Master El Morya: The Natural and Unnatural Authority

master el morya eraoflightdotcomThe natural authority.

To have authority is to gain credibility through experience. A person who radiates authority is nothing other than a person who knows what he is talking about and who passes on his experiences with the necessary fire and enthusiasm.

This is the natural authority that will never demand of you that you obey, subordinate and keep your mouth shut.

On the contrary, this person will encourage you to think for yourself and will ask you to question everything and make up your own mind.
The unnatural authority

Churches or state institutions radiate the unnatural authority. It is represented by priests or by the state authority – and it says

I know what is good for you, do what I tell you, follow the instructions and you will lack for nothing. You have peace from us if you do what we tell you.

They tell you not to question us, but to obey. Thus the two types of authority are separated and described.

I tell you: Question, question and make your own image – in everything and in every man. Take into account errors, mistakes and misunderstandings, for this belongs to life like salt to a wholesome food.

Do not let yourself be distracted from your own life and experiences, go through them yourself and use all your senses for it.
Blind obedience

Above all: Never obey blindly – or just because someone has the power to demand it of you.

Never put your mind in a corner and do not allow your intuition to be undermined so that you no longer look or listen to what you can clearly perceive.

This 3D world can only be maintained at its core by blind obedience.

Freedom means self-confidently thinking your own thoughts, living your own emotions and creating your own experiences – not leading a proxy life, with society dictating what is appropriate.

Freedom means to live oneself by reducing negative influences to a minimum and by not letting the whisperers have anything more to say.

Examine every master, examine everything that is said and look at everything with your own eyes.
With skin and hair

Experiences are created by living through something with skin and hair, going through it, completely grasping it with inner and outer senses. Then you are authentic and a natural authority.

When you speak, you will be listened to and your way of life will be adopted by people, because they feel you know life and you know what you are talking about.

Only those who derive their insights from their own experiences are credible – and only those who have lived through spiritual processes themselves can one day be a teacher by whom people can orient themselves without being led astray. Everything else is theory and can be found at universities.

Re-narratives, memorized half-knowledge or non-knowledge do not help anyone, but they certainly convey the illusion of knowledge and wisdom, which means: they convey a false self-esteem.

Do not attach any importance to this knowledge, but let yourself be completely absorbed by life. Live it and consider everything while you are searching and have not yet found it.
Open yourself to life

To be open to life is to be hungry for new experiences and thirsty for the knowledge they bring. The opposite of this is to become a canned food and to nestle in ready-made thought buildings, it is to let no air into the house and when someone knocks at the door, to hope to go on.

Such a way of life is suitable for the dead, but not for living, curious, thirsty for knowledge and hungry for experience.

Those who shut themselves off from life because they feel threatened by the events that might happen will never gain knowledge. This person can never become an authority.

Live, love and be. Trust yourself first and if you are wrong, trust your ability to correct your mistakes. But always, no matter what you do, trust yourself.
Live your life

Experience life and learn how to deal with it, how to relate and how to mature internally with each new experience.

A wise person goes through life with open eyes and a spiritual person with an open heart.

To become independent of institutions or gurus, to gain secure inner knowledge, both abilities are needed.

Therefore, I encourage you to willingly embark on the adventure of your life.

Open the door, life wants to enter, open the windows so that your soul can breathe again. And then: Live your life.


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl