Lucia: The Light That Shines

earth the one eraoflightdotcomI am Lucia(Saint), I will come again today to remind you of the feast of light. The Feast of Light includes more than the legend of me. The feast of light should remind you of the light in your soul. The light that shines through everything dark and shows you where you belong. The road in the dark is constantly moving upwards, the pursuit is and remains to reach the light again.

The worlds of light are larger and longer than darkness, which is only a small part of the cosmos. You belong to the light and you return to the light. It is cracking down on food worshipers on Earth today, for the time has come for Earth to enter a new era of light and love. This also applies to humanity, the light has begun to irradiate humanity on a deeper level, which raises them to a new level of consciousness. That is what is happening in your world today. You are awakened from your puppet sleep to be transformed into beautiful creative butterflies that bring joy and beauty to your world.

Feel the light shining around you today. Gratefully accept it and be willing to follow it. It leads you to the path that has already been paved for you since ancient times. A path that is only yours and that leads you and your fellows home, home to love, joy, peace and harmony.

Aren’t you a little tired now of all the troubles and all the misery you have gone through? Do you not long for the light and to rest your tired soul again? Do you not long for the bright mind that can please the smallest ant and where new problems are not found. The mind that only sees opportunities, love and joy everywhere it turns its gaze. A new sight has then been born and the steps feel light and hopeful. It is the gift of light to you if you open your heart to let it in. Imagine that you open the door so that the light can radiate and light up your own bright flame, which has always burned in you, although it has occasionally been greatly weakened. Now it is time to light the lighthouse again on the flame so that it gets a strong glow of light and love.

The time has come for the return of light to Earth and to your dear humanity. The more aware you are of the process you are in, the easier the process will be. It is when you are willing to follow the light wave that an easier journey can begin. We have all had some resistance to change, but it has not helped much, because the change has come anyway, in a perhaps tougher way than if you had followed the signs that life showed you. With a greater insight and understanding of yourself and your own development, you win by being open and permissive, in front of the new that is happening in your life. If you can understand on any level that this is the right way to go, give it a try. Basically, you know what is right for you, it is often the fear that stops your own development. But don’t worry new chances will come … new opportunities are emerging along the way. You know when it’s time to shop. You know and know when to go a different route. It is now that the light can help you with confidence and love. The joy of having succeeded in overcoming a difficulty and the happiness of having become a significantly wiser and wiser man, can outweigh all the difficulties that we go through.

You are moving forward dear people on Earth. Light leads the way and love is the key to your new future of joy and peace.

I send you all my love


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg