Final Week Before the Solstice; Stay Focused, Align the Codes

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomMore and more are figuring out how this works and realising the power of experiencing all that is known and all that is shown.

And as we continue to move through rapid vortexes one after the other after the other we ride flashes of memory of the whispers we once would ignore, we always knew, we were always shown and now many more are Seeing the choice taken to ignore and the perceived consequences it brought, consequences soon to be seen with crystal clear vision and the gift of freedom unfolds

But remember, as we realise, as we shift and make the Promise to Self to always take the guidance and act, speak and breathe our truth we move through a release, however this release appears, for some it will manifest with physical connections, for some it may be some peace of mind and the physical body begins to show up the pain of avoidance chosen. What is important is to hold the most expanded awareness as to what is actually happening here, if it is “sickness” you think you have then move the thoughts to the dis-ease held through avoidance is making itself known for the release, for you to become aware how an area of the body has been holding this discord, supply and support the body with everything those whispers from within are guiding you towards.
Pay attention to all the body tells you, research the meaning of the ailment, realising the light connection of the physical experience and the programming held that creates it, consciously being aware in every moment and providing for the experience everything requested.
If you are releasing emotions through dissolving attachments to people then allow those tears to fall, let it all go, and come back to self, the love you seek out there is the reflection of the lack held within, turn it all around, love, nurture, be kind and care for self as you would an another, it won’t take long before you begin to feel supported by self through the attention you learn to give within before giving out, and life will cease to be this constant inside out churning mess of loss that it has forever seemed to result in.

When its promised that we will from this moment on follow the guide that knows and shows we create a connection, we show trust and it begins to heal the separation, the inner knowing, the funny vibrations the dreads that spring to life, perhaps not appearing how feared and envisioned but the result or finale always ending with the same reverberation, the same feeling.

It’s a pattern, of separation and that is all

It’s now a choice, now that it’s been brought into your awareness.

And from here that Promise to Self can be made and the release moved through super quick, with light speed, because the alignment can now take place, you know and now it can be experienced from that space of knowing, the mind climbs onboard and shifts the perception of the experience, the physical responds in the energy of self love and the new template installs as the phsyical rapidly shows the release move through cleanly, crisply and quickly as opposed to how things used to work.

The magic of heart mind coherence, the feminine guidance with the attentive and ready to action all requests masculine energies within, the unification.

As we move through the last vortexes of 2019 pay attention to the symbolic messages reflecting like jewels in the light, so many little tweaks and choices that can be made to continue the power ups along the way that rapidly shift the life experience into miracle opportunities.

Be aware of the restriction, standing in the way of those whispers, it’s not recommendable to be learning to follow the I knows through the next paradigm, it will feel more harsh, more desperate, now is the time to make the solemn vow and to follow your guiding star from this moment on.

Honour all phases and stages, stay patient with self, use loving words and correct those distorted irritated thoughts should they arise, cancel out word spells of sickness and pain and simply love and nurture as you would your babe in arms. The ache that a parent has for a child when the temperature soars, is only a part of the parent saying what about me, why is the care not equal, without you, the child is alone, one way or another, mentally, phsyically or energetically, it is crucial Self is realised as the core of the reality and without the core nothing exists as it once did. The dynamics changed forever and the programs forever continue to split and hold bugs.

Prepare beautiful light family, this Solstice marks a beginning that will mean nothing will ever be the same moving forward, the last Christmas as we have known it, before we take our quantum leap or our quantum dive, depending on which is chosen. What goes up must come down and what goes down must come up, there is no right or wrong, we all experience the cosmic laws the same, but there really won’t be one like this again, staying observant with this thought will bring forward a gush of gratitude and assist those resistant of the Now to come back home in each moment.

This is the final week before Solstice, stay focused, align to the codes we are surfing and make this count.

An abundance of new Sacred Fields available to move into 💙

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