The Great Awakening, BQQM

free world news eraoflightdotcomRight now we are in a phase where we go to a critical mass of people who feel that we are being manipulated to accept a self-destructive agenda of the NWO as a fait accompli. Climate Lying, Migration, Expropriation, repression by NWO Fascists from their own politics who have betrayed us, people without souls and a lot of self-interest.

We get a false Soros/Greta Phobia forced to accept their nefarious plans.

The Satanic Elite tries to keep us away from discovering our true strength and ability to free ourselves from their fascist agenda.

The WHO learning system that has been forced upon us must keep us away from manifesting our true talents and strength.

They want us to be smart enough to carry out tasks and operate machines, but we must not think for ourselves.

Through the vaccination programme, and deliberate contamination through airborne chemicals and our food, attempts are being made to turn us into willing slaves, who are systematically expropriated for the effort of the work done.

The information war in which we find ourselves is going to come to a climax of revealing who we really are and what we are capable of.

After seeing the video about the search for the soul and consciousness of man, my suspicion was confirmed that it is stored information that takes possession of a new life at birth.

This video released emotions from me, from hope, enlightenment and a confirmation of my insight that I hold on to here.

I don’t have a university education, but I have the ability to think for myself and to ask myself questions in order to be able to find and reason solutions.

I am not vulnerable to this, because medical science has so far been even quackery at the level of Dr Frankenstein if the NWO continues to control and suppress our existence.

In order to be able to process information, one must first receive this information and value it according to a formula or protocol in order to arrive at a result.

A disturbing factor, is a virus in the program that we have to work with, this virus can be very diverse, from indoctrination of religion, false worldviews, and moral decay.

Therefore, we can say that the program to keep us from the truth is the Matrix that also sets us against each other, in an attempt to destroy ourselves.

A combination of our personal upbringing, experience, and emotional trauma processing determines our character, which is different for each individual.

The Soul plays an important role in this, a soul is not materialistic, but a gift from the creator of the entire universe.

The fact that the Elite want our children to their undamaged divine power and free fantasy, wants with reprogramming left-bred zombies, to keep them enslaved.

In the search for the Soul, no one asks how a Soul comes into a human being.

Is our Soul a moral beacon in our spiritual existence and education, and where does it come from, is it reincarnated by like-minded people who have gone before us?

I want to show you that we are a very special creation, which reacts to frequencies that people want to match with computers, but will never succeed with the gift we received as humans at birth.

When sperm and egg are fertilized, a chemical reaction occurs that triggers cell division.

In which the soul enters through a resonance frequency from a collection of old souls that seems to be present around us as an astral volume.

No one is born with an innate religion; it is childhood and education or indoctrination that bring religion into our lives with their own hidden agenda to capture and trade our souls.

The Vatican is a good example of this, we are their property as long as we don’t separate ourselves from them, don’t accept the lie any longer.

From previous post, there was one person who was very indignant that I question religion, which comes from my description of our personal Soul programming, deliberately manipulating our consciousness to subdue us.

Jesus Christ, who was he, in my experience he was a rebel against the established orders who want to oppress us.

Was he the one who whipped the tax collectors out of the temple?

Jesus Christ had gained an awareness of Buddhist teachings and did not call himself a Christian.

This was only created and introduced 324 – 325 A.D. in order to keep the population under control.

The origins of the Catholic Church were much later, as was the origins of Islam.

From crusades to the present day, many Christians have been misled to expel the Pagans of Islam from Jerusalem, the place where in fact all religion originated through Egypt.

As a tool to divide religion, to suppress the discovery of our innate gift and to degrade mankind to barbarians.

Rule and divide to serve the power of the evil, the Obama/Clinton ISIS tactic for simple Low IQ individuals to commit genocide.

If we come to this conclusion and awareness of how we are set up against each other, and what role the Vatican has played in keeping us spiritually imprisoned in a false belief.

Our Souls has sought to deprive and trade through birth certificates, no matter what religion we have grown up in, just to counteract a spiritual awakening.

Then I can only say that I am glad to no longer confess myself to the Satan representative in the Vatican or recognize myself as a free and sincere Soul.

We have all been victims until we turn away by realizing that we have been used to maintain the Satanic power of the Globalists.

Most of today’s Western politicians are no longer like cattle breeders to the sleeping people masses who, like willing sheep, follow them and carry out their tasks.

No one has to agree with me, but judge how far you are trapped by this sick system of power-hungry.

In order to keep us in line, with a Fiat Financial System of fractional banking we have devised a system that we can never comply with in order to get out of it within their rules.

Due to the impossibility to maintain this debt system for a longer period of time, the replacement by the AIIB with the QFS via the CIPS protocol is the redemption from the forced debt slavery.

The freedom that this will give us to develop spiritually will be of astronomical proportions, with materialism and greed making way in the future for unity and spiritual strength for all mankind.

Empathy and compassion will change the world, allowing our planet to heal from the damage caused by greed and the desire for total power.

As EGO gives way to Love, our Soul will grow more to its true power and ability, so that the Matrix, the program to which we were subject, will no longer have any effect on us.

The prosperity funds that become available to all humanity are a tool for our liberation, from which we will all benefit as a world population.

Let it open our eyes to see what we have been seduced to do and, with our talent and new insights, together transform the world into a paradise for all, as the creator had intended for us.

No one is born bad, this happens in education and forced false conviction from a false authority to suppress us and to put us against each other.

Give your Soul and Conscience the opportunity to experience this awareness, to stop the Cabal once and for all, in favour of our freedom to thrive as total earthlings.

Those who have sold their Soul in the name of an imposed religion and hunger for power to rule are excluded from society in the new world.

Our personal weaknesses shaped by our experience, religion, education will have to be adjusted if we first do a self-scan on our own prejudices and overcome shortcomings, in order to achieve the higher goal together.

Our own free will and choice are going to make the difference where we end up together for a dignified existence.

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