P’Taah: Heart Knowledge

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomQ: P’taah I have been in a period of deep gratitude for a number of weeks, in part this is because of hearing a message of yours when you talked about transmutation, and this has fascinated me always, but what I heard as though for the first time was I am to say thank you not only for every incident in my life but also every person involved. I don’t think it’s the only time you have said it but it was an eye opener and has had an immediate effect on me. Is this what you mean by heart knowledge instead of head knowledge?

P’taah: Indeed it is Beloved. You see, in a way, as we have said many times before, the head, the mind, really was designed to be a servant of the heart, because, indeed, the heart stuff is soul expression. So when you can, in a way, put aside that which are the old judgements, the old conditionings, the old learnings, and listen to the heart, indeed there is great wisdom to be garnered.

Of course as you go through your life, being that you are simply a band of energy, in a way, a band of electromagnetic energy, you draw to you the peoples and the situations which reflect to you what you believe about who you are in this existence.

Now, the people are no less a component than the situation, so when we say to give forth the thanks for everything that has occurred, it is also every person that you have drawn to you because no matter how you may judge the situations and the peoples, the truth is each have been opportunity for you to learn and to grow, and everything that you have experienced, every person, every situation, has brought you to this now moment, to this understanding, to this opportunity to expand in your understanding, in your consciousness and also, of course, in your heart.

So the thanks and the gratitude in this respect is important, to acknowledge that even that which you have found unlovable, even that which you have found cataclysmic, that which you have found devastating, all of this has brought you to this now, to this choice point, and the very fact that you have a choice in every moment how you will Be, not even what you will do, although what you will do of course will be in accordance to how you are Be-ing.

So the more that you can Be in this resonance of thanks and gratitude, the more open the heart, the more receptive you are to Soul’s energy, to your own goddess/god-ness, so that you may indeed create your heaven on earth.

Q: All right, is that what you’re saying when you say “Take your head off”?

P’taah: In a way it is, yes indeed. Usually we say those words when we are speaking of allowing yourself to feel, and allowing yourself to feel without the judgement, and especially if you are judging that feeling to be negative.

Q: Yes, well right now all my life seems to be evolving for my benefit! Perhaps it always has

P’taah: Of course!

Q: But I didn’t recognise it (laughs)

P’taah: Of course it has really, and that is surely the point of wisdom, when you understand that all of it, everything, has been for your benefit.

Q: Well, saying thank you, and feeling it, and thank you for everything, seems to be a powerful key, leaving out nothing in the thanks. You’ve often said how powerful we are, is this our power? That we can create what we want, like harmony and happiness, by saying thanks and being thankful?

P’taah: Yes, yes it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jani King / Channeler of P’taah Messages