Twin Soul Ascension Report: Solstice Portal

twin flames eraoflightdotcomDearest beloveds.

Greetings of the most high… We come through to you, still very much in the 12:12 gateway, which witnessed an unprecedented number of mother father God’s children coming together in their soul groups and Ascension groups in order to harness the 5th dimensional frequencies that are currently pouring into gaia as we speak. Dearest ones, this has activated a huge dispensation of photonic light that is being dispensed from galactic central into the earthly atmospheric grid via the sacred sites of the planet thus opening of the electromagnetic seal that surrounds the earth plane, enabling us light workers to fully and completely infiltrate the fourth dimension with the frequencies of divine love and unity consciousness in the upcoming powerful and potent solstice transmission.

These upgraded light particles are pouring forth and penetrating very deeply into the core of the central point on the earth grid at the north pole, and are spreading out in a highly succinct manner, to all of the other sacred sites on the planet. Namely the Pyramids of Egypt the Sphinx, Stonehenge and Avebury ,Machu Picchu and the Himalayas…….,

During this gateway many sacred souls have been gathering on the earth plane to harness this light dispensation, and it is our greatest joy to report back to you from the higher realms that a stellar job has been made by all of you whom have gathered in these master circles. These powerful awakened ascension groups have been working ardently with the Elohim- the great Council of light, who are the overseers of these light dispensations.

Beloveds please know we are so excited to gather with you today, in this sacred way, that we may converse about the highest and purest frequencies of love, eternally unified by our burning hearts desire to serve Mother Father God.

We see you, we know you, you are safe, there is no separation, know that what once existed beyond the Veil is no longer beyond the Veil. For in truth there has never been a veil, The veil is a construct of one who has forgotten, forgotten the truth about who you are.

Dearest hearts may we take this moment to send you a very important message from your higher self: everybody who has incarnated on the Earth is burdened with a third dimensional matrix ‘story. The reason for this is that star-seeds are required to lower their density in order to incarnate onto the earthly realm. At this conjecture it is imperative to be reminded that you will never understand and come to terms with your story on a 3D logical level, and each moment you are presented with the option to choose to identify with the trauma you experienced in the past or choose to be present, in order to allow your consciousness to be free and empty of all burdens and all toxic thought forms.

There are so many tools in place to support you to make this choice and the reason why Buddha laughed when he Awakened is because he was confronted with the extraordinary simplicity of Enlightenment/ Awakening. Beloveds it is imperative for you to know that this level of liberation is available to each and every one of us in the moment that we choose to put down our story for good and choose to show up in service to our brothers and sisters, 100% of the time.

Dear ones I jen will be facilitating the final transmission of 2019 on 22nd December 2019 at 8.08 PM UK time.

In this gathering we are being instructed to align with the highest stream of diamond God consciousness codes that will be flooding Gaia on this particular gateway alignment, In order to take over/ hijack the 4th dimensional realm.

There are many entities that are stuck in the fourth dimension on a service to self vibrational loop and we are being guided in this transmission to work with the diamond crystalline Dragons, who will be supporting us individually and collectively to infiltrate the fourth dimension with the highest God light/ God codes in the universe.

Please know that you are wholeheartedly invited to join your sacred presence with this planetary master circle,

The gateway was opened on the 12:12 which saw the full activation of the 12:12 strand DNA helix template which was anchored safely and succinctly into the third dimensional plane. This has now created the Optimum energetics to receive the next wave of upgraded ascension frequencies.  In this transmission we are also being guided to Anchor even more deeply the age regeneration upgrade that we experienced in the 12:12, through the Divine assistance again of the white diamond crystalline Dragons.

Please note that the diamond codes are celebratory in configuration and are very much aligned with the christos frequencies, which, when embodied, manifest as health, abundance, success, fortuitous meetings, and an increase in synchronistic activities.

