The Final Eclipse of 2019 Has Begun

eclipse 1 eraoflightdotcomThe final eclipse of 2019 has begun, the final data dump of this incredible year that will resemble the death of many cycles hence why we are feeling the power building within our core, deep within our bellies there is a feeling growing, a knowing something is soon to show as an entirely new timeline to experience.

Personally what I am finding tricky to translate is how this may look, I realise I have no reference points for this power force of change coming in, unless I recall the patterns experienced in far away lives.

The change point, a place in time, a marker I am familiar with, I know its power I just can’t see it’s form, each time it has rolled around the world quantum leap’s.
My words known as a young girl, I come at change points, feels only now fully activated and ready, for service.

Today the Ring of Fire will request the complete attention of our Masculine within, a pause, whilst we receive the full guidance of this incredible feminine energy as our moon steps in front of the Son.

A state of non action, for a while, long enough for the truth to be whispered within as to what must fully be released and moved into for the next phase of this Sea Goats wave, and then we release, the action phase, the dutiful masculine within taking the thoughts and feelings of our feminine guidance and moving those into action, those thoughts and feelings that yearn for peace, that is what we follow.

The energy of Capricorn is now, all must learn to surf, it is the energy of balance, teaching us how to leave the karmic spin, it teaches us about time and how we are transitioning from the old human time into Divine time, it teaches us about tradition and the attachments we hold, it teaches us about Earth, about Laws, Rules and Rulers, and this journey of Capricorn begins at the foot of the mountain, our foundations, and it will at some point see each on the mountain top, how many cycles of reincarnation is always a choice.

So whilst this is a very doing energy the key to unlock an expansive path in this moment is to take this Eclipse energy within, as I like to call it the Buddha wave, energetically taken deep inside the forest within, no want or need to be filled or distracted by anything external, just to be still and receive the direction for the next course, and from there, from that space of connection and receiving, that is where we action from, that is where we create from.

An immediate contradiction has been seen, our traditions being celebrated now are encouraging feasting, drinking and yet this Eclipse requires high vibrational eating, drinking, breathing, speaking, receiving, all feeds must be light to pass the portal.
Those passing through will find the want to feast will be more like a want to fast as we move through, opting for frequency enhanced water, supporting and cleansing herbs with light food, this contradiction will highlight to those seeking the path of light how important it is and the commitment required to break free of social norms and traditions.

I’ll begin after Christmas being the ultimate Christmas self sacrifice spell and an immediate karmic deficit to begin the year.

This eclipse sits almost on the south node, this is the removal phase in which walkers of light often go through powerful SoulAr flares from within, flashes of heat radiating from the spine as each begins to move or spin faster, creating such a force that the remnants of old realised programming can dissolve, previously there would be resistance and the process would then manifest as a purge or perceived as sickness.
However, each are working on different aspects, we are all moving through the same pattern even though that pattern responds differently to each frequency held, in other words the theme stays the same but how it presents is very different, but the point is the unconscious residue will begin to rumble and create the required release, some minds begin to get super busy, some realties get super busy and some experience super busy energy coursing within….I can vouch for the latter, as I said, being something I don’t yet have the reference points too, I cannot compare, I cannot yet see, but I can use words like ground shaking as my feet are beyond vibration and more like quaking!

What I did see as I woke, wasn’t too pleasing if you were to take the codes literally, my dream was of dead bees, everywhere, and the words were…it is done. Don’t panic these dreams are not to be taken literally, I am a quantum code master and the bees represented so many things, that what we are moving through will bring closure of the old to all, this shift will be seen by all, the bees represented the importance and how vast this will stretch and impact.

And this is hardly surprising as the Eclipse aligns with Jupiter, offering the path of expansion for those choosing to align to their new higher frequency and acting like a sonic boom to all that is unconscious.

Sun is also trine Uranus, to bring forth the plot twist.

These times are such a gift, to be here, to be present on Earth during this time is simply the greatest blessing, our dimensional world’s opening up into full availability for those who choose to experience the true secret this planet promised, the very thing man has been seeking since it’s creation was right under its nose all along, there was no mystery, the poison was greed and gain, the son of man showing us in its inability to share and care, throwing war heads out of prams, and we, the sons have continued this pattern and allowed it to become more and more fragmented, through our blindness to the Divine patterns, we have forgotten, that we are a part of that pattern, we are responsible for the course it takes.

Set your coordinates and let’s surf.

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