Divine Mother: 2019 Winter Solstice & Christmas Season Incoming

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomHappy Solstice dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. I love you. Because of the change of the season, now the return of the light, the planet is going to have a lot more activities, especially activities related to Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s mass awakening. The company of heaven is going to bestow yet another wave of the ascension light upon the planet and humanity. In doing so, the planet will move further upward. Humanity will awaken even more. These activities are the perfect gifts for Gaia and humanity at this perfect season.

Being the planet which hosts Divine Mother Father God, and endless angelic beings, Gaia has been a well known blue planet among its Cosmic sisters and brothers. Gaia’s status got another boost recently when the Divine successfully brought her to the upper realm. Now she has successfully ascended. Her children too, are ascending at a rate that has never been seen before. For that, Gaia is grateful. The planet is indeed in an admirable place. Humanity’s ascension has done well.

Now, the Solstice is here. Every year at the winter solstice, summer solstice alike, we, the Divine always bring extra light to the planet earth because, partially this time of the year, the light is needed. The planet has a way to keep the light even so that even though the northern Hemisphere may have shortest days and the light may be short, but because the Divine compensation, overall, Gaia still gets enough of the light so that lives can continue, and the beings on the planet still have the connections to the light. That is why every year, at this time, we, the Divine will bring the extra Divine light to the planet for Gaia and humanity so that the planet is in balance.

I love you dear children on earth. I am your Mother Divine. The planet, right now, is in a very calm place. She is in a remote place and this particular place is suitable for her for the moment. We, the Divine need a break. The planet, too, needs a break. That is why we, the Divine have decided to bring the planet to this spot. For the time being, she needs the peace. We, the Divine need a recharge. Once the time comes, your Father and I will bring the planet further upward so that eventually, she will arrive her designated spot.
While the planet is having a break, your Father God has been doing a lot of the healing and releasing work for the planet. He was able to heal quite a bit of Gaia’s past through the releasing in the weather patterns. Now Gaia is in a much better position for the next step. In the upcoming weeks, your Father will continue the healing work for the planet earth and humanity.

What he wants to focus on next is in religion-related areas, particularly the Abrahamic traditions. Humanity has literally misinterpreted what your Father intended to teach over the last couple thousand years, humans have fought with each other over the teachings, and that is not What Father intended to teach. He has been intensely trying to correct the teachings and trying to mend the teachings. Nevertheless, the progress seems small compared to the damage caused by the human misinterpretations, particularly fighting. Even now, Christians still are fighting over whose teachings are true teachings and whose God is the real God. What your Father intends to do now is to let the Christmas season be a season of awakening. Christians need to awaken to the Christ within. Your Father God has designed an awakening holiday for the planet and Christianity. He wants all the Christians to go within and realize that God is not out there in the sky. The God is in each and every one of them. There is no God outside, only inside themselves. That is the truth. That is the true teachings he has intended. It is time for the Christians to awaken to his true teachings. Indeed, the Time has come.

So, in the upcoming Christmas season, you are going to experience more of the Christ consciousness. Your Father is going to bring more of the Christ light to the souls on the planet. He knows that the planet is in need of Christ consciousness. And the level of the Christ light is going to increase tremendously so that souls on the planet, can feel the love of their Father God, and awaken to their Christ light within. That is the Christmas season.
I love you dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. Blessings and love to you all. Peace be with you. So it is.

» Source » Channel: Linda Li