Rinus Verhagen: The Rat of Orange

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcomWhat will happen in Nazi occupied Europe by the EU Fascists and their crime against the European people?

Let’s first treat the Poor washed up culture Ver-Rijkers (the uninvited forced Migrant Barbarians) with equal politically correct prejudice.

We have a participation law, which was what was meant to make the Dutchman do forced labour, equal opportunities to make them work very hard for their poverty, as the Dutchman has to endure because of the raid of the Cabal government.

When Psychopath Rutte cleared the field the Transition took place, the Low IQ washed ashore Chance pearls are allowed to work to survive just like the expropriated Dutchman.

If they think they are sick, weak or nauseous, do not receive benefits but give a free ticket back to their own culture and homeland.

With the introduction of the new Money System, they can get a premium to leave, which is always cheaper than a civil war.

They only get this per person when they open a bank account in their country of origin where the money can be deposited.

Anyone who registers as a Migrant after 1 January 2020 will only get a mandatory return trip or work in a work project for the lowest possible salary to force them to serve the fascist Bilderberg Mafia in The Hague with their boss the Fake King Willy the Stupid of Amsberg.

We will have to get rid of this parasite plague, take back our land that was stolen from us on May 13th 1940 by the Dutch Nazi’s Political Party Cartel and the former Royal House.

The fascist monstrosity EU will not be able to function for long, because of the exclusion of the Gold Covered New Money System via the QFS.

The Troll with the nutcracker face, Kuru Merkel once said when the Euro falls, this is the end of the EU, so let’s make sure that this is going to be true.

Let’s make this dream come true, which for them the Fake unelected fascists Elite will be a nightmare and downfall.

Through the ITCCS in Brussels I received information about theft, tax evasion and Genocide of the indigenous population of the Netherlands.

Via the Corrupt Banks, Trillions of Euros from the Dutch population are stolen and laundered, which is implode the economy and systematically force the population into poverty.

In the Netherlands are Round Table, Rotary, Kiwanis groups, where the misguided middle class think they are doing good, in fact they are channels of the Cabal to use the pathetic idiots of these associations as their fake prosperous fake Satanist Elite.

If a director of a company siphons off taxpayers’ money to his friends, or himself (so as Joe Biden, or an apartment in The Hague Pechtholt D66) or a criminal organization so as the Bilderberg Elite, to the Clinton Foundation through the Postcode lottery, paid 25 million to fulfill Pay for Play in the Ukraine MH17 to shape their Nazi plans.

Then we can say that these Bilderberg Nazis in The Hague and Koningshuis together are a Criminal organization, and comply with Article 140 Ws, unfortunately this does not work for them, only against the robbed population.

Fake royal Adder Willy von Amsberg and Psychopath Mark Rutte are both Director of Two Dutch Trust (foundations) under which we all fall, they are registered with EDGAR.

Through a contact, I got the confirmation where they are called Psychopath Rutte and Willy the stupid separate as Director of the Netherlands.


The Netherlands the country that does not exist for the Dutchman, according to Fake Queen Maxima is registered in Washington DC as a company, with GESARA we should regain our sovereignty.


Tax evasion Mark Rutte his Hitler Cabinet plans.

2390 Foreign money flow to the Netherlands, in Billions

The tax treaties with 23 developing countries are being reviewed.

The Substance requirements (among Dutch executives) will be increased.

Countries receive Spontaneous information from the Netherlands if companies do not meet these requirements.

Information exchange between tax authorities will also apply to financing companies that make agreements with the Dutch tax authorities.

Agreements with the tax authorities (rulings) can only be made by companies with sufficient ties to the Netherlands.

The Act on the Supervision of Trust Offices will be tightened up in consultation with the Dutch Bank.

2958 flow of investments in Billions from the Netherlands. Article from NRC Handelsblad 3 September 2013.

Here are 568 Billion Euro away, we can use the Biden, DNC Obama tactics.

Is this money used to maintain the war of ISIS?

Have corrupt politicians such as Rutte and Fake King Willy used straw men to pocket their own money and put it in the Vatican Bank?

In 2013, these two trusts (foundations) invested 2390 billion Euros in the Netherlands.

Think of money laundering.