Taking part in these group transmissions deeply assists you to attune and stabilise in the higher fifth dimensional frequencies which is akin to knowing that you have arrived home at the deepest and most significant level of your being. We are the 144,000 bird tribe illumined twin flames, we have returned as all of the prophecies have foretold. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the masters, the teachers, the way-showers and the guides.

We are the awakened ones returned, to serve and keep on serving God’s grace and God’s presence.

We love you, dear ones, you are known, and you are seen,

All is truly well, breathe deeply and consciously in these coming days, and please rest when you need to. Open your palms to receive this light dispensation, and say yes to opening your heart to allow the higher consciousness codes to pour through you, as you remember……

I am home

I am safe

I remember,I am home,

And I am safe

In eternal love and service

Jenji and the white wolf tribe.

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20 Replies to “Twin Soul Ascension Report: Solstice Portal”

  1. bodhimoss

    Greetings, Cheri. Thank you for your detailed and informative clarification, and for providing us both an avenue for continued discussion. I agree with you about polarized gender confusion being a matrix construct. It’s a genetic distortion we all carry that must be turned into a complete farce before it can be recognized, resolved and released by the collective. Humans are well on their way in that regard. The primary goal of this simulation is to escape the matrix with your body/mind/spirit intact while clearing genetic distortion in one’s self and DNA bloodline, holding intense energies, carrying out impossible tasks without aid, and paving a path for others to follow. No problem, right? The reason TF is a hot button topic is that the zero point balance required to do this is a very elusive Jedi trait desired by all and achieved by few.

    I loved your “angelic winged avian light body.” I could write a book on that topic. Birds, wings, flying… it’s who we are. My name is Raven (or “Ra-Ven”) a crystal shaman, also of the House of Ra. Nice to meet you.

    Loneliness… could write a book on that too. If I didn’t have my TF, I’d have literally no one. No family, no children (unless you count two dogs) and as a couple we have a few friends in far-flung places because we travel a lot, are embodied and no longer walk the third dimension. Normal people can barely understand anything we say and have no clue what we do. The end result is lots of serene silent space in which to operate freely as sovereign beings.

    So yes, as you aptly remarked somewhere, “Life in the matrix, OMG.”

    Anyway, agreed with everything else you said. Hello fellow bird tribe and best of luck on your journey of wings.

    1. Cheri

      I think you are right about this my friend. I think it is not so literal but about the energetic marriage within. I don’t think souls are bifurcated into male and female, they are whole and balanced. But as we know we all got screwed up energetically upon incarnation. I see it as people clamoring for wholeness and balance within.

        1. Cheri

          Agree my Sirian friend! We still take things way to literal because of the mind control and DNA degradation, we lost the ability to interpret and feel the multidimensional nuances of these concepts. Always searching for the answers outside of self and looking for or needing another or something outside of self to complete us. I love your new avatar picture! Very telling as to your integration process! Onward we go! 😘

          1. Cheri

            Lol! Yes you mentioned it once and KejRaj called you a Serious Sirian hahahaha! In my ignorance of the ability to translate your name I just assumed it was Russian but now since feeling into you as a serious and gifted artist I wonder if your moniker is more multidimensional in meaning than anything else as the second half is quite flowing. Maybe you will share your name or meaning in English for me (but not necessary). Quiet and succinct in your words but your art is hugely communicating. This is quite a talent as I have not known too many artists. Thank goodness it is making a comeback in our culture as we are becoming able to interpret the true language of light once again! I suspect the quantum reality of the true universe outside of this ungodly matrix is more like immersing yourself (consciousness) into a picture (creational blueprints) and getting a full sensory understanding of the spectrum of meaning and living expression of sound, colors and light expressing as itself as living constructs throughout all dimensions and octaves.

