Ashtar: 20/20 New Year’s Message

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar Sheran and I am here to pass a message on to all on Planet Eden.

It is now in your time, the end of the second decade of the new millennium 2000. So many are looking backwards to what was when in fact there is so much to be looked forward to if you would only turn your heads to look at the bright future that lay ahead.

When I say you are looking backwards, you are looking into your pasts to see what the future might hold for you. Release the past. As your collective vibration increases your planet’s collective past and your own individual past is being altered to a higher frequency. It is as if it never existed. Your past will seem surreal to some of you as you embrace your exciting multi-dimensional now. You will seem like a different person, and you are. The chances of you re-creating your past now, with your newly awakened DNA and your higher vibrational frequency, are quite remote.

The future will be grand for you and all who have decided to partake of it. You see our ships moving closer to your planet, embracing your world in our loving vibration more and more, while you see the buck has stopped for those thieves who sought to steal this glorious future from you all. The first indictment to be opened is that of Hillary Clinton, who once was chosen to step up for leadership in your world. That chance was whisked away in the flash of a moment by divine decree and she and her other cohorts will now stand trial for their unspeakable crimes against the people.

The people are rising. They are awakening to realize they are living in a new world. Many lie asleep still but this is of their own choosing. They have taken the slower route and this is their decision. Bless them and love them as they are, for you know that you can.

As for rumors of the end of days, I say to you, this is the beginning of a new time; the only end of days is the end for the old regime, the dark regime that sought to drive your planet into destruction for many many millenia. That is what is coming to an end. Those who see it as the end of times are unaware, they will see it as they see it but there are so many awakened who know better now. You know you will have a wonderful future as the divine beings that Terrans were meant to be – you know the future is one of love and that all fear will be cast off your planet.

Be strong in your knowledge as you undergo your own changes, light beings. Be strong. You know that the death of the old brings forth the birth of the new humanitarian system that your people have longed for for so long. It is decreed by the one himself that you too, will stop suffering and join your brethren out in the galaxy as superb divine beings of love, the holders of the knowledge and the guard of the Light. This was the role Terrans were to play in the galaxy so many millenia ago, that of the Edens, before your planet was overthrown and cast into darkness.

You can see when you look at the description of the end of days, that all of its distinctive traits have been fulfilled upon your planet now. There has been much suffering in this last age of darkness, much deterioration, famine, war, pestilence, disease, apathy and now ridicule of those who are the bringers of this new dawn. Your planet has known fear and this fear is to be no more. Your planet will be restored to the Eden it was in its tender beginning, and those christed ones upon your planet now are the first seeds of Eden’s future.

You are the changers. You are the ones who seek out divine guidance and who will bring the divine to Earth again. You are the ones whose hearts are full of love, for the peoples of the planet, for the world upon which you walk, and for the universe you gaze upon in your night time.

You are the blessed ones who are put upon earth, who have volunteered to endure pain and suffering like no other has experienced, in order to help those there. You are the ones, the highest of the highest of this universe and more, who came to help when Terra was in such a terrible way. You, the guardians of the galaxy, who stepped into roles that no other would enact, will have your day yet. You will see the fruits of your labors, you will bring to fruition your divine projects, you will serve as you have longed to for so long.

The time is here. It is here now. All will be revealed to those who have waited so long; the grand plan will unfold and you will begin to sow the seeds of a new world of love, the Eden you have waited for all your lives.

You are in a period of transition from the dark to the light and there will be battles, bombing, and impeachment attempts….. however remember nobody upseats the creator, nobody. He holds the strings – the timelines you are now in, are held gently in his hands with love and care, never to allow what has transpired on your planet to happen again.

It is not the end of times. It is a new dawn. You have brought it forth, all of you, and for this we celebrate you. You are our team upon the earth, you are part of the divine plan whether you are aware of this or not, and for this we salute you.

We watch you all with care. We are always with you, guiding you, helping you, holding you close while you sleep.

I am Ashtar and I stand upon our promise to you and all those upon your planet – there will be victory of the Light, and love will reign supreme again.

ยป Channel: Sharon Stewart

Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

16 Replies to “Ashtar: 20/20 New Year’s Message”

  1. Doug James

    Perfect message to start 2020! Victory of the Light to all! Let the indictments begin in this now in this now in this now.

    Love and Light to all and may all awaken now.

