The Final Full Moon of the Decade

super moon eraoflightdotcomHappy Full Moon! 

The final Full Moon of the decade is extremely powerful and potent, as it illuminates the sky at the same time as a rare three-planet alignment, the end of emotionally healing Chiron retrograde and a magnificent meteor shower.

The highly charged cosmic line-up makes a timely year-end appearance to force a final push so we release anything harmful or destructive, as we will not want to carry old baggage into a brand new decade brimming with possibility.

With Venus conjunct Saturn and Pluto we are being called to release the limiting fears that have prevented us from feeling loved, worthy and ultimately able to authentically and deeply emotionally connect.

Under the influence of this energy we will begin to feel more trusting and open, and notice a sudden boost of confidence and courage that helps us manifest the type of love and life we know we deserve.

Now that Chiron’s retrograde is over and we’ve healed a lot of old wounds, we may notice a sudden shift in our emotions, and that we feel lighter, refreshed, repaired and more willing and able to socialise and bond.

The number 12 signifies healing, completion and perfection. It resonates with the frequency of hope, positivity and optimism and is a sign that old chapters and cycles have ended and it is time for change and new beginnings.

When it appears regularly either as 12 or 12:12, it is a sign that you are being divinely supported and guided and that improvement and amazing experiences are on the way.

Over the next couple of weeks, as we move through this intense energetic clearing and healing portal, may feel as though we are reliving the past decade in just a couple of weeks.

We will start to recognise ways in which we have been limiting ourselves and how we have held tight to the past, even though it isn’t serving us – mostly due to fear of discomfort, change and the unfamiliar.

This will likely give us the desire to declutter, reorganise and restructure our homes, social media accounts, friendships, and relationships of all kinds, as well as reconsidering commitments and eliminating bad habits. This detox will be severe at times as we purge old energies and remove anything, or anyone, that has been lowering our vibration and preventing us from moving forward and achieving internal and external peace.

This period brings to a close an immensely challenging year and is a catalyst for eliminating the accumulation of old, repressed and stagnant energy. This last purge helps us fearlessly transcend the lessons we faced during the last ten years, so we can clear them out of our system and be prepared for the challenges and opportunities waiting in 2020.

Now is the time to detox and release anything out of alignment, quit bad habits, detach from anything unhealthy & low vibrational, pay attention to obsessive thoughts, triggers, old patterns of behavior and outdated beliefs, drink plenty of water, take time out to shake off old energy and other people’s heavy emotions, judgements and moods, and keep your vibration as calm, clear and high as possible as we head toward the transformational New Moon Eclipse at the end of the year.

Most importantly, remind yourself that it’s perfectly normal to feel emotional during a Full Moon cleanse and shift. Major transformation involving breakthroughs, emotional cleansing and inner healing will always feel a little emotionally rough at times, so ride the waves as the toxic and painful energy is released and freed. Take it easy, rest and always remember you are so very loved and needed.

During this type of portal absolutely anything is possible, so trust the Universe, remain open, allow dreams to manifest and let the blessings, magic and abundance flow in.

» Source » By Alex Myles