Transition to Another Paradigm of Freedom

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomThe Revaluation RV of national monetary system is now about to take place for 209 Sovereign Countries.

The Satanic Cabal Governments, out of greed that they can maintain their reign of terror and implement the fascist NWO, have agreed to a New Infrastructure through the AIIB.

The CO2 Lie and Nitrogen Fares was devised to expropriate the population for their Genocide Agenda 21/2030 in the sly act of killing many people, where the Migration misery must act to create Chaos.

As humanity we are trapped in a debt Fiat Money system that should function on trust but has proven to be a great deception.

The collapse of the current Cabal financial system will go at a rate comparable to a nuclear fusion reaction.

Today, December 28, 2019, while I am writing this piece, I receive messages that people cannot get money from ATMs in different countries in the world.

I’d recommend where it’s possible to get cash for the next two works.

Money as it is meant to be, as a means of exchange in our daily lives, has been transformed into slavery by the governments in cooperation with the corrupt politicians by the malicious Elite.

We have allowed ourselves to be limited by relying on corrupt governments that act against our interests.

The Miracle of Transition, on which the Alliance is working, will bring the entire world population out of debt into slavery.

The Cabal Bilderberg Elite are now themselves going to fall victim to their intended backstabbing agenda to take the world’s population hostage and control them.

The Central Bank debt system was their oxygen to live, while the working population has been systematically robbed and driven into poverty, to make them dependent on a Satanic Government.

The new QFS controlled money system cannot be hacked, as it is not just an accounting processing system, but intent sensitive, with which I suspect a spiritual entity is linked.

That is why it cannot be hacked if it does not have access to the software from another dimension.

Now that the Funds are going to be released, the change is going to take place from the bottom of society.

From the image of the IRS, but also from other sources, the same is stated, that no transition is possible between December 27, 2019 and January 2, 2020 due to the adjustments that will be made (our Miracle).

The population without money has a problem to function in this society, these roles will now be reversed, governments will be deprived of the financial oxygen so that they suffocate.

The NWO Fascists from the EU and corrupt member governments will get no money, the EU is not a sovereign country but an institution founded by Nazi to conquer Europe.

How many people are going to get funds managed by the QFS I can’t judge, but I can judge that they are people of good will to lift the population out of poverty after the collapse of the current Fiat Money System.

The people of all countries in the world can claim damages for the crimes we have suffered because of this corruption of banks, governments and multinationals.

For example, we have a claim that we use to freeze their accounts through the QFS, making it impossible for them to function.

Redundant civil servants and police protecting the corrupt Elite will have no income until they confess their loyalty to the population.

Drugs Baron (Fake King) Willy van Amsberg, called in his Christmas speech for us to be satisfied and not to pursue the search for happiness.

As if this rat has the monopoly on happiness and wants to keep our freedom illusion intact.

His experience of freedom is submission to his Cabal Bilderberg rats.

Here a video about the drug production of this terrible family:

This name was later changed to Akzo Nobel which is owned by this Drugs King, where the waste from Shell, with subsidiary Billiton by mixing the Wolman salts, which contain Arsenic and Chromium 6, deliberately make the world’s population sick.

We are deliberately sprayed with this waste, which via incineration power plant as fine dust by means of Chemtrails is an attack on our lives and food, water and air by the Bilderberg Nazis of the Netherlands.

The CO2 Fable, in which the blame is laid on the population, but the government deliberately mixes waste into fuel oil, which is sold as cheap ship’s oil, pollutes more than 1375 more emissions than all cars in the world.

Through the reset and transition to 100% QFS with the CIPS protocol, this crime will become visible, and accounts will be frozen to stop this disgrace and attack on the world’s population.

Of course, the new fund managers will never be able to do this on their own, so they will have to be people who will work on this, with transition teams in each country or region.

In the transition this will grow from a small scale like an oil slick where we can pass the Cabal governments and no longer support their agenda.

Money is not the world’s capital but we humans who can create, where money is just a set-off in an accounting transaction protocol.

The Fund Holders who have access through the QFS in order to make the transition in the field, have the task of creating unity among the 99% of the world’s population.

Where a critical mass of 10% is sufficient to put the Cabal out of power for good.

For many who think that the Christmas Miracle of 2019 will not take place, it has already taken place if you allow your own positive attitude to the transition in your own conviction, by rejecting the illusion of the Cabal with its Matrix.

» Source » By Rinus Verhagen