The Great Pause

full moon eraoflightdotcomWe now ebb closer to yet another vortex, the Solstice. A spin so sensitive that the slightest extra weight is immediately rejected and sent back spinning through space and time to repeat it’s path and yet to harmonise with such vortex takes you deep within, through the chaos of the spin and settles you in the space of zero point, complete neutrality in which you are aware of the rushing of energy, twisting and turning, rejecting and accepting, and yet the space you find yourself in is a frequency so tranquil, and everything becomes crystal clear.

From here we see the choices, and they are chosen with the utmost Care and attention to ensure the field of experience continues to expand and bring the growth we are each here to attain, to be Free.

Our Era is to become free of the mind, the beliefs, the programming and to begin the deconstruction of everything we were taught, led to believe and have abided by, following the unconscious ways, rules and rulers of our time

Evolution takes “time” and we are just one small cog in the cosmic clockwork, a crucial cog nonetheless, as is each era, as is each person, so vital in the great transformation we find ourselves traversing.

The hands of time will forever be moving, all will forever evolve however this period is bringing the race back into its heart, we are done with the wars, we are sick in dis-ease and we are all being called from within to Seek an Alignment that breathes life back in, that is “balanced” and cares, shares and spreads joy.

When we know our course we can choose the perfect moment to drop from the vortex and land in the new field of experience.

When we know how to ride the cosmic vortex system we become aware that more “weight” will need to drop for the next and the next so we continue the process of release and through this we receive more and more light, opening more portals of opportunity.

All is a frequency match.

Looping realities happen because the attachment to the 3rd or 4th dimensional “story” is still way too loud. The attachment lies in the emotions held and under these emotions sits more stories and then there’s the programming, the core manifestor of your experiences and the reason we experience loops, the weight (wait) we hold and believe we need “time” to release

When attached to the phsyical presentation, the people, stories, the programs and emotions everything is high stress and dramatic, all of it built around conditions and fears, and whilst each story always reaches crescendo and implodes, what’s found is the story repeats, often a new setting, new “actors”, but the same old “pain” resurfaces and has been taught to be accepted, as “life”.

It is not, life, that is a bipolar mess, hence why we find ourselves here, to learn, that this way is most definitely a dead end.

So data began pouring through that guided us deeper within, to look at what created these stories, and what we found was a whole heap of programming all created to defend, built up from trauma filled ancient memories that each of us hold.
Constantly playing out the old just in a more modern way as time progresses. The mess evolves, mutates over the years just as it does through Grandparent to Parent to Child, we have been continuing to blindly birth the old, allowing the programs to bring more and more separation as each generation was birthed.

The End

This phase of the breakdown we find ourselves in is the breakdown of the Age of Pisces, that is all, nothing more, nothing less, only the more each clings to the rules and the stories that the age created the more of the destruction each will experience.

It’s a choice.

Choice being something most find too much to deal with, which is the desired experience of the Age of Pisces, we completed our mission as a race and found the experience to be…..limiting and controlling.

Let’s move on

Into the chaotic spin, which is rejecting defense and blame and teaching how to neutralise the “warrior” energy.
We all went through the warrior phase, it is of course another opportunity to awaken more unconscious weighted activity stored within, from the days when we had to be a warrior, we had to survive, we wanted fame and to be respected and rise beyond the clutches of poverty and move into the luxury that each victory brought.

Move ON

Spiritual warriors, defenders of light – defunct.
There is no defending light, each that tries this will find 2020 continues the power of the storm within, the only damage caused by allowing the storm is to those who choose to hold it within, exciting the neurons within the physical body, leading to more frequent burnouts, emotional overloading and short circuits in all systems, greatly affecting health and therefore all abundance channels.

Peace….that is where we are heading and we know this is found by creating it within, and from here our field reflects this back. We have let go of the need to poke sticks at a world that simply doesn’t yet understand and we value our own journey far more than to waste time, or get weighted down with those who create a drag. No one is going to achieve anything by having old frequency based opinions and shouting about them, so what if folk speak blindly, we close it down by simply not feeding it with our energy, we say no thank you, we do not fire, we do not bring war to our sacred field. We remove all that we do not want in our field, with ease, when you take the trash out from your home do you tell for all to hear, do you insult the rubbish for being useless?

Be wise, be graceful, be unconditionally loving knowing the presentation is firstly teaching you about your reaction or response, your ability to maintain a divine peaceful field, because all is a reflection, but the mirror is also learning about its lack of Unconditional love, so to respond with an example of how to hold a sacred field is exactly what their soul has requested, to experience the reverberations of light, for their cracks, their discoveries to begin….which they will, if each choose to be the example rather than the lesson.

This Solstice, this point in time holds something I have never experienced before, if I were to choose a word to describe I would use Regal as it holds high importance, I see rich purple velvet and melting gold….take from that what you will, but it feels without doubt a space to observe, and to be sure the highest truth is emanating in each moment.

The Northern angels move into the 3 days of darkness as our Ancestors tell us the Sun is reborn and now we tell our ancestors, we’ve got this, we have learned there was no death, therefore there was no birth, we are aligned with the Sun and we are evolving.

Our sun and our planetary tilt teaches us the need to take a moment, to go deep within, to move furthest away from the noise and fully realise the path chosen upon resurfacing, to use this time to focus on the vibrational expansion this Solstice brings, how you will set the tone as our Sun begins the next phase of its journey.

This incoming year is the year to give focus to the formless knowing that is the creator of all form, and by operating the formless we know that the form follows suit…all is a given and it’s where full responsibility and respect is found.

So this is where I say farewell to honour my own 3 day dive into my field to observe this shift and to continue the integrations and assistance as we move. I am celebrating the Solstice with the energy of movement and freedom as I am now able to leave my rising Sun for the first time in just over a year.

All so symbolic

I will return, expanded on the 26th to bring some navigation for the solar eclipse.

Sending so much love and gratitude to All, may you all have the most magical Solstice and continue to awaken each heart, expanding and uniting in Divine Unconditional Love so we all may return as One.

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