Goddess of Creation: Celebrate the Light

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomWe are approaching the Winter/ Summer Solstice and Christmas. There are other celebrations going on and while not all are mentioned, all are honored. The Goddess started this channel with a discussion about energy and where are right now with acknowledgement of the transitions of several eons. We have become accustomed to the more transparent energies of this time. The time prior to when Christ was born was a very low vibration or heavy density. The earth has an intrinsic relationship with the rest of the universe. This relationship is reflected in our vibration, our beliefs, our experiences and the evolution of the planet.

Once we aligned with our vibration for right now, the Goddess took us back to the time just prior to the birth of Christ. We tapped into Angel Gabriel as he was speaking with Mary. It was so interesting!! He spoke of how everyone involved was well aware of what was happening. We have experienced that in our channels when we go back to before we were born and experience our soul intention. Gabriel also mentioned that much of what we say bout the birth is through human eyes and not those of a soul level. Archangel Gabriel also said that the immaculate conception represented the birth of light that has not been present upon earth at the time.

From there, we each had the opportunity to ‘see’ or experience the birth from a perspective of our soul. This allows us each to understand that we have more than one perspective of the birth. Through group energy we have experienced all aspects. We were then able to understand just how huge we are in our potential. It was incredible to see that we are not limited in this life. As we tap into the white light of Christ energy, we can truly expand and become the higher vibrations.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. This is a time of celebration upon the earth. This is a time that can be very inclusive for people or very exclusive for people depending on where you are in your life.

For this channel and any other time that you align with I the Goddess I invite you to be open to feel the love, the light, the acceptance, the acknowledgment of who you are. You are not alone. I am always with you. Your own divinity is always with you and there is only love. If it seems as if things are happening in the world around you then allow that focus of whatever that may be to be this moment.

~ Another technical glitch…. ~

We bring our energies back into the now. As I was saying, during these times of the holidays some people will look at it feeling the love, the light, the expression of family, friendships, companions and it fills your heart with joy. Sometimes people look at it as just a stressful time you have to get through; sometimes you are really busy at work; sometimes you’re just disconnected from the energy and the emotion that was originally intended and you just getting through the day. Other times is a time that illuminates for you that you are alone, that there isn’t anyone to celebrate with; that you see everybody else that’s really busy and involved and yet you are here in a space of your own or by yourself.

There are of course many, many other scenarios that are also associated with this time. In part whenever it’s a significant time of the year, where there is a lot of focused energy another way to consider it is it just makes things very divisive, it brings up a lot or brings up a little and this is why in this now moment I invite you to just close your eyes and whatever may be going on around you, just clear it away, breathe in the energy and the love for who you are and allow I the Goddess and all these other Angels and star beings and light beings to come into your space of where you are, where you’re living right now upon the earth. Allow us to come in and for this now moment let go of any burden, slow things down, allow yourself to relax and know that I am always with you.

Take a breath in where you breathe down into the earth. You send that column of light through your energy bodies and it moves down into the earth. As it does so, allow that connection to spread out into different directions so that you may connect with Gaia.

Feel the richness, feel the vibration of earth as it anchors you and as it resonates within and around you.

Allow that to flow back up within you. It comes into your heart center grounding you, anchoring you in this now moment; that vibration then moves up through the top of your energy bodies, it goes up out of the top of your head until you find yourself aligned with your higher self.

As you connect to your higher self look around at what is here within this space.

As you take in this space, for some people is very crowded, for other people you can see some of those experiences that are ongoing in your life right now. If there is any that’s clutter, that’s old energy ~whew~ clear it out letting it go.

You then continue to send that beam of energy upward; it goes directly from your higher self until it merges with your I Am Presence.

It is so beautiful to see how all of you have transformed so much throughout the years of these experiences because now as I observed everyone linking to their divinity it’s almost as if the door opens and they immediately feel the flow.

I invite you to feel the flow of what this is.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out with my arms to embrace you as the human in this life and as all of your divinity. As our energies merge we shift so that we move into the All That Is.

Look around at this space. It is interesting to note that there are many people that are here at this time. There are all of you who come into this moment for this experience and then we see the essence and the energy of Yeshua, Mother Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, all of those that were involved in the birth of Christ.

Time space reality has shifted and it is interesting how back at the time that the Catholic Church decided the birth took place in December it was aligning with the winter solstice because it was in the northern hemisphere.

The cycles of the earth that have been followed by people for thousands of years transitioned during the last 1000 to 2000 giving it the time space reality that you now follow.

I wish for you to consider for a moment your life and let the last, mmm…goodness, in particular seven years have been like. It was in 2012 around the time of the winter solstice that the earth anchored the fifth dimensional energies into the everyday reality. From there it also anchored many higher vibrations giving it the ability to flow in and out of the space of the earth.

