We Are Moving into the Capricorn Vortex

blue ray eraoflightdotcomToday is New Moon in Capricorn and the Solar Eclipse.

We are moving into the “Capricorn Vortex” that culminates on the 12th January 2020 with the Lunar Eclipse (10th January) and the big conjunction of Pluto and Saturn (12th January).

Here we go people…or rather in we go….as we head down a corridor of TimeSpace to a New Reality.

We are now planting the seeds that will become that New Reality!

From Archangel Michael :

The final Eclipse of the decade occurs on the 26th of December, and this is the moment that propels us finally towards the big conjunction in January 2020. The focus now shifts to Capricorn, with its powerful Saturnian energy and its connection to Structure and Earth structure in particular.

Eclipses are moments when the Earth grids are seeded with new energies and ideas that will grow and expand as time passes. A Solar eclipse is especially powerful as it allows the Sun to “switch off” momentarily while new codes are “booted” into the grids.

The Capricorn codes are the energies of the Divine Masculine and the new Structures for the New Earth. The Divine Feminine must have new structures in order to birth a New Reality and this is what is being provided in these upcoming Capricorn transits.

Arriving so soon after the Solstice switchover, these new codes will be seeding new structures and new ways of being for Earth life in the third decade.

The path where the Eclipse will be visible will be some parts of Eastern Europe, most of Asia including India and China, East Africa including the horn of Africa and some parts of Egypt, as well as Indonesia and North Western Australia. This will be mostly a Middle Eastern/African/ Asian Eclipse, and the New Masculine codes will powerfully impact these area. The energies of Isis and Osiris, The Buddha and Kwan Yin will be activated and redefined for the New Earth. Also, the powerful vortex in Bali will be activated for the New Masculine, and the Australia activation will help top activate the Dream Time weavings from Uluru and also fine tune them to the New Earth frequency.


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