Saturn Conjunct Pluto; Apocalypse NOT

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomOn January 12th, 2020 we have one of the most important transits of the decade (yes, of the decade!): Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve already “warned” you in previous reports about Saturn conjunct Pluto. But perhaps you haven’t heard of it yet – and that’s simply because there’s not enough talk about this.

If you ask me, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction should definitely be in the news, because it’s indeed VERY important.

I get tons of emails and messages from people worried about how this conjunction may affect them. And I always reply with “don’t worry” because, indeed, we should never fear any transit out there. Everything that happens in the skies, happens for a very important reason.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn – The Transit Of The Decade

But there’s much more to it than “don’t worry about Saturn conjunct Pluto”. Saturn conjunct Pluto is indeed a monumental transit. This is not your usual Mercury retrograde. This is not even the once-in-a-year Jupiter ingress into a new sign. This is a once-in-30-to-40-years monumental shift that will profoundly influence every single one of us.

The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 1982 forever changed the face of the world; this conjunction occurred in Libra, the sign of balance and justice. In the last 4 decades, topics like gender balance, economic justice, and political correctness have come to the forefront for us to deal with.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 is in Capricorn, the sign of rules, hierarchies, and yes, politics. History is being written in front of our eyes. The “old rules” are rewritten for modern times. And this is just the beginning.

Saturn conjunct Pluto is not the end. Saturn conjunct Pluto is the beginning. Every time two planets meet in a conjunction, a new cycle begins.

That’s why there’s no apocalypse to come. This is just the beginning.

The current Saturn-Pluto conjunction is not a static moment in time. It doesn’t come one day, and leave the next. It is not an ‘outside event’ or something that you have to deal with temporarily. It is a reflection of where your whole life is at the moment.

Are you happy with your life? This means you made some good decisions 38 years ago, when we had the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

And if your life is not where you want it to be, you now have the chance to change that. Because yes, Saturn conjunct Pluto is a new beginning. And in the light of new beginnings, everything is possible.

What kind of new beginning?

Saturn and Pluto are the most difficult planets in astrology. We all dread our Saturn and Pluto transits. If you have natal Saturn or Pluto aspects, these are perhaps the most difficult aspects in your chart. They require the most work.

But why do you think it is like that? Do you think the Universe is just angry with you and wants to punish you with difficult aspects? With difficult transits? Why would it do that?

It’s true that Saturn and Pluto feel difficult. Your birth was difficult. Growing up is difficult. Relationships are difficult. Having to provide for yourself and your family is difficult. Learning from mistakes is difficult.

But it’s worth it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Saturn And Pluto – Blessings In Disguise

Saturn and Pluto are not the bad guys we’ve been led to believe they are.

Yes, Saturn is all about rules. But what would this world be without direction? Yes, Saturn is the lord of time. But what would this world be without reflection? Saturn is the lord of karma, but what would this world be without consequences?

Pluto is the God of the Underworld. But what would day be without night? What would light be, without shadow? What would life be without death?

Ultimately, we all have to face our fears and limitations, because they are part of life. This is just how life works.

But we don’t always have the chance to do something about our fears and limitations.

Thankfully, sometimes the Universe aligns in such a way that allows change to happen.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will bring a deep restructuring at the core of our being. You just cannot retreat in a bubble and wait for January 13, 2020 (the day after the exact aspect). As a new world is about to emerge, a new you is about to come about.

Unlike other Saturn-Pluto conjunctions (and most outer planetary aspects) Saturn will conjunct Pluto only once. This is not the usual 3-part transit. So you won’t have a whole year to deal with it.

You deal with it only once. So you’ll have to give it your best shot, because there’s no 2nd Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Saturn is the last planet visible with the naked eye. Saturn is the great teacher. Saturn is the barrier between the material world as we know it, and the possibilities that lay beyond.

Pluto is the last planet in our solar system. Pluto is the final frontier. No one knows what’s beyond Pluto.

But what we do know, is that when Saturn and Pluto join forces, there’s nothing they cannot achieve.

When you learn what Saturn and Pluto really want from you, you become resilient. And then it’s nothing that you cannot do. There’s nothing that you cannot become.

You can run away from Saturn and Pluto’s taught lessons, OR you can embrace them.

When we run away from Saturn and Pluto, we don’t only run away from problems. We run away from possibilities.

How would your life look like if you’d stop hiding? How would you feel if you’d truly open up to life? Would your career be more fulfilling? Would your relationships be more loving? Would you finally feel at ease with the world?

When we can handle Saturn and Pluto we can handle anything. And finally start living.

To help you deal with Saturn, Pluto, and the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction, I created my best program yet, “Resilience – Thriving in the heart of Saturn and Pluto”.

“Resilience” is a 3-step process where you will:

  • Understand what Saturn wants from you
  • Understand what Pluto wants from you
  • Get ready for the next 33-year Saturn-Pluto cycle

This is the ONLY time I’m offering this program, because this is the only time Saturn and Pluto align the way they do. This is the best possible time to learn about your inner Saturn and your inner Pluto so you can become truly resilient.

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