When you consider what it was like when you were living in the 80s, the 90s, the 2000s, you can go back to just about any particular time space reality and recognize the difference in vibration that has taking place. This is because there is a completion on a cosmic level of multiple eons of transformation.

The birth of Christ was another one of those. When Buddha walked upon the earth it was the initiation of another. These are but two, there are many, many, many more that if you take an opportunity and just follow that timeline as you perceive it looking back through history you’re able to see that there are various times in which there were immense anchors of light brought into the earth.

Without the energies of Buddha, you cannot have had the energies of Christ. Without the energy of Muhammad and Krishna, there were so many different leaders that all created what you might now consider your religions and they all work together seemingly disconnected from one another, but it was all tapping into a vibrational opening that’s led to right now.

People speak at length about Christ and his lifetime, about the other prophets and what their lifetimes consisted of. So many times these transformations attempted to take place upon the earth. In the now moment, if you look at your own personal timeline chances are you were there as a part of multiple transitions that have taken place.

I wish for you to take a deep breath in going within yourself.

Feel who you are within the space of the All That Is and as you look around consider the scope of transformation that is taking place, which is integrating a higher vibration, which is clearing out the third dimensional control manipulation, anger, jealousy, warfare. I acknowledge that it is not complete, nor will it ever be 100% complete, however if you tap into it right now, a transformation, a definitive transformation has taken place.

I ask you to open and receive the clarity of the vibration upon the earth.

As you look around at whatever that may be, perhaps is the clarity of your own vision, perhaps is the clarity that you feel within your heart; I wish for you to simply open and understand what the vibration of the earth is this December 2019. Now if you look in front of you, you will see the earth as it was during the time of the birth of Christ.

I wish to take this moment as I consider different ways I would like to tap into this vibration. Okay, you will see in front of you some snapshots of various times.

The first that I would like to go into is when Gabriel spoke with Mary.

Archangel Gabriel Speaks

I greet you my beloved sister, I am Gabriel. I am known by other names; however, you know me as Gabriel. I come to you to speak of opportunities. I come to you to speak of potentials that were discussed prior to your birth in this lifetime.

(the Goddess is Speaking here) I show you an image -this is the Goddess and I wish to include this visual that you may see. So often, Mary is described as being very frightened, but she was not. Mary new her whole entire life that she had a specific purpose for being upon the earth. And therefore, when Gabriel showed himself her overwhelming sense was “ah, the time has arrived”. There was a sense of excitement within her, there was a sense of caution, there was a sense of confusion because she could not remember everything due to the veil. But overwhelming there was a sense of calm. I return now to Gabriel.

My beloved sister the time has come. (pause) there was a great deal of vibrational communication that went on between Gabriel and Mary. So much of that went beyond words because it was a vibration that was very difficult to have upon the earth at that time. As I spoke with her, I spoke of what to expect. Her mother Anna was also very aware of what was going to happen.

Therefore, as I spoke with her, as everything was initiated that conception took place. I then moved into different places around the earth letting people know that the time had come.

I represented a group of Angels, I represented God source energy and all of it flowed through me as I connected with so many different people around that part of the world.

My portion was complete with that communication and I returned to the stars.
The Goddess Speaks:

it is I the goddess once more. Mary with her mother Anna, and the rest of her family, knew that the time had come to move forward with what was going to take place upon the earth. They had already been speaking with Joseph, the person known as Joseph, and he too was very well aware of what was taking place. Joseph was a very grounding force, and Mary was of the angelic realm. Some say she was Arcturian, some say she was Pleiadian; she absolutely represented the non-earthly energies so that she could bring in a completely different vibration.

Joseph was a part of all of this. He knew and it just as so many of the recording speak of him feeling angry, betrayed, that was the human interpretation of what anyone in that situation would feel. He is a human and being of the grounding force did not have as much of an open communication with the stars, but he always knew he was there for a very specific purpose. And he knew his purpose was to be the grounding force of a family that was anchoring in a new vibration. He was the protector, he was the builder, he was the creator.

We fast-forward to that time and it was because of the many different places in which Gabriel was spreading the word that was activating the vibration that would take place as Jesus came into life.

So, people were looking for him, looking for Mary and Joseph trying to find who this was; they didn’t understand, they didn’t know. They looked at it with their third dimensional, ego-based consciousness. If you consider the time, it was a stable or a lean to, it was not in a home.

But if you will follow me into the time space reality in which he has just been born, and as he came into the earth there was a massive influx of energy that literally cracked open the dense vibration that have been present upon the earth. Whew, there is a lot of emotion coming up in Shelly as she is experiencing this through this moment! Consider so many places where the triangle is represented. The triangle is one of the strongest forms in geometry. If you consider Mary and Joseph and Christ, that was the foundation that brought into the earth this transformational energy.

