Saint Germain: The Morphogenetic Field, Reptoids

saint germain eraoflightdotcomThis is a conversation between Jahn J Kassl and Saint Germain.

JJK: David Icke is for me a fixed figure when it comes to the detection of dark reptiloid entities. The shape-shifting queen or archons who want to control us have only become known to many people through the work of Icke. But now the question arises for me: Are really all reptiloids bad and evil, as they are represented by David Icke?

I can hardly imagine this, after all there are an infinite number of peoples in the infinite expanse of the universe and certainly also a great many reptiloid races that are turned towards the light. This is somehow logical for me, but with David Icke all Reptos are bad. What is true and what is a false assumption?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Indeed, there is great injustice being done here. Because of this one-sided interpretation people are afraid and they are afraid to unite with the inner-terrestrial and extraterrestrial peoples.

JJK: I have often wondered why David Icke can so freely and publicly address the admittedly really dark Repto entities, from the Queen of England downwards.

Many of his lectures take place in London, even a renowned London university once made its rooms available – in the Queen’s immediate catchment area and right before her eyes.

She allows this probably because she knows exactly what a good service David Icke does to her species by lumping together all beings of reptiloid origin and classifying them as evil and sinister. Humans are then afraid of any species of this kind, they don’t even perceive luminous Reptos, because it is impossible – and a communication or encounter can never take place. After all, David Icke also reaches a great many people.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It happens because of limitations in consciousness. Therefore, it is essential that the individual person constantly expands his consciousness.

Are all people bad?

To lump together all beings and races that have reptiloid genetics, namely the malignant one, is not conducive to the ascension process.

It is just as unhelpful to classify all humans as “evil” or “bad”, only that a significant number of humans have undoubtedly fallen for the dark side of the Force and are bristling with evilness.

JJK: It seems to me that the purpose of this conversation is to release certain fears in people and prepare them for reunion with our brothers and sisters of reptilian origin.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: This galaxy is home to a multitude of different entities and star peoples. They differ greatly in appearance from you humans and usually have a far more developed consciousness than humans have.

But as long as humans have fixations on this, no encounter can take place, because the individual of you would run away out of fear. This is counterproductive and this is now being worked on through messages like this – a state that must be corrected and put into the right relationship before this encounter that many of you eagerly await can take place.

JJK: I am currently working on the second part of Telos, “Telos – Departure to Agartha” 4, parallel to this book, and in it the union of Inner and Upper Earth is always a theme. Is the blindness of people the reason why we are not yet united with the brothers and sisters of the Inner Earth?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Blindness, because you are blinded, pride, because you use yourselves as a standard for all, and lack of awareness, because you do not fathom enough what is. Without generalizing – most people still have the path of knowledge ahead of them!

Yet there is every reason to rejoice, for individual people awaken and this brings everything into the flow.

The morphogenetic field

The process of becoming conscious is in full swing. The morphogenetic energy field of the earth is constantly being enriched with new impulses – impulses of knowledge that individuals have gained and that are available and accessible to all people through the morphogenetic field of the earth.

This has a positive effect on the whole process of ascension, which is always a process of becoming conscious.
This process accelerates as individual people awaken and become aware of themselves.

That this happens is beyond question, and that critical mass is reached is also a fact that you can build upon.

JJK: That is to say, spiritual seekers who are much concerned with other races and the Reptos should open up to the fact that there are also good, light and loving Reptos, those who are well-disposed towards us?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The faster they come to that realization, the better. Never draw conclusions from individuals to the whole or to all. Certainly, there are whole peoples and races who are turned to the light side, but mostly there are beings in all areas who take completely different paths and who stand out from their midst. What you claim for humanity, I ask you to grant to other peoples, cultures and races.

There are great Repto peoples who as a whole are turned towards the light and who strive for unity with humanity and with God. There are many of them who are completely different from human beings in appearance and way of life, but whose inner capacity for love far surpasses most people.

Expand your awareness on this subject, look at the things that are being published in relation to reptilian beings under this new light.

It will open yourself to the encounter and prepare humanity for it.

With this conversation I now leave you to your own reflections and insights. Shine into your own world and the outer world will reveal itself to you.

The encounter with the truth can only take place when you are ready to open yourself to every reality.

Servant of mankind since our first hour.

» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl

13 Replies to “Saint Germain: The Morphogenetic Field, Reptoids”

  1. flazak

    I just don’t get any bad vibes from the Queen or Prince Charles and many others up there. They appear genuine enough to me. Sure there are many in that establishment that are no doubt bad apples and the same can be said for all other establishments throughout the world. Its too easy to fixate on the evil conspiracies and then allow those bad apples to spoil the bunch, I have done that myself. I think the Queen is privy to much information and yet appears to remain calm and balanced despite knowing many things. When we start considering the shadowy figures that are in the establishment that is when we get toward the satanists etc. Dutroux affair, Hampstead SRA, Saville etc which implicate Saxe-Coburg Gotha members in Belgium etc but it must be more complicated than we think, it is only starting to change in recent years (internet, tech).

