Twin Soul Ascension Report: Solstice Portal

twin flames eraoflightdotcomDearest beloveds.

Greetings of the most high… We come through to you, still very much in the 12:12 gateway, which witnessed an unprecedented number of mother father God’s children coming together in their soul groups and Ascension groups in order to harness the 5th dimensional frequencies that are currently pouring into gaia as we speak. Dearest ones, this has activated a huge dispensation of photonic light that is being dispensed from galactic central into the earthly atmospheric grid via the sacred sites of the planet thus opening of the electromagnetic seal that surrounds the earth plane, enabling us light workers to fully and completely infiltrate the fourth dimension with the frequencies of divine love and unity consciousness in the upcoming powerful and potent solstice transmission.

These upgraded light particles are pouring forth and penetrating very deeply into the core of the central point on the earth grid at the north pole, and are spreading out in a highly succinct manner, to all of the other sacred sites on the planet. Namely the Pyramids of Egypt the Sphinx, Stonehenge and Avebury ,Machu Picchu and the Himalayas…….,

During this gateway many sacred souls have been gathering on the earth plane to harness this light dispensation, and it is our greatest joy to report back to you from the higher realms that a stellar job has been made by all of you whom have gathered in these master circles. These powerful awakened ascension groups have been working ardently with the Elohim- the great Council of light, who are the overseers of these light dispensations.

Beloveds please know we are so excited to gather with you today, in this sacred way, that we may converse about the highest and purest frequencies of love, eternally unified by our burning hearts desire to serve Mother Father God.

We see you, we know you, you are safe, there is no separation, know that what once existed beyond the Veil is no longer beyond the Veil. For in truth there has never been a veil, The veil is a construct of one who has forgotten, forgotten the truth about who you are.

Dearest hearts may we take this moment to send you a very important message from your higher self: everybody who has incarnated on the Earth is burdened with a third dimensional matrix ‘story. The reason for this is that star-seeds are required to lower their density in order to incarnate onto the earthly realm. At this conjecture it is imperative to be reminded that you will never understand and come to terms with your story on a 3D logical level, and each moment you are presented with the option to choose to identify with the trauma you experienced in the past or choose to be present, in order to allow your consciousness to be free and empty of all burdens and all toxic thought forms.

There are so many tools in place to support you to make this choice and the reason why Buddha laughed when he Awakened is because he was confronted with the extraordinary simplicity of Enlightenment/ Awakening. Beloveds it is imperative for you to know that this level of liberation is available to each and every one of us in the moment that we choose to put down our story for good and choose to show up in service to our brothers and sisters, 100% of the time.

Dear ones I jen will be facilitating the final transmission of 2019 on 22nd December 2019 at 8.08 PM UK time.

In this gathering we are being instructed to align with the highest stream of diamond God consciousness codes that will be flooding Gaia on this particular gateway alignment, In order to take over/ hijack the 4th dimensional realm.

There are many entities that are stuck in the fourth dimension on a service to self vibrational loop and we are being guided in this transmission to work with the diamond crystalline Dragons, who will be supporting us individually and collectively to infiltrate the fourth dimension with the highest God light/ God codes in the universe.

Please know that you are wholeheartedly invited to join your sacred presence with this planetary master circle,

The gateway was opened on the 12:12 which saw the full activation of the 12:12 strand DNA helix template which was anchored safely and succinctly into the third dimensional plane. This has now created the Optimum energetics to receive the next wave of upgraded ascension frequencies.  In this transmission we are also being guided to Anchor even more deeply the age regeneration upgrade that we experienced in the 12:12, through the Divine assistance again of the white diamond crystalline Dragons.

Please note that the diamond codes are celebratory in configuration and are very much aligned with the christos frequencies, which, when embodied, manifest as health, abundance, success, fortuitous meetings, and an increase in synchronistic activities.

Taking part in these group transmissions deeply assists you to attune and stabilise in the higher fifth dimensional frequencies which is akin to knowing that you have arrived home at the deepest and most significant level of your being. We are the 144,000 bird tribe illumined twin flames, we have returned as all of the prophecies have foretold. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the masters, the teachers, the way-showers and the guides.

We are the awakened ones returned, to serve and keep on serving God’s grace and God’s presence.

We love you, dear ones, you are known, and you are seen,

All is truly well, breathe deeply and consciously in these coming days, and please rest when you need to. Open your palms to receive this light dispensation, and say yes to opening your heart to allow the higher consciousness codes to pour through you, as you remember……

I am home

I am safe

I remember,I am home,

And I am safe

In eternal love and service

Jenji and the white wolf tribe.

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