Allow yourself to be in the vibration, to be in the presence of what that is or what that was at that time. As you consider your own lineage, your own I AM presence, where were you at that time in which the light came into the earth? Where were you? Some of you were out in the universe or your own pathway. Some of you were upon the earth in a totally different disconnected space. But many, many of you knew either consciously or unconsciously that something had happened. You could feel the shift in the vibration, the literal vibration that was taking place upon the earth transformed!

This is not about whatever religion you may follow. This is about a change in the vibration of the earth that was bringing spirituality back to the earth. It was here during Lemuria and during the ancient times. And with Atlantis it was pushed away and pushed out. The new Golden age as you call it is having spirituality as the foundation for life. And this experience right in front of you, that crack, that literally crack in the energy was the foundation for where you are (right now).

So, on that night let your presence be a part and see what comes to you. What is your perception? Where were you on that night? Be aware that multiple people were aligned with the energy of each one.

This was not just one soul as Mary, one soul as Joseph, one soul as Jesus. These were group soul energies that came into the moment and also all the Angels that were surrounding the space. It was huge! It was powerful! It was massive!

It did trigger fear in those that did not want change. It also triggered hope and love. And those many, many, many people; be it conscious or unconscious, began the process of change.

Fast-forward, to the time in which the three wise men as they were called came into this space. These wise men were all Ascended Masters. They were coming from the east and they came to link their energies with the child. Everybody knew that was involved that this was something to be nurtured and something to be protected. Feel what that experience is for you.

Allow your shift and your focus to come back into where you are in the All That Is. As we spoke of it being 2019, after just touching on those energies, as you illuminate your life is there a link? Is there something from those ancient times that are now influencing or assisting you in this time space reality? Is there anything that has been transformed that you perhaps participated in that transformation?

I speak of the immaculate conception. What was immaculate, or what was unique was that it was the first vibration of conscious high vibrational energy that was the soul that entered Mary. When you look at each one of you, what part of your soul energy comes from that space within the universe? If you are living upon the earth right now and this is what resonates with you, there is a part of you that was also within that experience. So, find it in your I AM presence, find it within this space, bringing that knowledge into you.

There we go. ~whew~ there was such a surge of energy and light! It was as if you were in linking within you this time space reality and the other times from when you came from that high light vibration. Feel the love! Feel the experience. Know who you are because you are more than this life. You are a MASSIVE light vibration, you are!

If you get caught up in life and think that perhaps you are less than or think that perhaps you are alone or think that perhaps you have nothing to contribute; you have so much just because you ARE! Let that roll into you right now. Feel it, experience it, know what that is.

As we move through the next years upon the earth, this is only going to become stronger and stronger and stronger. You cannot go backwards. When the evolutionary processes gotten to the place where it is right now, those things you seek to have upon the earth; green energy as you call it, getting rid of plastics, transforming how you utilize energy will transform and massive ways.

Because, the knowledge is there, it is available and the people that are bringing it forth and have been bringing forth for years, cannot be ignored. So, it is happening! Ask yourself, what within my life can no more be ignored? What in my life do I surrender and accept? Allow it to integrate, moving within you.

Whew, so much energy and light. I can feel it all just coming in and around me. I know that there are many of you that will stay within this space for a longer period of time, but I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so, invite that hologram of the earth to come up within you.

As that hologram comes up, see around you every one that was present at the birth of Christ that are also present within this circle. Everyone throughout that time space reality is infusing the love and the support and that clear intention of being their authentic self. Let all of that go into this hologram at this now moment.

As this all integrates you release it, you let it go. As you do so there is that stream that moves out into the ethers, into the Omniverse and the remainder that hologram moves down, moving through the physical earth, it clears out the energy around the earth and it goes down anchoring within. In the center of the earth, in that core center of the earth it anchors. Then it begins to move out as it expands, it comes up through every part of the earth; the water, the grass, the trees, the flowers.

It comes up into you do that link that you are connected to Gaia. You consciously clear out the collective consciousness. We are consciously anchoring all of the crystalline vibration that caused that rift at the birth of Christ and that is growing in such massive proportion at this time. It all moves within you and it is clearing out the collective consciousness.

As you continue to anchor your own vibration bring back within you the remainder of your essence from this experience. You feel it as it goes into you, anchoring, expanding, let it move through your life. Let it move with it that crystalline light vibration that illuminates you as you. Giving you the strength, giving you the balance, giving you all of who you are so that you step comfortably and purposefully into this moment.

As we move through this holiday season upon the earth, as we move through the solstice and step into a new year; recognize that you are a part of an ancient transformation, that you are a part of something that began thousands of years ago and it is manifesting right now.

Be open to receive, be open to participate, be open in all aspects of your life so that you may be the authentic person that you are, so that you may let yourself be the massive energy that is you.

You are not alone, we are ever with you


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net