A Clarion Call for Those Struggling to Stay Awake

blue ray eraoflightdotcomChristmas and the New Year a time in which the collective gains WEIGHT.

So I’m sharing a little New Year Cheer as the ghost of the New Year Future.

This Christmas was always going to be a memorable one, a finale of One’s, that has created a new tone, however you got to the tone is down to how resistant or open each is.

But we can all agree the magic was most definitely present, personally I finally found what I had been looking for, finally those Christmas Cards with messages of love, peace and joy made sense, however not everyone will have sailed through awake and for many the magic forms slowly, on slow Mo, which is experienced more like chaos and with this chaos we begin receiving a multitude of fast paced opportunities.

The chaos has exit doors opening ridiculously fast, which one is chosen and when is down to the free will each chooses to play in.

And here comes the weight…

The period between Christmas and the new year is so very important, it’s draped in the finest, thickest, heaviest of velvety traditions that have been mutating through our ancestral lines since Christmas began, and it holds much karmic data, that runs so stealthily behind the addiction of chasing that happy dragon.

So if you experienced the magic slowly, now is the time, to awaken and choose, to stop the spin by simply making the decision to not spin again. Drawing the line now, realising the act you played and taking the responsibility for the experience manifested to show where there are these karmic discrepancies for the next year and even decade to begin, behaving more tuned to the song of the heart.

This is not a time to WAIT, this is not a time to see how it goes, this is not a time to allow your field to dictate.

It is however a time to make your decision based on what you already have experienced and to make a choice as to how your field should reflect. It is time to accept that you cannot fix nor continue to “put up with” loops in your field, as this will feed the 3xperience a “dying out” reflective effect. It’s time to hand the responsibility of healing, growing, learning back to each individual that seeks to dodge the ball of accountability, with love, it is after all a gift to play such a divine game. Each “this isn’t acceptable anymore” is a ticket for the next leg of the journey to meet with their soul, well, it’s their opportunity, whether they take it and ride or sit and sulk drinking pints of bitter is of course their own individual choice…to be respected, as your business is your only business, we learn that the business and pleasure pattern runs true in light work too, and what is to be cared about can and will be shared about.

Our field holds all of our data, it is a Sacred Field that we carry around with us, what we allow in we hold for all to experience and feel, and witness as it acts as a magnet for our experience viewing.

So think about this, if there is WAITING for another, waiting for the new year to start a diet, to start, caring about self and the field more, then the immediate message to the field in the NOW moment is a lack, of care and an openness to carry WEIGHT into the New Year.

So I encourage those who this message has rumbled within to make the decisions to rebalance in this incredible Moment, to make your choices, to share your truth and to make The vital Promise to Self that you are so desperately waiting to receive from Self.

This incoming year has a message of GROUND SHAKING whilst also being a Master Builder Year, the contradictions are to be huge as the collective appear to be heavily standing on the outer edges of this karmic seesaw and it’s bending so hard it will surely snap. Breaking the back of much collective karma.

Making the choice to now consciously choose the path of light means making the choice to drop the waiting game, cutting the ropes of that karmic weight and allowing self the gift to fly into the New Year so much lighter.

This message goes out to those stuck in loops, it goes out to those who already know but haven’t yet chosen, being stuck in the weight of indecision or uncertainty through the attachments is tricky, I know, we have all been there and so if this message helps just one person choose to keep their eye wide open then we all get to dance in their light.

Now matters, now counts, let’s not wait and feel weight.

Let’s FLY.

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