Goddess of Creation: Expanding Your Perspective

galaxy eraoflightdotcomYour perspective on life can change dramatically as you adjust your perspective of yourself. I find that most people can be very hard on themselves or hold back when times have been challenging. Have you had experiences that you just can’t get beyond? Are there things that you keep beating yourself up about? Do you wish you had made different choices in your life? Most people can yes to one or more of these questions.

Everything in life is about the vibration. The vibration of holding on to regret, anger, fear, sadness, control are all constricting. If this is happening in your life, there’s a good chance that it narrows your perspective of life. Vibration always finds ‘like’ vibration. Therefore, if you are feeling constricted or narrow in your life, chance are, you are looking at the world in the same way. These are the people who speak only of the negativity around them.

During this channel the Goddess will work with you to clear your perspective on how you look at yourself. As she did this, I could see people held on to feelings of anger, frustration, despair of past experiences. As this is cleared, immediately people began to see themselves differently. The Goddess also mentioned how essential for this change is forgiveness. It is very challenging to create change if you cannot forgive yourself, or others, from past experiences. Once this shifted, everyone’s vibration expanded.

Once people expanded their perspective from within; they could then look out to world and see things in a more expanded way. This reflects the expanded perspective of the person.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya                   I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family, I reach out from my heart to yours!  I reach out to embrace all who are present in this now moment.

I feel such joy as I come through Shelly and I connect with each one of you.  The relationship that I have had with Shelly goes back to probably around this time in the year 2000, maybe 2001.  The reason that I began speaking with her around this time it was with the winter solstice, which she is in the northern hemisphere, was a portal or an opportunity for vibrations to come into the earth that previously could not do so.

The reason that I bring that is because as you consider back to where you were, in year 2000, consider the changes that have taken place within your life.  Time, space reality of the earth plane is different than on other planets, in other galaxies, or even the nonphysical realm.  I bring this up to you because even during the year 2000 the movement of time upon the earth was much slower than what it is now.  If you take that and jump back 20 years before that, 1980, it was even slower; 20 years before that even slower.

What is important to understand is that as you look at your cultures, as you look at your life everything has an impact upon what is happening in the energy upon the earth.  If you consider back in 1960 and some of the things that are happening now were explained to the people that lived in that time; it would be incomprehensible.

So energetically, it’s a very short period of time that the consciousness of the world has transitioned in a very profound way.  This is due to all of you that are here upon the earth.  This is due to the many different Angels and light beings that are working with you from the nonphysical perspective. There is also a certain degree of the cyclical energies that move through the earth.

During the last gathering I spoke of awakening.  Awakening in such a catchall word.  Awakening is what has happened on a global perspective.  Awakening has happened on the universal perspective because the earth is of course aligned with all the other planets in your galaxy.  And then, that awakening goes from person to person to person.

It is easy at times to get caught up with the collective consciousness that speaks to the old energy; I speak of fear, control, manipulation.  When people are in that focus or in that mindset where this is all that they see, they get into a tunnel vision, not realizing all of this magnificence that may be around them.  This is true for thousands of years, is that (some) people get into the narrow focus and (some) people have been a much broader perspective.

I wish to bring it up this evening because the percentage of those in the narrow vs. the percentage of the broad perspective has shifted dramatically over the last four to five years.  More and more of the people that realize that narrow focus is but a small amount of the whole.  There may be times in which you get caught up in the narrow, but then something comes along that says no, no, no let us step aside, let’s step into something that feels better.

There are times when people have their story.  They identify with actions or experiences that they have had in this life, and then they stay within that going around and around and around.  Everything that has happened within your life has its purpose; they are all learning experiences.

When you remain fixated on one small portion of your life you are getting into that tunnel vision and not realizing that there is so much more available to you.  I would therefore invite you to consider; am I in that narrow perspective or the broad?

We will of course go into this more deeply in the All That Is.  However, I do like to speak of things when we are here on the physical plane, while you are still consciously listening to and tapping into the vibrations of which I speak.

Take a deep breath in once more, where you breathe in allowing that breath of energy and light to move through you.  As it goes down through your energy bodies, you send that column of light into the earth.  As that energy moves into the earth, you are aligning with Gaia; you also have a tendency to connect with what you have created for yourself over time.  I would therefore, invite you to send your energies in such a way that you may align with something that feels new and different to you.

Once you feel that connection, that energy of the earth comes up within you.  You send it up through all your energy bodies, and it goes out through the top of your head.  You allow your consciousness to stream out into the space of your higher self.  As you align within your higher self, feel what that is to you.  For some, you may see relationships, see projects, you may see or sense or feel experiences that you have going on.  If there is any of that narrow-minded stuck energy ~whew~ clear it out!

