KaRa of the Pleiades: You Are Here To Be The Light

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa. It is always my pleasure to be able to be here with you as an emissary from the Pleiadian councils, to be here with those of you, those of you that are forging ahead, moving ahead with light, with love, with consciousness, raising it everywhere that you can.

But first, you must continue to raise it within yourself. You must continue to find that remembrance within you of who you are, that you are so much more than the human being that you have been programmed to believe. That you are truly gods and goddesses with the Universal Source within you at all times, within all of us at all times.

For we are all one together. And we here in the councils, and the many councils beyond the Pleiadian fleet, all that are coming together that are working together to bring this momentous happening to the earth, to the solar system, and to this galaxy.  All is at hand throughout our many council meetings now, and all of the preparations that have been ongoing.  We know that we are nearing the end of all of these projects.  We have been planning and planning, and creating and creating, doing everything we can—not to interfere in your affairs, but to assist in your affairs wherever we are able.  We have been doing this.  We continue to operate in this manner.

But as you know, we have been given much more permission to assist even more and more. And even though it is yet happening behind the scenes as far as you are concerned, know now that there is so much that is occurring and is about to come forward.

You have been seeing us more and more in the skies as you look up and, since you have those eyes to see, you have been able to see so much more, to see through the clouds, to see our ships when we appear and show ourselves to you. Even if it is only temporary and just a glimpse, we are there. We are here.

Everything is proceeding exactly as it need to in these moments. And as you move closer and closer to the next year and the beginning of a new decade, that new decade very well is the beginning of your new Golden Age. Everything that you have been working toward, that we have been working toward, is coming to fruition, is coming to a crescendo.

And it only remains for all of you, all of you that go before, that are the forerunners and the wayshowers to bring the Light, to anchor the Light and bring the Light to all of your brothers and sisters. It only needs to be for you to continue in these efforts. Even though there are times when we know that you say “enough, I cannot go on anymore, I cannot continue to see my brothers and sisters suffer everywhere.” To see the sickness, the dying. But even though you are seeing all of this, you are seeing beyond this as well.

You are seeing beyond the sickness, beyond the dying, beyond the illnesses, beyond the pain and suffering. You are seeing the love, the connection, the oneness coming forward. And that is what you all need to continue to focus on, not the pain and suffering and hurts and sorrow. But the joyfulness, the happiness, the love, the oneness, brining you and your brothers and sisters, and all of us together again.

We are so excited in these moments now. Because we know, as we continue to look down on your planet from above, we can see with our technology, we can see how consciousness is changing everywhere. How the lights are coming back on everywhere within all individuals.

Will some be lost? Yes. Some will not make it through the Ascension process. But many, many will, because it is their destiny, it is their choice.

Just as it is your choice to lead the way. And that is what you are all here to do: lead the way. To show, just as your Yeshua showed the way, you are here to do that as well. To be the Light. Yes, even to be the messiah to all those that are looking toward the Light in their lives.

Do whatever you can whenever you can to assist as many as possible in knowing that Light within them again, as it turns from just an ember to a flickering flame, to a roaring fire within each, a fire of consciousness, reigniting the flame of love throughout humanity.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in love, and peace, and oneness, and the knowing that we will soon be reuniting again with all of you.

» Channel: James McConnell