Ashtar: 20/20 New Year’s Message

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar Sheran and I am here to pass a message on to all on Planet Eden.

It is now in your time, the end of the second decade of the new millennium 2000. So many are looking backwards to what was when in fact there is so much to be looked forward to if you would only turn your heads to look at the bright future that lay ahead.

When I say you are looking backwards, you are looking into your pasts to see what the future might hold for you. Release the past. As your collective vibration increases your planet’s collective past and your own individual past is being altered to a higher frequency. It is as if it never existed. Your past will seem surreal to some of you as you embrace your exciting multi-dimensional now. You will seem like a different person, and you are. The chances of you re-creating your past now, with your newly awakened DNA and your higher vibrational frequency, are quite remote.

The future will be grand for you and all who have decided to partake of it. You see our ships moving closer to your planet, embracing your world in our loving vibration more and more, while you see the buck has stopped for those thieves who sought to steal this glorious future from you all. The first indictment to be opened is that of Hillary Clinton, who once was chosen to step up for leadership in your world. That chance was whisked away in the flash of a moment by divine decree and she and her other cohorts will now stand trial for their unspeakable crimes against the people.

The people are rising. They are awakening to realize they are living in a new world. Many lie asleep still but this is of their own choosing. They have taken the slower route and this is their decision. Bless them and love them as they are, for you know that you can.

As for rumors of the end of days, I say to you, this is the beginning of a new time; the only end of days is the end for the old regime, the dark regime that sought to drive your planet into destruction for many many millenia. That is what is coming to an end. Those who see it as the end of times are unaware, they will see it as they see it but there are so many awakened who know better now. You know you will have a wonderful future as the divine beings that Terrans were meant to be – you know the future is one of love and that all fear will be cast off your planet.

Be strong in your knowledge as you undergo your own changes, light beings. Be strong. You know that the death of the old brings forth the birth of the new humanitarian system that your people have longed for for so long. It is decreed by the one himself that you too, will stop suffering and join your brethren out in the galaxy as superb divine beings of love, the holders of the knowledge and the guard of the Light. This was the role Terrans were to play in the galaxy so many millenia ago, that of the Edens, before your planet was overthrown and cast into darkness.

You can see when you look at the description of the end of days, that all of its distinctive traits have been fulfilled upon your planet now. There has been much suffering in this last age of darkness, much deterioration, famine, war, pestilence, disease, apathy and now ridicule of those who are the bringers of this new dawn. Your planet has known fear and this fear is to be no more. Your planet will be restored to the Eden it was in its tender beginning, and those christed ones upon your planet now are the first seeds of Eden’s future.

You are the changers. You are the ones who seek out divine guidance and who will bring the divine to Earth again. You are the ones whose hearts are full of love, for the peoples of the planet, for the world upon which you walk, and for the universe you gaze upon in your night time.

You are the blessed ones who are put upon earth, who have volunteered to endure pain and suffering like no other has experienced, in order to help those there. You are the ones, the highest of the highest of this universe and more, who came to help when Terra was in such a terrible way. You, the guardians of the galaxy, who stepped into roles that no other would enact, will have your day yet. You will see the fruits of your labors, you will bring to fruition your divine projects, you will serve as you have longed to for so long.

The time is here. It is here now. All will be revealed to those who have waited so long; the grand plan will unfold and you will begin to sow the seeds of a new world of love, the Eden you have waited for all your lives.

You are in a period of transition from the dark to the light and there will be battles, bombing, and impeachment attempts….. however remember nobody upseats the creator, nobody. He holds the strings – the timelines you are now in, are held gently in his hands with love and care, never to allow what has transpired on your planet to happen again.

It is not the end of times. It is a new dawn. You have brought it forth, all of you, and for this we celebrate you. You are our team upon the earth, you are part of the divine plan whether you are aware of this or not, and for this we salute you.

We watch you all with care. We are always with you, guiding you, helping you, holding you close while you sleep.

I am Ashtar and I stand upon our promise to you and all those upon your planet – there will be victory of the Light, and love will reign supreme again.

» Channel: Sharon Stewart

Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega