Creepy Uncle Joe Strikes Again: “Anyone Under 15, You Get Something Special Today”

justnews eraoflightdotcomAt a tiny town hall event in Peterborough, New Hampshire on Sunday, Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden told a young woman “after it’s over come up and talk to me for a minute okay? Promise? Anyone under 15, you get something special today.”

The strange comment would go unnoticed if anyone but Joe Biden uttered it, but the former vice president has been caught groping countless females, many of them underage.

Ironically, protesters showed up to the town hall and shouted, “Don’t touch kids, you pervert!”

Instead of addressing the heckler, Biden awkwardly laughed and rambled about living in “a Democracy.”

Check out an epic report by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson highlighting exactly how creepy Uncle Joe really is:


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3 Replies to “Creepy Uncle Joe Strikes Again: “Anyone Under 15, You Get Something Special Today””

  1. Michael

    Wow Cheri, you certainly are a “Wild Thing” no taming you, not that you need it. If you get a chance go listen to Hendrix’s version of ” Wild Thing “. That songs for you.
    The Universe thanks you and loves you!
    Peace to your heart.

    1. Cheri

      Hahahaha! Michael you captured my essence right now lol! I am like some Amazonian warrior hacking my way through the darkness of the hell realms hahahaha!

      Omg! You are so funny! I love that!

      The truth is this work is brutal because I have to feel everything and bring it into my lightbody to molecularly transmute it and collapse the timelines. It is brutal physically which is why I don’t do much and am so isolated right now. The creator also has this soul harvest going on within me as well which is rebuilding their fallen soul monads and repolarizing the souls. So I have these ghastly cloud like apparitions (I call the holy ghosts) coming up to me in the astral with mouths agape which is the entrance to their timelines. They tell me all sorts of horror like “I knew rape”, “I knew incest”, hate, fear, torture etc. and we enter the timeline and clear the energy. They are being sucked into the lightbody like it or not as we go because I am the appointed energetic reference being this cycle (glorified sanitation engineer hahahaha!) I guess this soul harvest business is a universal process at the end of every cycle. But this one is a doozy!

      Some of the holy ghosts say I hate you because they are so broken, but most are thrilled to recieve my light and once clear say thank you! The archonic forces are mad as hell as they percieve their creations being destroyed. I have cleared through the worst demons and astral towers of sacrificial consciousness. It’s all DNA healing through. It is amazing! Xena light warrior goddess hahahaha!

      I am piecing it all together as I go to figure out exactly what we are doing. Truth is nobody knew what was in these timelines holding the matrix together until we investigated it and began the dismantling and reclamation project so to speak!

      One holy spirit asked “are you Quetzalcoatl this cycle?” I said “yes”. He said “but you are a woman”, I said “yes!” He just said “now that’s different” hahahaha! Omg! What an adventure I am on! The prime creator who I experience as Quetzalcoatl through my Mayan DNA said to me in a dream early on “If you do this for me we will travel the universes together and you will only know joy for the rest of your existance”. This seemed like an excellent bargain! I call it my joy package lol!

      Anyway it is brutal work because the lightbody yanks and pulls, chakras spin sideways and in reversal, it is painful and mentally challenging to feel things like hatred and extreme torture and fear but I persevere of course because it is built into my DNA as a soul contract and I am tenacious enough to get it done as I am indeed a wild thing lol!

      I really love that song, hilarious! Vibrational resonance Michael!

      Love sharing with you my friend, thank you so much for your gratitude and appreciation for the work I do as I have not shared it except here and it really feels good to connect with others from the high vibe tribe of light! I will take everything you said right to my heart my friend!

      Love you! Onward we go! Code name: Butternut! 😘

  2. Cheri

    It is so interesting for me because of the clearing work I do on the Illuminati timelines to watch the mental decline of these dark ones as the mind control clears. The recent musings by Biden about children stroking his leg hairs and loving having children sit in his lap which morphed into loving cockroaches is all stuff I have seen in these timelines. Thousands of cockroaches we have cleared which was fragmented AI consciousness living in timelines as literal roaches. Rampant pedophilia and just the worst things ever imagined (abuse of all living things) were created within these timelines where these peoples consciousness fragments lived. They practice this fragmentation as part of their religion and it starts in the womb using ultra technology. The torture is so severe the mind fragments and the soul withdraws almost all life force and an exchange is done which is the Ultra programming to insert the archonic forces which animates the body. The small walled off personality living here is a programmed machine in essence. The rest of their consciousness fragments are used to power the hell realms made up of the suffering omnipresence of children tortured and ritually sacrificed to totally break them. The archonic forces are the artificial intelligence that was running the matrix using these puppets in exchange for power. The archonic forces (draco, annunaki, etc) are are from another universe and don’t belong here but melded together when the wheat was infiltrated and a tear occured in the omnipresence of the creator holding together the multiversal fabric.

    I have a lot of compassion for these people because of all I have seen. Yet I cannot fathom the depths of depravity that would cause generations of families to torture and fragment themselves in the name of religion. However in their lust for power when they started going outside the Illuminati family to torture, fragment and sacrifice the children of the light to use in their secret space program and power the satanic matrix this marked the end of this millennium and what we are here to heal.

    Well sorry for the rant. These older ones like Biden, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Soros and the rest of the Illuminati family will not be able to reintegrate their fragments because they are riddled with AI programming and are either glitching out or living in the fantasy land of infiltrated and now incoherent timelines which is why they are breaking down and barely able to function. The indoctrinated children will heal as they are resilient. My god what a mess!

    Well this is my work yikes!. It has taken 8 years to clear through their timelines and reclaim the damaged omnipresence and collapse these timelines from hell. Love on fellow warriors! 😘