  2. Dennis Burke

    A Prayer for Julian Assange
    May He survive his British hell and be extradited to the US to a safe house to recover his health and when the time comes,to testify and expose all his truths…

  3. Cheri

    Incredible message from Commander Ashtar!
    We now control the creational timelines as divinity and grace are no longer evicted! We did this by clearing through the muck and mire of miscreated energy and shining a light within the darkest recesses of the subconscious mind control programs run amuck! The law of one creational structure is back in town! Throw open the gates of Eden! Let’s rock this new year because as the band Queen so aptly put it “We Are the Champions” Happy New Year light warriors! ๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. Will

      Cheri , what is your thoughts about this

      “Infiltrating the New Age Movement
      When it became clear that there was no way to stop the planetary Ascension Cycle that would commence in early 2000, more friendly enemy deals were made. This allowed the Thothian Groups to expand their resources towards directly targeting awakening Starseeds and Indigos, as well as begin to infiltrate and hijack the growing New Age Movement. As the platinum ray and higher frequency transmissions were streaming into the planetary grid network, simultaneously the Thoth Group enlisted the support of the Galactic Federation crew to oversee the entire New Age Channeling movement, in which transmissions were intercepted and infiltrated as faux greeting teams from supposedly friendly ETโ€™s. The heads of the Secret Space Programs joined in with their versions, attempting to infiltrate key whistleblowers with accurate information that revealed the Milab programs and their involvement with the galactic slave trade.

      Thoth groups formed strategic alliances using the popular moniker of the Galactic Federation, making contact with selected members of the cabal, government and Illuminati Bloodlines, who then started to widely infiltrate the secret societies (Free Masons, Knights Templar) and the spiritual communities. The propaganda of the Galactic Federation as a pro-human ET group is used to derail spiritual Awakening people and route them into the New Age movement. This is a bait and switch tactic, moving people into their respective Mind Control and assorted fear-based belief systems that make them compliant for subjugation. Many popular spiritual energy healing systems have been infiltrated by the Galactic Federation in order to track and tag participants for astral implants in the New Age population. The New Age movement, which includes Channeling information from an assortment of supposed Ascended Masters, is primarily dominated by the Luciferian Sirius A groups using the affiliation with the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command as their most common signature” – Lisa Renee

      1. Cheri

        Hi Will! Great to hear from you and share!
        Happy New Year everybody! Such a lovely group of warriors and love holders commenting here!

        Will, this feels exactly true from Lisa Renee and is totally resonate to what I have seen in these dark timelines. I have to be honest I could feel early on that all these evacuations and rescue missions supposedly because we were in dire straits of planetary destruction were part of the agenda to hijack consciousness into powering up their timelines and amplifying the fear, victim and savior frequencies driving the matrix.

        Also so called ascended masters channelling about currency systems, global revaluations controlling the exchange rate of currency systems, buying precious metals and untold buried riches being given to lightworkers to do good deeds was a total consciousness hijack into low vibe timelines they controlled. The only thing these archonic forces can do to anyone who is not physically under MK Ultra is influence our frequencies and route our consciousness into their low vibe timelines of manipulation and control through our beliefs about things being a certain way and thereby creating them into manifestation which is what has happened in the past. The UFO movement was heavily targeted. Once you resonate with those frequencies you are implanting your omnipresence subconsciously to resonate within those bandwidths of reality.

        Real ET life exists on other planets in higher dimensional frequencies but we travel to them through consciouness and our quantum plasma light DNA not by ships landing to save us. You start to see these realities eek through in clouds and all around us through activation of our pineal vision as you reclaim these parts of your DNA and match the higher vibrational realities.

        Honestly the galactic federation and all these councils and channelled information are memory fields within our DNA not beings per se but our consciousness living through DNA blueprints which are living structures of timeline technology stored on every planet so that pure light consciousness can immerse itself in very real scenarios and embark on endless adventures of experience living through DNA creations. The DNA is a matter antimatter field within source and lives in frequency bands. This lifetime is about gathering together, merging with and reassembling our entire DNA lineage pulling it together within from all planetary blueprints we have ever had experiences on which is the ET DNA people channel. So the channelled info is only as good as where the person is in their integration process. Our higher dimensional DNA (we call entities) can only read collective timelines and predict outcomes based on where the collective consciousness predominately resides like Mark said in his comment.

        This is why the propaganda is so heavy right now because we are not supporting this ridiculous version of reality or shared hologram anymore. We are pulling all our soul family consciousness that ever lived out of the matrix and into the 5d frequency bands of reality. You know it has taken me a long time to get here and we have all funneled through these scenarios. We take what resonates and leave the rest. The key is to keep moving and not get stuck on following people for answers, belief systems based on channelled or printed information or reliving history because most of it is the control strucure.

        So for me I can read Commander Ashtar as the ET presence of the prime creator within me who came on board during my lightbody DNA sequencing and was a little low vibe and fearful at first lol! (I think he is part of the Arcturian command fleet) just like I experience christ consciousness through my Mayan DNA as Quetzalcoatl. Same as Yeshua, Buddha and others who represent christ consciousness. Quetzalcoatl, Ra and Isis are all archetypes on the grid and were all fallen creational blueprint angelic structures we live through and totally low vibe as part of the infiltration of the wheat. They are archetypes of the creation templates that live on the grid and make up our DNA. We are soul consciousness living through these ascended masters, angels, archetypes and DNA blueprints. We are gathering all our parts and pieces together, clearing these low vibe timelines and funneling into the 5d frequency bands. This collapses the matrix reality we feel stuck in right now. In 5d we are fluid and able to transmute our DNA into pure light and move in and out of frequency bands and immerse ourselves in planetary timelines in all dimensions and octaves. I have been in some of these timelines and it is just as real as this feels. It is a full immersion of our consciousness into creational blueprints. The only thing holding this one together is the omnipresent DNA of the dark ones and the majority of those unawakened which is changing rapidly as we anchor in our christ consciousness over the next few years. The few can affect the many because the DNA will rise to the the highest frequency of vibration present. So we are all extremely important to the transition!

        My soul mission this lifetime was to dismantle, repolarize and reengineer the dark timelines because the Illuminati are unable to reclaim their lost and fragmented parts holding together and running the SSP and this reality. We (my team) are funneling all the dark and suffering soul energy trapped in these lower frequencies into organic timelines that are fully harmonic fractals without trauma or historical resonance. Once I finish these dark timelines the mind control will be dismantled and all are free to awaken and integrate at their own pace.

        The only thing I know for sure is my soul name at the monadic level is Hilarion. We have DNA living on many planetary blueprints throughout the universe. I hear all these archetypes and my higher self running these clearing programs and unfortunately have to feel through all this crappy low vibe emotions and biological weapons in all these dark, dark timelines of the hell realms. This is what we are all feeling as our DNA releases from this frequency of reality and those timelines collapse.

        The archonic forces don’t belong in this universe but melded with the creational blueprints in this universe when the law of one was infiltrated. The stuff in these timelines is horrific! The suffering consciousness was driving the hell realms. It is interesting (with compassion of course) to watch the Illuminati puppets break down in politics, pedowood and the media as they are so fragmented and living in alternate realities and the ones like Biden and Pelosi are totally incoherent literally. Bidens recent rant about children stroking his leg hair loving the cockroaches is the stuff I have seen in these timelines. Fragmented consciousness living as literal cockroaches. Rampant pedophilia and sexual abuse of all living things! These secret societies and priesthood have all been entrained and fragmented through Ultra. Through their religion they fragmented and tortured themselves so severely from birth through the use of MK Ultra technology in which the torture is so severe it causes their soul life force to withdraw and their personality and consciousness is fragmented into these dark timelines and an exchange is done with these archonic forces to animate their bodies. There is no way they can recover from this purposeful generational abuse. They are riddled with archons and implants and the lack of soul energy or ability to regain any consciousness for their actions whatsoever. The children they raped and tortured outside the Illuminati family will recover and the ones outside the bloodlines that were entrained into the SSP through the Ultra technology as children will recover as we dismantle these plastic dead end timelines. Long journey for them to reintegrate and heal those memory fields!

        Whew! Sorry long post my friend hahahaha!

        Love you all for stepping up and clearing ourselves. We can morph into spaceships or animals or sound and color. Anything is possible in a quantum reality above 5d. But noone is landing in this reality to save us or take us off planet. Just keep up the great work integrating ourselves back into coherence and high vibration. Soon we will be free!

        I appreciate the channeling because it is inspiring and helps us along the journey! Soon we will channel ourselves as we embody the blueprints. This is what I know so far from my akashic record finally clearing into my awareness! Love you! ๐Ÿ˜˜

        1. Ed

          ThanQ Cheri ๐Ÿ˜˜ YES LOVE YES

          F*ractal F*requency

          Quantum LOVE

          WE ARE ALL


          ERA OF LIGHT
          ERA OF LOVE
          ALL IS HERE

          1. Cheri

            Absolutely our most loving music man known as Ed!
            F *alse

            Lack of pineal vision = seeing a matrix projected program through manipulation of our christed consciousness stuck in a false reality frequency. Our human biology down to 2 measly strands of DNA and our brain only using 10% of it’s multidimensional function operating in seperate hemispheres. Brain matter and master codes healing through! Yes Love Yes! ๐Ÿ’š

            I saw a bunch of brides in gowns moving back into organic timelines! Divine marriage within coming! Right and left hemispheres moving back into full harmony! Go team light! Love you! ๐Ÿ˜˜

