Rinus Verhagen: Cloning of Humans GCR/RV

truth must be told eraoflightdotcomThe story below is based on information we have, combined with knowledge and a for me logical analysis at this moment.

Radiation causes ionization of Atoms, which we consist of and determine our DNA, which can change and proliferate and cause cancer, (5G).

It’s a bizarre story, which we can’t deny right now, because the technique has been used for a long time with animals like the sheep Dolly.



As a result of watching the video, I realize that HRC collapsed and one was pushed into, only to reappear a few hours later fully recovered, completely vital.

Where I suspect that she has been replaced by a soulless clone, by modern Frankenstein manufacturing.

It now seems to be a craze that people are called in to have their DNA tested, which is a danger for these unsuspecting people, because the DUMPS turn out to be cloning factories.

How quickly can people be replaced by soulless doubles, giving me the impression that they were first used in politics to mislead and harm the masses.

A clone without a soul has no conscience, which is very recognizable by the Satanists in politics and banking.

A soul, however, is connected to the universe via its own DNA frequency of the old souls, because as human beings we have a much higher potential in us than we can imagine now.

This is lacking in a soulless and unscrupulous clone as we can recognize it through their actions.

The Schumann Resonance of the Earth is normally 7.83Hz, which is normally achieved by about 8000 discharges in the form of lightning through the discharge of clouds charged with different charges.


We can see that the 29th of December 2019 has been exposed for over 12 hours to a very high Schumann Resonance, to which we as humans react.

In our sleep we have a brain frequency of 4Hz, during the active time, where we are busy, our brain frequency has about 16Hz processing speed.

Our brain consists for about 70% of Water, of which I know that Water frequency is sensitive, and wants to adapt it to the frequency to which it has been exposed.

The High Schumann Frequency we are exposed to also makes us wake up, and recognize more information, which I do not expect from a soulless clone, so it will die if my information is correct.

We have our astral soul, moral firmware our body, because a dying person loses about 21 grams of body weight when he dies.


Should it be the case that almost the entire Cabal consists of clones, they can all die at the same time if they are exposed to the high frequency for a prolonged period of time due to the increased radiation.

For the transition this will be very desirable, together with the expected Mass Arrests, which will allow people with souls to live in freedom, as the Matrix will decay due to the high frequencies.

Since we as Humans use only a small part of our DNA, the rays from the Universe can also make our DNA grow into a more stranded DNA, causing it to mutate to a higher perception or Dimension than what we are currently in.

Due to the lack of a Soul, I can well imagine that the clones cannot endure this change, as there is no soul connection to the Universe for them, because here the update of the DNA no longer works for them.

If this cloning technique dates back to Adolf Hitler’s time in 1938, then we can assume that the technique will be much more advanced, so that a similar technique can now scan, repair and rejuvenate us with the Med Bed Technique.

The release of more than 5000 patents for the world’s population will have a profound change in our lives, through free energy, anti-gravity and health maintenance, which will make us much older.

By replacing the Bankrupt Fiat Money System with the QFS, the CABAL will lose their power and the bankruptcy of the US inc will be a fact.

Because of the GCR, the RV will determine the value of the currency, which will differ per country, because of the disappearance of the Petro Dollar and the Euro, we can expect the former currencies like Deutsche Mark, Dutch Gulden like Florijn, Italian Lire, etc. again for the 209 SOVEREIGN countries.

It is important that we, as runners, do not go in all directions with projects for the future, but set priorities, in order to lift humanity out of poverty and provide it with new techniques in a new era.

We come to organize ourselves with a foundation for the future, in which decisive teams set up and execute aid projects in order to have an overview and structure.

Everyone a happy 2Q2Q where we all go, health and abundance wished with the help of the transition we are now experiencing.

The End of the NWO will be a Fact.

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