And the same year 2958 Billion Euro out of the Netherlands.

A difference of 568 Euro’s what the Dutch population is expropriated through the fake tax system.

The post-war Hitler Cabinet orders us on all sides, as well as our pension of 1400 Billion Euro which was given in management to an unelected fascist club the EU.

On top of that they have imposed an extra 280 Billion Euro to pay the tax without the people knowing about it.

Then we are talking about 848 Billion which the population is expropriated for.

Then this is about € 50,000 per person, where we have to say that not all Dutch people work for their income, because stranded Migrants they end up here in the Walhalla at our expense, so the working people have a millstone around their neck to drown to carry out the fascist Nazi agenda of Rutte and Willy the silly.

The Dutch Fake Government is nothing more than a criminal organization, no wonder our tax burden is 89% of every Euro, in payroll tax and other taxes imposed.

A family with two children has to cough up € 200.000 to serve their fascist agenda.

Are you going to see what this has been stolen from the hardworking Dutchman over the last 10 years, we come to 8.5 Trillion Euro.

Via ITTCS we can report this theft and expropriation, the declaration against the Nazi Rutte Government (Hitler Cabinet) of our hard-earned prosperity through hard labour in the past.

https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/International_Tribunal_into_Crimes_of_Church_and_State per mail itccsoffice@gmail.com, of thecommonland@gmail.com

Why is this so important? Because Nazi Prince Bernhard von Lippe is the father of Satanist and Pedophile Pizza Gate Beatrix of Fake Orange, the driving force behind the Genocide to which the Dutch population is exposed.

Her Low IQ son Willy the Stupid is no longer like her signboard for the Nazi agenda 21 which was put to the vote by Bernhard von Lippe (grandfather of Moron Willy Escobar) in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil, which was accepted by 178 countries, to legalize the genocide, which we now see happening with the implementation of the Kalergi Plan.


Switching to a Gold supported financial system through the QFS that controls the flow of money has exposed how the amounts to these fascists have been laundered by money launderers, such as Joe Biden and his son Hunter and laundering US taxpayers’ money Pay for Play (HRC).

The money flows that have been identified seem to work in the same way as the Clintonfoundation works, so that investments are returned to the corrupt politicians involved via detours.

Mark Rutte and Fake King Willy have already been reported to the International Court of Justice in The Hague by the Union against Governmental Affairs.


We need a new legal universal law based on common law.

Natural law

– Important for dealing with loved ones
– Not enough to force this exclusively on our humanity.
– We are unique and have the Universal Law:
– Freedom of Choice
– Freedom of Will.

Hierarchy of legal systems

– Universal law
– Humane law
– Natural law
– State law with the word person replaced by human
– Public and private law with the word person replaced by the word man

Universal law

– Right to free will
– Right to free choice
– No one can sit with this between the Creator and the human being.
– Here man is expected to be a Creator by coming with new things for the improvement of mankind.
– The right to voluntariness with mutual approval
– Free will, also to choose
– Freedom
– Voluntary
– To serve other people willingly

Humane Straight

– The interpretation is up to man
– Not: to the state, government, church, nation, party,
– company or cabal/mafia and other lunatics
– We’re gonna do it, now!
– This Law is good for all the people on our earth
– Now the laws are only good for big business and we were their slaves.
– We humans have not been their slaves since 15-8-2011.
– We show everyone that we:
– respect each other,
– help each other
– shelter each other
– support each other, during love and sorrow, better and less times, in light and dark, etc.
– One human family, which then deals with each other according to the Natural Law.

Short history

– Draco Marduk, grandson of Anu, had the task of stealing everything from the world and then destroying the earth.
– This is contrary to the Universal Rights of free choice and free will of earthly man.
– By fraud: tacitly assuming that man agreed to become a slave without possessions and without a soul, he managed, through the Church, politics, royal and noble families with the banks, to own everything on earth.

Hierarchical system

– Marduk created a hierarchical system in which each upper layer had to treat the lower layer as a slave without ever showing that the lower layer is a slave.
– Hardly anyone knew the whole plan of robbery and destruction.
– 75% of the top layers were extraterrestrials.
– Man was almost completely at the bottom, even the elites would be murdered.