            Have you seen the work of Jugen Ziewe? There is a you tube video called Multidimensional Realities which I thought was excellent as he explained his travels in consciousness outside the matrix and immersion into what I felt was the geometric realms. He is also an artist and he recreated the art he saw on a computer simulation and described his immersion into it as pure ecstasy and bliss in oneness with the flow of the sights and sounds moving within the art. Just fascinating to me and really gave me a better feeling for what my inner team means as “quantum immersion” that is coming. I suppose this is omnipresence. The creator showed me this through my pineal as the timeline technology for pure light consciousness to fully experience self within the source of all that is. He painted a picture and we immersed into the timeline. Although my work is immersing into and clearing these low level idiotic creations on the matrix as they are nothing like true creation. But I get the concept and lightbody technology.

            Well sorry for the long winded expression (it is the philosopher in me and the best I can do right now until our telepathy returns lol!) in honor of your work! I think you are much more aligned with creation as art is a much fuller expression much like music. We live in a fully harmonic universe once outside the matrix and it is nothing like this abomination of all things beautiful! We just gotta get this energetic mess cleaned up so we all can move on!

            This art is your vehicle of creation. Would love to see more if you have a website. Otherwise you can keep changing your avatar to give us something interesting besides words to express your presence 😘

          2. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

            Yes, I remember mentioning it. I am not really sure where I come from. I think Im more of a mutt of the Universe. The name is in Cherokee. Its “IamEbearStarChild”. I have no site. Yes, the future existence is going to be amazing, as returning to where we were before the fall of consciousness at Atlantis will be interesting, as well as moving beyond, through, and above the 5th dimension. As KejRaj has stated, even the 7th dimension will not be satisfying enough. I agree. But we shall see what happens.

          3. Cheri

            Well I simply love that name! After my god particle activated amazingly I woke up knowing this language of hand signs and sounds of communication with the animals called Wappapi. I had DNA strands from two of the original root races they (my inner team) called Oriental and Ethiopian. The rest of it was Kickapoo, Algonquin, Mayan, Iroquois, Incan, Yavapai and Pauite. All this indigenous DNA we have is star seeded and make up our multidimensional strands. We are all beautiful universal mutts lol! The only reason I know my star origins is because I listened as my team sequenced the DNA and activated my lightbody. The creator just causually said “your soul is Arcturian” Yet I had strands from Andromeda, Pleidies and Cassiopia as well. I still don’t know what that means except that these stars or planets hold our original soul blueprints created from the pleroma creational matter. So we hold this resonance and frequency of these home stars. The other strands are star systems we have participated in quantumly. Anything above 5d is energetic I think. Like you said, we shall see!

            Well thanks for the lovely conversation EBearStarChild! I salute you my friend!

            I am Hilarion, House of Ra, Order of the Seraphim! Can’t remember a darn thing except this is my call sign hahahaha! Life in the matrix omg! 😘

      1. bodhimoss

        Sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles here but the twin flame is very real and literal. There are indeed souls who have bifurcated into two incarnated avatars for the purposes of DNA distortion clearing of major bloodlines and balancing the masculine/feminine energies into a unified DNA blueprint. People who claim there is “no such thing” are only claiming this because it is not true for them, therefore it can’t be true. That’s a bit naive. Obviously there has been much hype and hyperbole about TF romantic partnering and so forth, but there are indeed TF pairs united and working together for Gaia in myriad ways to bring the ascension timeline forward, no “clamoring for wholeness and balance within” because they are born balanced and unified and wholly engaged doing what they came here to do. We work silently and then we go. Let’s try a little gratitude for there are indeed bird tribe twin flame illumined wayshowers; the prophesy is true.

        1. Peter

          That is correct, many twin flames are now living at the same time on Earth, some of them have met and it has created chaos in their lives, but very very few have yet reunited.

          There is such a powerful difference in experience regarding twin flames and other romantic love it is hard to describe.

          Successfully reunited twin flames Will never tell you they are twin flames, but their aura Will let you know anyway.


          1. bodhimoss

            Hello Peter. Thanks for your comment. Yes, there is quite a bit of yada yada about this chaos aspect, however that is definitely not a requirement or hallmark of the true TF experience. I met my TF long before we “woke up” but we both knew we had many past lifetimes together and had come together again for a very important purpose, even though we didn’t know what it was at the time we met. There has been no chaos in our relationship. That was 30 years ago, we woke up together and began our mission in earnest. Indeed it has been entire focus of our union all these years.

