Vivamus: Growing Awareness

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomHello Dear Friends at Gaia. Your planet and thus you successfully passed the 12:12 portal. Some of you may be surprised that your rapidly growing awareness does not apply to “secrets in the spiritual world” but that you become increasingly connected to Mother Earth and her creatures.

This is because you too are beings incarnated on Gaia. You discover that the animals have souls like you, maybe you meet a dog that you recognize as your knight horse in another time. Or maybe your best cat lover is a tiger in his heart? Or does your dragon friend have another shape in this incarnation? Maybe you understand the language and signals of animals and nature better? And also begin to see what has previously been invisible to your eyes; fairies, elves, devic and all kinds of nature. You are all more strongly linked to Mother Earth than you have understood. Enjoy the growing contact and gain the knowledge in your heart as you thereby gain a strong grounding and knowledge of your origin.

Many Truths about the Universe come in the day, in the public light. It helps Mankind to leave its run-in-the-ordinary wheel tracks in thinking and open up new tracks, new developing opportunities, innovations and discoveries. It is big what happens now when you change fundamentally. No one stands unmoved by what is happening these days. The winds of change are blowing over everyone, people and animals. Enjoy the journey, stand in confidence and find your joy in being and in creation. Give yourself time to rest, give the body the opportunity to keep up with the development and enjoy the journey towards unity, peace and peace in symbiosis with Gaia.

I love you all. Love from us all to you all through Vivamus(Sanat Kumara).

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisislla