Our Current Galactic Timeline is Fast & Relentless

1212 portal eraoflightdotcomSince 12:12, DATA, regarding our current collective Galactic Timeline, is FAST and relentless; shedding light on the ‘whys’. The data for many is NOW coming in at INCREASED speed. It is understandable, and makes sense of so much, but to share it into written words or even try to verbally explain…is like “where to start?” Because it’s non stop realisations at speed, at the same time as embodiment stages and processing.

If you have not already seen/heard my explanation of 12:12, it was shared on Todd Medina’s LIVE show on 12:12 (on this wall). The ‘Birthing Canal’ period I referred to is being experienced now as the HARDEST period of any ascension stage. It’s the reverse of a PHYSICAL birth, from the non physical. And it’s enough to just go through this stage. To be with it.

On one hand, we are understanding, seeing, being gifted knowledge, abilities, increased ENERGY to the vehicle and abilities/knowing to be energy merging with energy. To let go and just be present. To BECOME, energy presence, within this corridor period. And on the other hand, we as the HUMAN being, are suffering the EXPERIENCE of huge HUMAN EMOTIONS and resulting human emotional pain. The truth is, if you are in this corridor, this birthing canal STAGE, the PAIN is actually energy misperceived. The ENERGY we are feeling is actually the letting go of our HUMAN version in the world, as we have entered this energetic corridor and continue along. We will equate and rationalise our emotional pain to ‘this’ or ‘that’ within our own dream and own designed storyline, but it is NOT. We have (if at this stage), detached from everything in this solid realm and previous perceived reality. But the ‘birthing canal’ (corridor) is taking us away from the whole PREVIOUS human experience (for now). We are experiencing what can carefully and loosely be described as experiencing our last distortions of HUMANISED EMOTIONS. For only behind the veil, in our forgetfulness of what we are, and what energy is, do we experience RAW EMOTIONS, which are in truth, energy-in-motion, misperceived. If you prefer to liken this to the bible story, it is being on the cross after the trials and tribulations have occurred. Until BIRTH occurs.

For some, this BIRTH of the Higher Self (for the human) occurs on 21 December 2019, when the Solstice Gateway (Light node) opens. It is a three day BIRTHING period. As explained on Todd’s Show, the 12:12 signified the FIRST day of a NEW and next seven year period of the Galactic Timeline and Earth/Human growth. For those at this stage, that equates to seven years of getting used to, BEING FULLY, the HIGHER SELF with a human body, IN and OUTSIDE of the solid realm. Being and acting from that, by all thoughts, all words, all actions; creator of your realm, VIA ENERGETIC ABILITY of the Higher Self.

If you are not at the stage I mention here, please let go of any fear of not being enough, of feeling less than, missing the boat. It’s a collective change, just that we do it each in our own timeline, but going through the same stages as each other, yet as ONE whole. Many MANY, that are not quite at this stage for this year, will go through this stage in three months, in March 2020. So they will go through the current ‘birthing canal’ some are experiencing NOW, in March 2020, and then their Birth, as the Solstice Gateway remains open throughout. We are in this together, helping each other.

I will share as I am able. But right now, it’s a mix of experience: higher knowing and data, increased abilities, and at the same time, the human emotions of intense emotional pain. It’s enough for each, just to do this. And it feels highest, to honour our own process first, so we can get through it, and be of the greatest energeric service to all. But I will share when I’m able, or just write short posts to keep supporting.

Keep going, hang in there, no one is alone, ever. And it IS already done. My love to you all.
One Love,

Amanda Lorence.

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