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sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomDear all of you,

In this message I want to address some issues that Mia, and many with her, have wrestled with. When Mia heard about the fires in the Amazon, she became desperate and sad. She has always felt a strong love for the Amazon, she doesn’t know why, she doesn’t know why, she’s never been there.

In this grief there have also been many questions. She has been thinking a lot about the conversations with me and with others in the Light she has contact with, who all tell her that we are heading into a bright and loving time; how then can such terrible things happen?

Questions like this you all fight with more or less daily. On a large and small scale.

Mia sometimes thinks she must be perfect, you are many who believe it and so is not the case my dear ones; you are where you are. You start from where you are and make the best of it. Sometimes you are sad, it is part of being human, part of having a human experience.

You are not perfect – and at the same time you are so clear; you are perfect in your openness, in your evolution, in your development. You were all born whole and clean with a direct contact with the Source. But a newborn child also has to adapt to this new reality of a physical body and it takes, as you know, a long time to learn to crawl, stand, walk, and then learn to run and ride a bike and all that is now a matter of course. for most of you. So it is with everything. It takes the time it takes. And that’s perfectly ok.

So it is with your planet and the human development. Because, of course, this was Mia’s grief; how can humans make nature so bad? How can they be so disconnected?

To her, the Amazon is the symbol of living life, of Creation as physical manifestation, untouched, beautiful, unique. She knows that there are animals and plants that do not exist anywhere else and they exist in a huge abundance in this unique ecosystem.

A little over a year ago; a young girl of only 16 years of age sat outside the parliament house and went on strike for the climate. Mia happened to see the first broadcast on the local news, then Greta sat all alone and Mia was moved by her sincere concern and constant will.

Every Friday she would strike, she said, until politicians began to listen. Mia, who otherwise very rarely looks at the news, began to follow the news broadcasts to follow Greta. From being alone people started to gather around Greta. First in her own city, then they began to gather in other cities, on all continents, all over the world. Mia thinks that Greta’s words are wise but far too bleak, but the gloom doesn’t bother her so much when she hears what the words mentally say: “Let’s live in harmony with the Earth!” “Let’s live in Love with the Earth!”

Do you think something like Fridays for the Future happens by chance? There is nothing that is a coincidence. Greta was a catalyst for a strong collective desire. That is why the movement grew so strong, so fast, so explosive; for there is a strong longing for a healthy and prosperous soil. A strong collective longing to live in peace, peace and harmony. A strong longing to breathe out, to relax, to just be, to be able to enjoy life, to blossom, to live to its highest potential.

This yearning is a huge force field and this is something the researchers do not include in their calculations.

An increasing understanding that one can contribute and an ever greater willingness to do so. Discovering other paths yourself. This is already happening; people in cities that plant gardens on rooftops and grow on small lawns outside high-rises, beehives are placed on skyscrapers and bees fly high above your heads and pollinate in the gardens built there. Yes, it happens, it happens at high speed. You realize if they can, so can we! A desire has been aroused to learn from one another, to follow good examples and to create new ones. Realizing that you have long had a completely fossil-free technology to use, it has been a long time since cars that ran on water vapor and compressed air were invented and more and more will require that you start to use that knowledge and create exhaust-free means of transport. You also have knowledge of how to build houses that heat themselves, that create their own electricity and water systems that clean themselves.

It all starts with saying “there is another way and I have chosen to walk it”. In the beginning, this path is about finding peace and joy in yourself, but in the next step you want to find peace and joy with your surroundings, but the people and, by extension, Everything, with all Creation.

Most of you reach this state through meditation, you are getting better at maintaining this feeling stronger and longer with your surroundings. But easiest for most people is when you are close to nature, where it is easy for most to connect to the grand sense of Oneness with Everything.

Meditate on this for a moment and you will realize that everything is interconnected; when people wake up they can’t hurt anyone else, it just can’t be, and you’re at the beginning of this awakening journey now. Some of you are much more than in the beginning, but as a collective you are in the beginning.

But I do not want to add at an early start, no, you have come a long way, even as a collective.

There are those who say “it doesn’t matter what I do,” but it’s very simple; if you pollute the water, it is polluted. But you don’t need to pollute the water, you don’t pollute the air. You don’t have to, you can quit today. You can choose a new road today. Choosing the Path of Love is the most important choice you can make.

You’ve built up huge systems that pollute, can’t you change in a day? No, maybe not all systems, but you can change your system. And that’s the most important system for you to change. You have said that you should be the ones to lead the way, now is the time to do so.

Feeling love for the inner heart is step one. The love of Mother Earth comes when you find the inner heart, when you find the inner love, when people realize that the earth is not only beautiful, not just a place to travel, see, visit, but is the Source of Life , the source of physical life.

When man realizes that the soul is immortal, but the physical life, this temporary physical life is the gift that the soul longs to experience! To know one’s physical body, to be able to touch it, to be able to run, to be able to sing, to be able to dance. Being able to sit still by a tree and feel the caresses of the wind against the skin, to be able to listen to the birds’ eager singing, to realize that their song is a song of joy. Realizing that the highest a man can achieve is joy, joy over life, joy over living! To live in joy from the Source of Love.

The joy is within you and the joy you can take with you wherever you go, it can be with you at any moment if you just open yourself up to it, only you let it into your life.

In the meditation, Mia imagined that large dark rain clouds sailed across the Amazon, she saw how the rain shot down over palm leaves, lianas, tropical flowers, iguanas, monkeys, paradise birds. She focused on the rain. She focused on the solution. She has not checked whether it has really rained in the Amazon, but in her meditations she saw the rain fall, she saw life live, she saw people laughing and hugging each other with joy. She saw the freshness of the greenery, the bright colors of the fresh flowers and the birds. She saw the world she wanted to live in. A world that radiated joyful life. It was the best she could do when it cured her concerns.

When something worries you; go into your inner heart and focus on the solution, let it come to you, see it, feel it, receive it, let them become part of you.

See a world of joy, a world where people, animals and nature thrive and feel good. Let this vision live in your inner heart and in your everyday life. When you focus on love, love grows stronger. When you focus on joy, the joy grows stronger. When you have a clear vision in your inner heart, you will see the manifestations blossom in front of your eyes.

When you live in harmony with Mother Earth, you live in harmony with yourself, for you belong together in the physical world in which you now have the great happiness to be.

Are brothers in Light,

Sanat Kumara.

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