Paramahansa Yoganda: Saints and People

holding hands love eraoflightdotcomThis is a conversation between Jahn J Kassl and Yoganda.

JJK: This statement was made in the 1960s. Is there a difference on this subject today due to the energy and vibration changes on this earth? Will the body someday become “unimportant” or will we heal with the body and will we swing up with the body to higher and higher levels?

PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA: My love is with you, my love is with all people!

The difference from today to yesterday is that today you can carry your physical body much longer – sometimes even to the end of a life span – well preserved.

The regular energy flow of spiritual light from being allows you a long health and at the same time spiritual growth. From a certain moment of consciousness the body becomes more and more insignificant – you don’t pay attention to it anymore, because your whole being, every fiber of your being, is directed towards God.

Beloved people,

please do not believe that if you are plagued by physical symptoms, you have reached this stage of realization. This is not yet the case for most people.

The one who suffers from physical phenomena is invited to heal them and to track down the connections, the causes. Only when you are completely healthy in mind, soul and body does the path begin back to the source – and gradually the body loses its meaning.

You can recognize saints by the fact that they make little fuss about their physical condition. They know why, they know the causes and are inspired only by one thought, one wish, one longing – GOD!

Please do not confuse anything and never conclude from a realized person on yourself – unless – you yourself are realized.

JJK: Further on in the same book I read this:

“When people make sharp remarks to you, don’t answer immediately. Go into it later in a friendly way. Always think of suffering. If someone speaks badly of you, give him a place of honor in your garden and treat him as a friend. “m (Bhai Sahib, Sufi Master, The Way through the Fire, Irina Tweedie, p. 451)
When someone talks badly about you…

PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA: Everything is a question of human consciousness. The one who is treated badly and refers to himself, because the ego demands his right, is not able to react to attacks in a sovereign way. Only when a person has created a distance to his ego, when he can oversee and control it, is this possible.

Realistic wisdom from true masters is always an order for people to work on themselves, to refine and to perfect themselves.

Test what it means to remain calm in attacks and insults, to respond gently, and to give a place of honour in your garden to the one who hurls anger or even hatred at you. This requires a certain awareness.

Today many seekers tend to misjudge their own development. Many think that they have long since been above this or that, but most of the time everything is only pure theory. Many avoid life and have no experience with themselves in critical situations.

Inner peace is not achieved – by appeasing your demons – but by defeating them. This requires the confrontation with them.

So be truthful in your dealings with yourself. Where do you really stand and what is still to be done? Do you expose yourself to life – or do you avoid elementary experiences that demand true answers from you?

Saints are sublime above it. They have seen, recognized and accepted themselves. They know the shadows and the light, they have transformed the shadows and long only for union with the Source.

God in everything – that is the perception of a saint immersed in infinity.

I bless you in the name of God


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