Christian Values to Adopt In Your Life

holding hands love eraoflightdotcomChristianity is known for providing people with a fresh and positive outlook on life. Here are some Christian values that you can adopt.

So many of the values we teach our children through television, books, and school come directly from the Bible. We want our children to love and respect others, share with them, and be good to them just as God wants from us. The list goes on endlessly, with everything you could ever want to know being available in His book.

Christian values aren’t just for devoted Christians, though. No matter what faith or creed you follow, Christian values will not only enhance your life but the lives of those around you. If you’re not sure how Christian values fit into your life, keep reading and you’ll see just how important they are.


Of all the values represented in the Bible, love is among the most frequently preached. The Bible tells us to be devoted to one another in love and that our love must be sincere. We must love like God loves us and share that love with those around us. There are hundreds of verses in the Bible that speak of the importance of love, including 1 Corinthians 13. It tells us that love is patient and kind, without envy and boast and arrogance.

This secures the importance of true love, which you can gain through a strong relationship with God and with others.

If you find love in a partner, treat them with the love and respect you would want treated with. Love your family, your friends, your dog, everything around you with the same love that God gives you. Love is a contagious emotion, and sharing it will make the world a better place.


We live in a very fast-paced world full of aggression and unpredictability, making patience one of the most important values we can take into our lives. Being patient in the face of our enemies — those who want to hurt us, those who look to provoke us — shows your strength without reducing yourself to the level of the provoker.

They say good things come to those who wait, and that wait can feel like a long time. But when you accept patience as one of your core values, you know that the wait could always be longer and that the end of the journey isn’t what it’s all about. Let the journey be just as good as the reward, and have faith that God will bring you where you’re supposed to be.

Kindness & Compassion

Colossians 3:12 tells us to clothe ourselves in kindness, compassion, gentleness, and patience. We must show kindness and compassion to all as children of God, and try to spread that kindness wherever we can. This means loving those around us, understanding when they may anger us, and helping them when they need help.

Studies show that generosity makes you a happier person, and beyond that, it is one of the core values that God teaches us. The world is a scarier place than ever, with rampant war, violence, racism and more, but we can’t let these behaviors allow us to act the same way. Show kindness and compassion to all, no matter what you believe.


We’re surrounded by endless pleasures today. We have TVs, phones, video games, and enough food that we never have to stop eating. But self-control is a Christian value that everyone can benefit from to live a healthier and happier life.

Self-control is spoken of by Paul in Galatians as one of his nine essential values. Those who are unable to control themselves will inevitably end up falling into sinful practices, which could lead them to being forever lost from God’s light.

You don’t need to be a Christian to see the importance of self-control. A lack of self-control is how addiction begins, and how otherwise capable people are lead to lives of crime and loneliness. Resisting temptation and sin can be incredibly hard at times, but doing it is always the winning move.


If there’s one thing God has, it’s mercy. Our God is a forgiving God, and as followers of Him, we should seek to emulate Him and be forgiving, too.

People are capable of doing great wrongs to one another, but holding a grudge has never and will never solve this problem. The better thing to do is forgive those who wrong you and hope they take some humility from this. We are not meant to fight with each, but to forgive, other as we are all God’s children, and He made us equally.

Practice What You Preach

Hypocrisy is unacceptable in the eyes of God, and everyone should strive to be honest with what they say. Deceitfulness is a sin, and preaching what you don’t believe, trying to convert people into false practices, should not be taken lightly.

Don’t go back on your word to friends, family, or anyone you make a promise to. It’s also important to be able to walk the walk if you can talk the talk.

You can say you’re a Christian until the cows come home, but if you do not practice the Bible and God’s word you are simply being hypocritical. You should attend church and take the time to study your Bible regularly. It’s important to go at your own pace, with 2 year Bible reading plans being the best choice for many who want to better know the word of God.

We Need Christian Values

All people should strive to follow Christian values in their every day lives. It is, of course, a difficult journey to follow all of these, and you may stray from the path, but God always shows forgiveness to His children. As you consciously practice these values, you will find they get easier and easier until they are just a natural part of your existence.

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