that which or who is tied into the old ways rattle the field with fear, fear of change, and yet the distortion lays in a need for life to be easier, as it once was. These weights create a drag within the field, and this is what can be felt within the body.

Like a scattering, as physically it can be disorientating and yet when you pay it attention, when you create a space for it to move through with ease, validating and supporting the physical as required we move into service without any disruption to our own field.

We respond to the movement instead of separating or resisting, we communicate with the sensations that appear within and from there we council with all associated aspects, the mind we ease, the physical we soften, the field we align and we ensure all feeds are of the highest grade.

And by doing so, we get to relax in the heart space, nice and open, assisting our planet, in service, transmuting and bringing ease wherever we go. Speaking silent words into fields without even moving our lips, creating pockets of peace to balance the discord, softening the edges as it bubbles up and dissolving it finally with love.

Because we understand, we remember clearly what it was like to not understand, and whilst we know and we assist with compassion we continue to hold a field that moves out that which is not aligned and expands and welcomes all that is, a continuous process of cleansing as we go, keeping the Sacred Field in prestige frequency.

The physical will require supporting, this is a pattern within the energy, therefore when we all unite and pay attention, when we all choose to support self, to listen to its requirements and act holding the collective field within heart and mind, we are able to move the heaviness and ease the grid in which we all surf too.

We are One, evolving race, and each One has a part to play, a fractal pattern

Come with me and let’s take a deep dive into the heart space, let’s dance in the light of the last full moon of 2019, it was always going to be HUGE.

This is a paradigm shift my friends and we are blessed to be in service during these momentous times, which means we only need look in the mirror to see the chosen ones, I chose self, have you?

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