It is always a good idea to clear out the energies of your higher self, because this is where you stream up and down into that space consciously and unconsciously throughout your day.  In some instances, it is automatically cleared out because you set that up.  In others, you have to remind yourself “let’s just do a little cleaning”.

You then send that energy streaming even further, it moves from there into the soul plane.  As you feel your consciousness moving into the soul plane, you have that sense of seeing your own divinity directly in front of you.  You merge with this essence, and as you merge and blend within, the consciousness of this lifetime is expanding and growing even bigger, as you tap into the core essence of who you are.  You as the infinite soul, you as your I AM presence.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out and merge my energies with yours.  As we do so, we move into the space of the All That Is.  Look around, is this another space that you need to clear out? ~whew~ you also move in and out of the space of the All That Is because this is one of your places of creation.

This vibration is one in which you create through a foundation of love.  And when you create with the foundation of anger, pain, or suffering it is a much different vibration; so, it would probably be in a different set time space reality.  We look into that from time to time and we will tap into that from time to time; but I and the other Angels and beings that maintain and create this space for you infuse it with unconditional love so that you may know that whenever you are within this space.

As you have cleared this out, I invite you to take a moment and consider your life.  How much of your life is seen through the tunnel vision of a limited perspective?  It may it makes me smile when I ask some of these questions because your consciousness may have one response and as I’m looking at you or your divinity is looking at you it may be something different.

Let us try something from a new perspective.  I just asked from your conscious perspective how much of your life, or is there something in your life that you are viewing from that narrow conscious perspective.  In some you could see a list of things, in some one or two; and others said nothing.

I now ask you as if to say I’m going to place this to the side and I now want to come in from a new perspective.  Without your consciousness giving you the answer, we ask to flow within you from the perspective of I the Goddess, or your divinity from that higher vibration than your consciousness.  Is there anything in your life that is viewed from a limited perspective?  Ah ha!  Some of you, you might get a confirmation of what you already knew, others of you are seeing, or realizing something different.  And still others continue to have that perspective of I see my life with open eyes.  There is of course no absolute right or absolute wrong.  There is always the transitioning that is taking place.

Let us go into a space in which you have that perspective of something that you are looking at with a limited perspective.  Okay, as I observe you; some people it is a belief system, some people it’s the experiences they are having, still other people it is way of looking out at the world.  So, it would seem that we have many, many, different ways in which to consider that narrow perspective.  So, I’m going to shift and look at it in another way.

When you consider your life if there is something happening, and you have a limited or a more narrow perspective, how is that affecting you?  Whoosh, I felt a number of people just kind of take a step back as this wash of energy went through them.

What was your reaction as that perception came in?  For those that felt anger, fear, anxiety, loathing (there’s something that is deep, deep, deep loathing), for any of those vibrations let’s take a moment and let them come up by the roots.  Let them come up from wherever they may be for whatever reason.  Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let it go.  As you let go those emotions come back around and look at whatever that situation may be within your life.

I’m noticing for some, where it was very small it’s gotten a little bigger.  I feel that a key component to clearing out the perspective of your life is forgiveness.  Is there another individual that you need to forgive, or perhaps yourself that you need to forgive, so that you can move beyond this space?  So, as the vibration of forgiveness moves through you allow it to connect with anything that is ready to be cleared and released, ~whew~.  Allow that to let go.  Again, the perspective has increased once more.

Forgiveness is something that can create a massive change in your life in an instance.  However, again and again I see people that may open the door to forgiveness and then slam it shut.  I would therefore ask you within your heart, within your consciousness, within this now moment how does forgiveness affect you?

Okay.  I would ask for you to invite Clarity to come within your consciousness and I would allow that to flow through, ~whew~, there we go.  Again, that perspective has gotten a little bit larger.

I wanted to stay in the moment, just now, as we were clearing the energy.  However, I think it’s important for you to understand what I saw. As I spoke of forgiveness.  I could see multiple people that said ‘I don’t need to forgive anything, I don’t need to forgive myself, I don’t need to forgive anybody else’.  Yet I could see that within that belief that they didn’t need to forgive anything they were holding onto a more narrow perspective of things.  This is why when I went through clearing out that perspective or that belief that there’s nothing to forgive, there’s no need for me to go there, it really created a big transformation.

So perhaps forgiveness is not the word that it needs to be.  Perhaps there is a different word, but it is a vibration that creates immense changes in your life.  This is why I invite you to just tap into the vibrations of forgiveness as a means of opening up a door.

If there is something within your heart, be it conscious or unconscious, that you are holding onto; maybe you feel guilty, maybe you feel anxiety, maybe there is fear.  But for whatever that may be that you cloak it in something else let yourself just tap into the core essence, whatever that may be, and allow that to come up, come up, come up, ~whew~ there it goes.  Clear that out.  Now everyone’s perception continues to grow larger and larger.  I’m allowing all of those vibrations to just sink into you.

