What Existence On Earth Really Is About

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomIt’s way after midnight and I was talking to my friend when inspiration hit me to write about love. My higher self was making me feel the feeling of oneness and the true reason why we are alive at this time. So then I wrote this. Straight from my heart to yours, with love.

Every human being that is on this planet is craving the same thing. Every one of us came here to experience the same thing. We all have the same mission, we all have the same desire and we all have our own unique way in expressing it.

We all came here for LOVE.

Some are looking for this outside of themselves, some are learning to love themselves and discover a whole new dimension to what this really means. Some feel like they have never experienced it and some feel like they will never be able to feel it.

But everyone has the same desire: to love and to be loved.

We are all searching for that one thing that will make us feel alive and everything that we go through is to help us reach this feeling. We are here to ascend beyond the human experience of limitation and see what life is really all about: we are here to love. The returning to home is returning to love. The foundation, the solid and secure place we are all longing and craving for: It has always been and will always be LOVE.

Seperation is an illusion, duality is a game of the mind. It vanishes from the moment that you remember that the mission that you came here to do is to simply be the love that you exist of. You came here to feel love, to see love, to give love and not to be forgotten: to receive love.

Open your heart to the truth of your soul and just BE love.

» Source » By Dana Grozdanova