Pure Presence and Deepening our Sacred Soul Experiences

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomAloha Divine Light Family,

Pure Presence allows for Unified Heart-Mind – Quantum Field coherence, expanded observation and deepened experiences. The RICHNESS and the fulfillment through PURE JOY is what we “receive” as we LIVE FULFILLMENT as our most benevolent, kind, loving and caring service lives here…..

My wish is for all to fully EXPERIENCE the PURE JOY and GIFTS of full Divine Connection through Presence…. REMEMBERING the Gift that you are, the gifts/abilities that you hold, the gifts of each other, the gifts of our beloved planet Earth/Gaia/Terra Nova…. the abundance of generosity/charity that your Universal/Cosmic heart possesses as you realize how much you truly do have and how precious you and each are….. and how it takes each one truly caring to truly make a difference in all of our worlds….

WE are the Living NEW Earth Expression through our beautiful, magical and pure exchanges, through our kindness, compassion and consideration, through our shared visions, realities, creations, and each fulfilling important and beneficial roles as a part of the Much Greater Whole.

Unity Consciousness is a Pure and Sacred Energy, where we each hold Pure Crystalline/Christed frequencies/energy within and purposefully, naturally and organically live this as our WHOLE LIFE every day, every moment and every exchange….. inviting all others to live the same.

This profound passageway and completion cycle, I wish for you/all to FEEL and fully EXPERIENCE the Divinity of Purity and Unity within you too and for your heart to also burst wide open with deep sacred connection, appreciation, care, kindness and love and for your ACTions to speak this too. ♥
Just BE
that ALL is JUST Energy
Different vibrations of ENERGY
you/we/all can SHIFT the ENERGY of all ourselves…

All Just is…. Exactly as we “make it”…. exactly as we create it…. exactly as we allow it to be…. exactly as we accept…. exactly as we perceive…. exactly as we transmit out…. and create to vibrationally transmit out and in-turn vibrationally receive…..

Pure DIVINE Presence allows us to each Consciously CHOOSE….
Pure DIVINE Presence gives us the ABILITY TO COMPLETELY SHIFT everything ourselves….
From the “inside out”….
Pure Presence is where we vibrationally align all from……
Bring all into fully Unity and Love again….
Pure Consciousness, Awareness, Presence
Pure Presence is where all POWER is…..

ZERO POINT PRESENCE ….. THIS is where all is created, emanates from and is also the CONVERGENCE POINT of all into ONE PRECIOUS MOMENT/EXPERIENCE….. where creation/convergence become the SAME REFERENCE POINT IN SPACE/TIME….. where all IS TRULY ONE and the SAME.

It’s also where all “time”, density and linearity cease to exist….

Conscious Creation, Culmination, Convergence….

Experiencing Inner Divine Union of Pure Source Consciousness within a QUANTUM SPACE….. without an “external” anything involved

That which is referred to as “a moment”
is also where all occurs simultaneously….
and all becomes ONE AND THE SAME. ♥

From this deeply sacred place everything is visible and completely understood… there are no questions, there’s nothing to “say”, there’s just pure beauty in the QUANTUM EXPERIENCE…..

In observing CREATION as it occurs, as all is energetically birthed and brought forth from within…. it’s easy to SEE how all works… it’s easy to see the “why” and “hows” and honor each’s current place/space…. and respect all as LOVE, because you are Pure Love Energy here.

From this place/space… each have a CHOICE…. how to EXPERIENCE each and every MOMENT, which are only separate in the mind. We understand HOW to touch the hearts and lives of all as SOFT yet powerful Light, HOW to make a difference through PURE PRESENCE, deep sacred connection and such immense kindness and care…. then comes the ability to “do more”, in a myriad of highest aligned ways….. We don’t need a reason or excuse to be kind or to share…. as full PRESENCE provides us with infinite opportunities for this. ♥

FIRST create space for complete inner stillness, silence and conscious ego-surrender by way of opening up your hearts so fully that your energy softens and completely relaxes, where Conscious Breath brings all into Unison and Divine Presence. FEEL this through your entire physical LightBody, allowing for a “whole body shift” to occur. Still point is achieved when we slow down enough to stop trying to “do” anything at all and allow ourselves to “Just BE” long enough for this to become our new/natural state. It’s where nothing and everything exist as ONE.

We gain access to our own DEEP INNER PEACE through our own deep sacred inner connection…. and by letting all that is not this to completely dissolve and fall away. Shifting our entire overall vibration/energy is imperative for our Lightbody DNA to activate and “re-write” with greater ease.

From ZERO POINT PRESENCE and Expanded Awareness, we then are able to hear/see/feel ENERGETICALLY, giving us the ability to create/accomplish/do from a very different place/space inside. This “unified” place is one where struggle and ego programming no longer exist, being replaced with joy, excitement, inspiration and a new sense PRESENCE. From this place/space we are able to easily create and fulfill much higher vibrationally/energetically aligned Soul Purposes and Roles here.

Through Full Presence, we can observe how to shift ENTIRE REALITIES to all new ones, a whole new vibrational “timeline” that PRESENTS more peace, love and kindness to the whole world….. Every act of kindness, every act of care, every act through innocence and simplicity, every act of compassion, every ACT matters…. and makes a profound difference on a heart-soul level for everyone here.

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