The perceptions you have of yourself are a filter for the way in which you look at the world.  By expanding how you perceive your own life, your emotions your thoughts, your beliefs, your experiences; will allow you to see yourself first and foremost with much greater compassion and love.  Allow that compassion and love to transform anything that is the narrow perspective within you.

Okay as that was integrating deeper within, I could feel or sense that some people were speaking about belief systems.  How many beliefs are entrained within you in a very unconscious way which causes you to see through that narrow perspective, or that causes you to look at life or look at yourself with limitations?

So, the entrained vibrations within yourself are the ones that speak cell-to-cell-to-cell that may come from other lifetimes.  They may come from within you and it is just layer upon layer upon layer.  Therefore, as you move through the cellular memories within you that are associated with everything, the physical reality, your thoughts and believes, your emotions, you allow that perspective to be clear. ~whew~

Look now through the expanded perspective of your life.  There was so much that happened with those last few words that I said that I could see people integrating and then opening up further, and then integrating further so that was layer upon layer upon layer.

As you transition your perspective of yourself, I now invite you to just, as if you are wide-open, look at yourself in this lifetime. If anything brings you down into that narrow perspective, ~whew~, clear it out ~whew~.

Once you transition how you look at yourself, be it conscious or unconscious, let’s look outwards to the World around you.  As you look at relationships with people are you looking from that narrow perspective or from one that is filled with love and compassion?  As you look at the World are you looking though eyes that are cynical, expecting the worst, expecting that the world is filled with negativity so why bother.  While I acknowledge that all of these things are a part of the reality of the World; how much is your perspective feeding into all of that energy.

It may be that when you look now after having cleared out so much of our own your vibration rises.  So that now when you look out you can see what’s going on, you can see what’s happening, you can see what’s over here and if you choose to work with transitioning it you do so from the higher vibration as opposed to feeding it from a belief system and giving it energy.  There we go.

So, I invite everyone present to just send out that vibration of compassion and love and that big picture, that big perspective so that everyone upon the earth will have the opportunity to tap into and look from a big perspective.  Letting go the narrowmindedness.  Letting go, just letting go of anything that comes from that small, narrow tunnel vision, ~whew~, ~whew~, we send it out.

There wasn’t as much of an energy impulse with that last.  So, if we are not tapping into it to the best effect, I then invite you to shift the perspective, and as you are working looking from your own life at your belief of the World, I ask you to consciously be in a place of expanded compassion and love.  Send that into everything that you pay attention to on daily basis.  As you do so we disconnect from anything which is no longer in a vibrational alignment to you; you disconnect.  This time I could feel each one of you making changes in your life so that you begin with what is within and then it is reflected outward from you.

We will sit with that energy for a bit, but as we do so I do invite you to come back together as a group.  You’ll continue to integrate everything that we spoke about.  As you are coming together you sense that Hologram of the Earth coming up within the group.  As that Hologram comes up you infuse into it, you’re big, broad perspective of both yourself and how you look at the world.  A perspective that is without judgement.  You always have discernment, but you take out judgement which comes from that narrowminded perspective.

You look at the world and you infuse into this Hologram who you are as your expanded self.  As that becomes infused you let go the hologram.  Observe how it moves through your Galaxy.  This hologram moves through your Galaxy creating changes and potentials for the part out in the Universe that is supporting the Earth.  The remainder goes into the Earth.  It moves through the Collective Consciousness literally clearing out the Collective Consciousness.  It goes down into the center of the Earth anchoring within and then expands outwards.

As it does so it comes up to the Earth itself.  It comes up through the Collective Consciousness clearing out narrowmindedness within the Collective Consciousness and replacing it with broad, expansive compassion and love.  It moves through the rivers, the waters, the trees, the grass.  It moves through the very essence of the Earth and the vibration that is within and around you.  Your own transformation comes up from that connection that you have with the Earth.  It comes up within you.  Take a moment to integrate so you may feel how your narrowminded perspective of things has broadened and been replaced with love and compression.  There is also that vibration of forgiveness that is moving through there.

You bring back the remainder of your consciousness that was within the All That Is.  You simply take a deep breath in and as you do so your consciousness goes back through your Soul Plane, through your Higher Self and down within you.  You anchor within this now moment.  You feel how all of this permeates throughout you.

Alright beloved family as you are moving into the days and weeks to come, I invite you to pay attention to where your perspective is at any given point during the day.  If you find yourself getting frustrated, or questioning, or wondering are you in your narrow perspective or are you in your expanded perspective.  It is very typical for humanity to get caught up in that narrow perspective and frequently you have no idea that you are even doing that.

So, have a conscious intention that throughout the day you are expanding your perspective, you are releasing anything that keeps you in that narrow window and that you see the world through love and compassion.  And you see yourself first and foremost with love and compassion.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:  www.goddesslight.net