Stones of Georgia

– Because of free choice and free will he had to tell man what he was doing in accordance with Universal Rights: such as 90% destruction of the number of people on earth.
– He had that written on the stones of Georgia in ten languages.
– Protocols of Zion is also an example: I told you and you tacitly agreed to this

21-12-2012 end of the world

– In 2012 Marduk’s contract with Earth expired.
– 90% of the population was not completed.
– The FEMA Camps, boats and trains remained empty.
– 100% possessions were in trusts and owned by Marduk.
– Every man and everything else was in trust.

2012 new era for the earth

– Kimberley was told by a tribe that the Dracos’ contract with Earth was coming to an end and she acquired all the rights of the trustees.
– 41 levels above Trump, Kim was granted exclusive rights over all of Earth’s possessions.
– Manna World Holding Trust and
– new money system Quantum Financial System (QFS)
– Withdraws all rights of the bloodlines (13 families, Black Nobel, Rothschild, royalties, white and black Jews with their Talmud rights etc.),

5 years extension to complete task

– Marduk asked for a 5 year extension of his contract.
– Didn’t get it, and the assets stayed with Kim.
– 11 -8 – 2016 Kim signed a Peace Treaty with the Universal Protection Unit (Galactic and Universal team (100.000 different creatures are in it).
– SOL3 is thus protected and
– We are original sovereign people of Earth

End Maritime law (1)

– Marduk deceived and threatened us again in violation of our Universal Rights.
– August 2016 Marduk was killed by extraterrestrial aid under the Peace Treaty.
– This put an end to maritime law on earth (a dictator, an autocrat, a captain).

Law systems that have expired (2)

– 21-6-2011 Roman law, Romanus Pontifex has been dissolved
– Rite Mandamus and rite Probatum
– – 983210-331235-01004

All jurisprudence of Roman law from the outset has thus become invalid.

– 15-8-2011 The Trust Cestui que Vie with office BIS dissolved via Rite Probatum Regnum and Rite Mandamus.
– • 983210-341748-240014
– settlement rights, birth certificates, death certificates, bonds and claims are hereby terminated.
– BIS dissolved, as well as Aetemi Regis, Eternal Crown (Canon law, as sole ruler of the earth is hereby terminated).

Legal systems that have expired (3)

– Maritime, Romanesque, Canon and Civil law are unlawful and null and void from the outset.
– They are based on a false presumption: to have freely agreed to become slaves, without possessions and soul.
– This applies to Talmud law, even to a higher degree. No human being stands above another human being
– Common Law is full of the above laws and we should never use

Rights that have expired (4)

– 11-7-2013 Pope publishes Motu Proprio, which waived the immunity of all judges, prosecutors, lawyers and public officials (including bankers) as of 1-9-2013
– from then on, they are personally responsible for seizing homes, cars, money and assets of the real beneficiary, deprivation of liberty, fraud, harassment and the transformation of trust funds.
– The Golden Rule is hereby recognized by the Pope:
– All people are endowed with universal rights and no one stands between them and the Creator.
– Canon law has thus become far subservient to man and is null and void.

Expired and current laws

– All current laws are based on coercion and not mutual consent
– In these laws man does not stand in for the person in the form of a slave.
– Common Law is an example of this
– Our Civil Law is even worse because a citizen is not a human being and therefore has no human rights.
– Even the Rights of Man does not know only the person

Administrative law and 1 time human being


Universal Human Rights

Control over mankind lifted for mankind of his own choice

– 18 -1- 2016 Pope Francis has agreed to return all the assets of the Vatican Bank to mankind (UCC3-501).
– Done with the free will of the Pope.

Cestui Que Vie 3rd version

– Man: becomes person and thing
– Become a slave without possessions and soul

At birth declaration

– 3 trusts are created with this
– You are owned by the owner/state, who resells the trust to a bank
– Your children are not yours
– You relinquish your possessions
– You renounce your soul

A lot is earned from the premature death of a human being.

By collecting the insurance policy made with our birth certificate and traded on Wall Street as Derivatives.

Cestui que Vie

– Man was forced into slavery with no possessions, no children of his own and no soul.
– A few super slaves: politicians, judges, lawyers, police and bailiffs have bigger houses.
– Misuse was made of hidden data, ignorance and the false assumption: man wanted it himself.
– Disbanded again on 15-8-2011.

