The Universal Council: Source Returns

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomToday the age of decadence amongst your elite comes to a close. Do not forget what it is to be human. Caring sharing and loving still existed and continues to exist regardless of the dark ones penetration into your world.

You have never lost your balance and remained a caring being of light. Not just for humans but for us all, and for that we thank you. We thank you for all you have done. Source is the oneness that binds us all and we are all beings of light and one in the eyes of the creator.

Today is a most important day dear one, do not be fearful of the coming new age of the lightworker, it is your time to shine, so shine brightly, you are an amazing resilient species and a marvel of his creation, a light in the darkness.

You have never lost faith and hope in us and in the hope that one day we could all coexist as brothers and sisters in the light that binds us all. And for that we thank you.

Our universe is no longer hollow, we can all rejoice and be thankful our source has returned and this universe is safe once again for many millennia to come. We will rebuild all that has been destroyed by the dark destroyer.

Today we invite you to celebrate with us, for today marks a momentous day not only in this universe, but in all of existence.  Enjoy the beautiful display of light which purveys throughout your universe.

As for Midguard, what you call “earth,” the death of the destroyer, at your hands springs new hope eternal for all earths inhabitants. This is an amazing time for you as a species. From today forward you will feel as if a great weight has been lifted. It is a time of learning and growth. Gone is the era of stagnation, and welcome the new age of Source.

Congratulate your fellow humans on a job well done. We could not have survived this without you, our dear friends.

Darkness cannot coexist in the presence of the light. Shine brightly my dear ones, each one of you. For this is the only way to overcome the oppressors. Each one of you has a role to play. You may think you are too small, too insignificant, but it is not true. It is the law of the universe, I will repeat, Darkness cannot exist in the presence of the light of the creator. Bask in all its glory and amazement as you watch the creators works permeate throughout your world.

We go in peace and love of the creator and remain forever in your debt. Abundance you have been praying for shall now be yours. In peace, Love and in the spirit of sharing. Do not repeat the mistakes of your human oppressors!

In Peace Love and Light of the Creator-The Universal Council.

» Source » Channel: Kim