Mary Magdalene: Reality and Its Truths

mary magdalene eraoflightI am Maria Magdalena and I work in love, for love and to help you people see reality as it is and not as you think it is. By radiating, illuminating your path, you become aware of the reality that exists on your earth.

Many of you find it difficult to see reality and its truths as they are and choose to close your eyes while others strive to lift the truths to light. So what truths does a friend of order then wonder? Well, the fact that the reality on earth is largely not what you think. There is a hidden agenda that has ruled and ruled over your world order year after year.

From the beginning it was about not allowing the human race to develop in one’s consciousness and soul. Tight bridles that became increasingly tight. Those in power who refused to be questioned, pulled from the pedestals they had taken up. The people who had a high consciousness from birth would be silenced, for their words could not be spread. Many were imprisoned and killed for the truths spoken.

What is happening on earth now is that the enlightened man is rebelling. The enlightened man with a consciousness that can no longer be silenced. Truths emerge. These truths that in some places lead to revolution-like rebellion.

You need to know that your vote is important whether it sounds loud or low. The high voices are needed, someone who speaks the truth aloud but knows that even you who work in the silence have an important role in this because you are involved in disseminating information to the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness that connects humanity.

Information that is disseminated through the collective consciousness is powerful, for the people who capture this information in their own interior experience it as a light bulb that lights up and this person believes that the information comes from this self.

Loud voices speak to some people but many choose to close their eyes and ears in order to neither see nor hear. So be aware that every thought you intend to spread light and enlightenment actually lands in the collective consciousness. A very excellent way to bring the person back into the light.

It is time to highlight and highlight the hidden manipulative agendas and begin to trust man’s ability to handle his own life. It’s time to let humanity remember who they really are. Filled with light and knowledge leading to an earth in harmony.

Side by side, hand in hand, I walk with you on the way forward. The golden road to peace and freedom. So my friends, keep spreading the light, walk the enlightened path and know that every action, every thought is valuable.

With awe and gratitude, Maria Magdalena!

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» Source » Channel: Camilla Nilsson