Divine Mother: The Event Has Begun

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThe event has begun dear ones. All countries have given Divine the ready signals. And the Divine has given the thumbs up for the event to kick off.

So far, there are half a dozen countries that have started the releasing activities, including Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Caribbean countries, Oceania countries, and countries such as Japan and others. Now that the release started, the inland countries will also have land-based releases. That will include the Eurasian and European countries, and South and North America countries. Basically, all the significant tectonic plates will have some form of release. One way or the other, the plates will be impacted.

Now, even though the tectonic plate movements have started, remember that these plates have shifted before, over millions of years of time. Now the process is the same, except that this time around, the process will be much quicker. The planet is going to reshape herself in a way that serves the planet the best. Ocean floors are going to be much thicker and the crust is going to be a lot more steady. All these rebuilding steps are going to take time. Nevertheless, the time has come. The process is already started.

The First step is to let the old energies go through earth changes. Once that is done, the Divine is going to rebuild the planet by steps. And through these steps, Gaia can arrange the populations around the planet to avoid damages. Humanity may have to move around throughout this process. Countries need to move, and will be notified by the Divine ahead of the time so that these countries will have time to work with their populations.

Again, even though the countries that will need to move, they will have plenty of time. Still, what the Divine sees is chaos—Countries not cooperating with each other, Populations not cooperating with their countries—And the end result is that the Divine has to intervene with the process so that eventually, all countries can work together and move the populations around. That is why the Divine government needs to come online. And the planet needs a leader who represents the planet and the human race. That is the way to make this ascension work.

The Divine is currently working to bring that leader to the world stage. He is the Father God, the Christ consciousness incarnated. And he has the Divine decree. It is time for the Divine to step in and lead. Your Father God has been working to bring the future world leaders to their destined positions. So far he has had quite a bit of success. Nevertheless, there are still significant numbers of Christ incarnations that need to step up to their leadership roles. The Divine needs these leaders to lead. Their time has come. We have to take action if that is what we need to do. The bottom line is that the time has come. The planet needs Divine leaders. And now is the time for these leaders to step up to their positions. No more delays.

In the next few days, once the releases are being manifested on the planet, the planet is going to see a lot of the natural changes. Some will be milder than others. Nevertheless, they are all natural changes and they are all serving a purpose. Let’s allow these changes to happen. And let the changes be. Gaia needs these changes and releases. It is for the greater good of all. It is the process. Humans need to understand that and respect Gaia’s wishes. It is time. Gaia Has decided to release and start the next phase. Let’s work with Gaia dear ones, and we will prevail.
I am your Divine Mother God. Peace be with you dear children on earth. So it is.

Channel: Linda Li

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