          2. Ed

            ThanQ Cheri ๐Ÿ˜˜
            Beloveing Wild Man
            Quantum LOVE ๐Ÿ’œ

        2. Michael

          So Cheri …….How are we going to get from here to a better vibration? Will it be a slow process or a quantum leap? Its going to take a lot just to make it a fair playing field here. Many negative things need to be addressed on a global level as well as individual. This is a tough place to be hanging out and watching the show. I’m feeding all the love and positive vibe when I can and living in the NOW. Just would be nice to see something BIG happen to boost the moral a bit. Keep on kicking ass where you work and we will figure it all out when we are free and can use all our DNA.
          Peace & Love

          1. Cheri

            I know Michael! hahaha! It’s taking a hell of a long time my gosh! The entire quantum blueprint holding all of humanities timelines were covered in archons! They are like a machine race like the damn Borg, they assimilated everything into the collective hive mind programming! Omg! It’s AI programming of the antimatter realities of creation in the lower 4d frequency our DNA has been trapped in and why even high vibe beings like us can’t even phire up our bliss codes or activate ourselves into full lightbody consciousness. They are running these programs through these dark ones fractured omnipresence to maintain this reality. Same thing with parts of Andromeda and Taygeta in the Pleidies. I’ve been everywhere clearing the mind control AI templates lol! Warrior wild woman!

            Anyway here is my thought about the quantum leap as you so aptly put it. But you know most of our living consciousness is outside of time and space and can come and go as it pleases (although nobody pleases to come here lol!) so our higher selves are horrible about times and dates because they can only read potentials in lower timelines which fluctuate depending on the collective.

            I do think I will be done this year after 8 years of doing this full time. I can feel it as the soul harvest of the dark ones is almost done. The astral is very, very thin now and most of the DNA energetic structure has been reengineered back to full harmony and the coherent light of the law of one which is the creational structure of this universe known as the tone or octave called Ra. Right now I am hearing about the master codes being cleared so these are the bliss codes that phire up the full lightbody consciousness. So once I am finished ascending the wheat or christed consciousness the structure will support us moving into and vibrating with the frequencies of the 5d realities. The DNA will no longer be controlled by anyone but us as sovereign structures and we can start healing it and transmuting ourselves into the higher timelines.

            I have thought about this a ton because like you I am ready to goooooooo as Ed so greatly puts it lol! My thought is that once omnipresence is free from the matrix then we will simply start seeing a new reality all around us. Like its been there the whole time just out of vibrational range. My christed creator self tells me we are running this whole clearing thing from 5d timelines where we have already merged with our christed consciousness here on earth. So we are close. This year the new reality should start flashing in through our pineal which projects out our creational realities. The mind control was affecting the pineal function of our ability to project out a reality. It complicated and I am just on the verge of understanding how exactly it works.

            I’ m with you as this movie is like watching boring reruns. Things all happen in slow mo because it is not harmonic or even real (meaning organic) for that matter. Things are speeding up though. The first signs will be joy returning!

            Thanks so much for the support my loving friend! And from that ever loving Ed too! And most everyone on this site. We are aligned and just waiting for the master codes to heal through.

            What I wonder is if we will all view the same 5d reality like I feel we have a big party planned and we are all just walking around slightly out of phase with it! Fascinating stuff! I love talking about it because it puts it into focus!

            I’m still betting on 2020 omnipresent vision!

            Love you! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    Ashtar: “There will be victory of the Light, and love will reign supreme again.”

    The word victory indicates that there is an enemy to be victorious over. We see today that the demons have directed energy weapons that burn buildings to the ground and the trees remain. We study the Mud Flood of 1812 and learn that an entire civilization vanished leaving their gigantic mansions and starforts.

    “The only end of days is the end for the old regime that sought to drive your planet into destruction. Those who see it as the end of times are unaware.”

    We became aware of the teachings of Ashtar from the books by Tuella, Tuieta, and Eric Klein, in about 1990. These messages from Ashtar and Sananda said there would be a worldwide earthchanges that would require a worldwide spaceship rescue. It seems that Ashtar is saying that those who believe their messages of 1990 are unaware.

    “You see our ships moving closer to your planet…”

    Ashtar: “Following its cleansing, the Earth will be permitted a period of rest and quietness until it becomes habitable again. During this inaction, the saints of God and the light representatives will be the guests of this galaxy in many different locations while awaiting their return to Earth again.
    So many souls still involve themselves in the dates pertinent to their lifting. For one who is totally ready and qualified, there is no need for dates to be given until the very moment has come.”

    The above paragraph comes from the book, Ashtar, by Tuella.

    1. Mark

      Everything is always changing and adjusting and evolving. The channelings from Ashtar in the 80s and 90s were alot about evacuation….BUT that was then….because of the consciousness changes on Earth…an evacuation is not necessary. Scenarios and scenarios and more scenarios…people want details about things that will change…1990 is 30 years ago…things have changed.