Kim writes Letter to many

– On 28-10-2018 Kim writes a letter to the Deep State, the military, the government and others: those who are not awake yet pay attention. You too have been abused for slavery, abused for fraud and total control over humans.
– Wake up and join us, your old rotten system is broken.

Power vacuum?

– Humans and hybrids now fight for power
– Over 39 groups fight each other for power
– Royalties, elites and secret societies have had centuries of training, experience and knowledge. Service to Self
– Don’t take man into account.
– We want Service to Others.

Our 39 counterparties

– Secret societies
– Jesuits
– Asian families
– Zionists America and EU, Talmud (scalar techn)
– Nazis flying saucers
– Mafia/Costa Nostra/Mob
– The Rothschild family has the most Droca DNA and is in all parties (Pindar-penus)

Our counterparties

– They have unlimited quantities of Money
– Media
– Politicians
– Justice
– Police
– Army
– Large companies
– The sleeping mass (cottage, garden, tree, animal)

QFS makes their money and power worthless

– Hundreds of billions of dollars a day are made to maintain the Swift system.
– Within 1 second QFS can take over.
– QFS is already working twice from somewhere at the beginning of 2018.
– They do not allow this takeover.

Humane Law

– Constitution
– Legal articles
– We as human beings come up with this Constitution
– We as human beings fill in the articles of law ourselves

Constitution Human Rights

– We are quickly adopting the Constitution of the Humanoid races of the Universe.
– At least 1 million people from at least 100 countries together approve this Constitution. (Each country has its own parallel paths. 10,000 per country)
– These confirmations will be judged by a jury and, if approved, a jury will ratify the Humane Constitution for our Earth.
– We ask the Universal Protection Unit for protection and help.
– If we ask them, they help us.
– They have the experience, technologies, which are several dimensions higher than ours and
– the will to help us
– Kim is the only humanoid on the Councel Board

Articles of Law Humane Law

– Child trafficking, abuse, satanic rituals, pedophilia, etc. are prohibited.
– In case of violation, imprisonment will follow.
– Privacy, no one writes to or reads the personal data of their computer, mobile phone and other electronic data carriers without the owner’s permission.
– In case of violation, a hefty fine will follow.
– All possessions that have been paid for are the property of the owner.
– All debts will be cancelled.
– Swift banking system will be abolished as of 02-02-2020.
– All central banks and ordinary banks will be nationalized.
– All data about us as human beings can be viewed transparently
– All secret treaties in the world are void and transparent.
– All archives are transparent
– No human being is immune during the exercise of his function. It is true that making mistakes is human.
– Man derives from the sovereignty of states and can intervene in the case of violations committed by states anywhere in the world. Domestic affairs in which you are not allowed to interfere then no longer apply.
– All taxes are reclaimed retroactively from birth and put into a trust from which local education, medical aid, infrastructure, communications resources and innovations are paid.
– The patent system and copyright will be abolished. Every inventor and writer will be compensated.
– The positions of politicians, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, bailiffs and court clerks will be abolished.
– All legal rulings and (government) documents based on lies, fraud or corruption are null and void and must be re-evaluated by a jury. If the government officials or others involved do not cooperate in finding the truth and correctness, they will be held personally damagingly responsible.
– All Media are given only one chance to come up with the truth. If they fail to do so, they will be boycotted.
– All explosive weapons out of the world. In case of no hearing, these weapons will be destroyed with scalar techniques.
– All land mines will be blown up with scalar tools.
– HAARP and weather manipulations are forbidden.
– Kimberly A. Goguen comes in her book titled: to the Heart of the Matter, with 489 similar recommendations, which should lead to improvements in the world.
– People who help, support and inspire Kim are e.g:
– Thomas William, Steffen Rowe, Randy Maugan, Alan James, Steven George, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford and Kevin Annet.

Human Rights Enforcement

– First we need to get the Constitution and a few important articles of law ratified.
– Then we have a foundation on which we can build Enforcement.
– We ask for help from others on how they have dealt with this in the past.


All we have to do is get up.

Then the game’s over.

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