            As you said, TF’s never speak about this to anyone. In fact this is the first time I’ve ever spoken of it, online or to anyone I know. I just felt that Cheri and her friend with the word salad name were misrepresenting the facts; that the TF experience is an “imaginary fabrication,” thereby dismissing my entire life, the work of fellow bird tribe incarnates, of which there are many, and the years of work I have done to dissemble old ley lines, rebuild Gaia’s 5d energetic grid, clear oceans and water courses, and the DNA clearing work I mentioned.

            TF energy, when combined successfully with mutual intention, is so powerful it’s very hard to describe, which explains the silence. I can assure anyone reading this that the twin flame union is no “imaginary fabrication.” Real TF’s never speak about their work because we labor for Gaia and success is its own reward.

          2. Cheri

            Hi Bodhimoss! Thank you and Peter for your comments. There are no bubbles to burst here as each person has to follow there own inner knowing and I am sorry if my comment felt like an affront to you. I don’t know why it is such a hot button topic that people feel very defensive about but I admit my use of the word “clamoring” may have felt dismissive and charged.

            That being said I love having these conversations as it is expansive to explore. I honor your energy work and grid clearing so much as it is very similar to mine and I appreciate greatly what you do! It seems we are both from the bird tribes or carry the angelic or winged avian lightbody I have described in my last post which was designed for this molecular clearing work you describe. So important what we are doing!

            Whenever two or more of us come together in wholeness and purpose our coherent light is amplified like nothing else! Powerful!

            You have found your perfect matches and this is a wonderful thing to be in a sympatico and in a balanced relationship and even more powerful to both be doing this work on the grid together wow!. I have met two men in my life I had this strong bond with and instant inner recognition. Through this clearing process I found these both were from my same soul monad. We were perfectly matched energetically.

            All I meant to say is that I like many others had this strong feeling that I needed to find my other half when I first activated. Like my soul was not whole. I was missing my other half. I strongly felt my soul was bifurcated. Of course then I thought Hilarion was my other half and we were coming together. Now that I have embodied my full blueprint I know this is who I am. I think this has more to do with the gender reversal principal running on the false grid than literal soul bifercation was my point. My understanding of twin flame is that it is an energetic state within which allows unification. M/F, left brain/right brain and all parts of us that was split up or disconnected and scrambled within the DNA. My point was I now know this energetic gender reversal and confusion was an engineered construct on the matrix to keep us from uniting the full flame within which phires up the lightbody. To keep us searching outside and trying to reunite through the lower chakras in sexual union. That’s all I meant.

            Some people have these same feelings and are disempowered thinking they have not met their twin flame so can’t be whole and feel lost. This is by design on the matrix.

            So both you and your partner have obviously found this balance within if you are working in lightbody which is powerfully amplified as you come together. You probably carry perfectly matched soul energy. The same when we join in mass meditations. It is coherent conscious intent.

            The point here is that we are not lost without another. The marriage and balance happens within as we clear the matrix and embody our full soul blueprints as designed. It takes the inner phire or flame to ignite into lightbody and as we clear and embody the full blueprint within we can merge with christed consciousness or omnipresence. My point was it is an inside job for each individual to reach this energetic state within.

            I must admit I envy (lovingly hahaha!) your position and the support you have of another awakened and perfectly charged soul match or twin flame as you describe during this ascension process. I was isolated by spirit to do this work full time and it gets lonely here in 3d with noone to talk to although I have a full clearing chorus going on in my brain. This work as you know is not for the faint of heart lol!

            Sending you much respect and love for the work you do! It is all a process and we are a team! Our awareness expands as we go. I try to stay open and not marry one concept as this matrix is so insidious with deceptive and disempowering information and belief systems. But inner knowing trumps all and as long as we stay focused and do the work within we will never go astray! 😘