Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence On Pelosi’s ‘Unprecedented’ Impeachment Stall

justnews eraoflightdotcomThe Democrat-controlled House of Representatives committed political suicide two weeks ago and passed both articles of impeachment — obstruction of Congress and abuse of power — against President Donald Trump.

After leading the most partisan impeachment inquiry in modern American history, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to send the articles of impeachment over to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell because she says Republicans won’t hold a “fair” trial.

Now, former South Carolina congressman Trey Gowdy is breaking his silence on the matter in a huge way.

During a Fox News segment on Monday, Gowdy said that “most people are smart enough” to see right through Pelosi’s decision to stall the impeachment process waged against President Donald Trump.

Then he asked a critical question: “If Trump really is an existential threat to the republic, if he really has committed conduct that should result in his removal from office, then why would you not go ahead and send it on to the Senate?”

Gowdy is referring to the numerous times that House Democrats said that impeaching Trump was a national emergency and that it must be done “right away.”

“The Constitution gives the House no role in deciding how this trial takes place,” Gowdy said.

“It is exclusively within the providence of the Senate. I think most of my fellow citizens will see through this ‘let’s hurry up and impeach him and then sit on the indictment for god knows how long.’ I think most people are smart enough to see through that,” he added.


Pelosi has two options: (1) she can refuse to send the articles to the Senate, which means the president is not actually impeached from office; or (2) she can send them to the Senate, where Republicans have already said there’s no chance Trump will be removed from office.

Republicans control a 53-47 majority in the upper chamber, so the GOP can pretty much do whatever they want — just like Democrats did in the House, where they control a majority.

In other words, it’s a lose-lose for Pelosi.

After months of sham hearings, partisan witnesses, and still no evidence the president did anything wrong, Democrats know they have no case.

Senate Republicans have already said impeachment will “die quickly” and that there’s “no chance” Trump will be removed from office.

So Democrats are trying to claim Republicans aren’t being fair.

The claim is beyond hypocritical and nothing short of ignorant.

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2 Replies to “Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence On Pelosi’s ‘Unprecedented’ Impeachment Stall”

  1. Tom

    Another Republican Clown. When the clown was in Congress he spent 2 years and over 40 million dollars of our taxes to hang Hillary Clinton. Now let me be clear I was never a Hillary fan as I am not a Republican fan . I belong to the Republican Party when George Bush ran ( son)
    And what I seen from inside the party and the tricks they played made me leave the party.
    Both parts will do anything to stay in power. That’s all they care about the power and money.
    So to see this clowns story about another woman on fox news from the Democratic Party made me sad. Trey has made a living on ripping people down with the lies he tells and being on fox fits him like a glove. Fox news is all fake news I came to this site for up lifting stories not hate.

    1. Jack

      I couldn’t agree more with Tom. The evidence of Trump’s attempts to extort President Zelinsky of Ukraine is plain for anyone who does the research. Trump wants to rig the 2020 election in his favor and will use anyone to do so. All this nonsense about Trump’s impeachment being invalid or a sham ignores the evidence that Trump is guilty of bribery, extortion and a cover-up using the power of his office to shield himself by refusing to allow his staff and cabinet officials to testify. Supporting Trump is supporting corruption and authoritarianism in the US government. Please do the research and see for yourself. Trump is an enemy of Truth and Justice, IMO.