    The real perps conceal their dark sides very efficiently. If the Queen or yourself is presented with or befriended by a person who appears genuinely good yet conceals their dark murderous/vicious/sadist nature very well, what do you do? You don’t know until you know? Then what? It cant just instantly all come out without causing chaos that is exploited by the evil, lesser light people and that gets them more power. The Queen and the Royalty may be as set-up as we are by the hidden shadowy darkness (kingmakers, system designers, creators of veils, layers of truth like an onion, puppets, puppeting puppets who are puppeting puppets) by using our own mind and our own nature against us, if you are good and truthful and law-abiding it could be said that in the face of such hideous evil who break all those rules we are very naive until confronted with the real truth (of the evil)

    I’ve listened to Icke a lot, he is a good guy, very wise on this stuff, but like all information you use your own discernment and discard that which does not resonate.

    1. flazak

      Yet despite all that I have wrote the Queen could be a lizard who eats babies and runs a protection racket that is global in scope that harvests humans for consumption by space lizards in an intergalactic slave trade. Who knows!! I just don’t get evil vibes from them thats all 😛 so they get the benefit of the doubt.

      1. flazak

        I mean, we cannot ignore dreams, metaphysics, other spheres of reality. Just the other night I myself had a dream where I was being shown around a town and I said something that resulted in guns being pointed at me and I had to get out of there! very vivid. Shortly after that dream I was at home talking about this dream with family members, again quite vivid and THEN I woke up but for real this time! I was actually talking about a dream I had inside another dream. So you and I could be in dreams inside dreams inside dreams, proper Inception style stuff. Then you have to wonder, what does a satanist dream about? What does the Queen dream about? This is important to think about as far as the nature of reality goes and there are people out there that know the truth about dreams. Maybe you are dreaming now? Life is a dream? Levels of consciousness. Who is the dreamer of the world, whose dream do you live in. I propose that the truth about this is known and this truth is used against us by extra-dimensional entities. NOW THIS train of thought is David Icke stuff !! 🙂

        1. flazak

          Well, to continue that train of thought, the truth is the consensus dream, the only dream, the dream of god. We are in his dream 🙂

          Its 2.45am and I will hopefully go to sleep soon and dream 😀

          1. abcdinosaur

            Or maybe due to the fact that she rapes children? So she absorbs their energy. Thats one of the reasons they feel good from it, because they can regain a child-like innocence from it.

  2. Mark

    The beautiful dance of life across the Universe in all it’s varied forms. There are definitely enough movies that fan the flames of evil reptilians and insectoids….LOL. But as in humans, no two are alike other than our similar biology. People…!!! Some of the famous authors and speakers of metaphysical movement are total assholes behind the scenes…yeah really. So personally it’s all good. There is no Us and Them…just We, Us…the 10,000 things. And the sooner we get that the sooner we can get on with creating some magically planet where we all can live.

  3. Cheri

    I agree with what Percy said very well below. Icke’s work is just excellent in understanding the matrix reality more than anything. I see the so called Reptilians as mutated DNA existing exclusively within this AI reality. The earth blueprints contain the entire DNA living library since prime creator created this particular planet and filled her blueprints with all the wonder he could imagine! All the DNA got mutated with the fall of consciousness and the tear in the fabric of creation. Instead of healing the blueprints through them at the time the dark ones used this cataclysm to obtain power over the earths genetic pool creating this current sine wave of reality running this mind control through the quantum field and fallen omnipresence. So the reign of terror is over as we showed up to repair the damage at the end of this cycle. Once our biology is free from the matrix control structure we can shapeshift our consciousness into any form within the DNA blueprints called the morphogenetic (hence the name lol!) quantum field.

    Most of us have not been here since the fall of Atlantis when all this mutation occured so while we are becoming aware of what occured we have not been living this repeating nightmare of reincarnation and shouldn’t get wrapped up in the pain and suffering. We are here to complete this cycle, reassemble our full compliment of DNA and evolve the entire genetic library within. I see everything as healing through me and provide no resistance to anything coming into my field for evolution and healing. It is a universal process at the end of every cycle to clean up miscreations but this one has been a doozy omg lol!

    So I am with Percy as I see prime creator in everything too! This is our omnipresence returning as together we evolve the quantum morphogenetic field into a new reality sine wave in oneness where we understand all of life once again as there is no separation of consciousness.

    Y’all know I work on the grid and dismantling the frozen timelines running this control structure. Right now the archonic forces and artificial programming are healing through us as the DNA sheds the programming. This ends the SSP and slave trade all over the galaxy, dark moon bases and the entire miscreated reality running through the 4th dimension. Next is the end of this seemingly fixed reality we feel stuck in here in 3d. Life outside this matrix is gonna be amazing!

    Love to all as we share the joy of ending this cycle light warriors! 😘

  4. Ed




    Quantum LOVE


  5. Percy Barbo

    I have read David Ickes work and I don’t agree that he has labelled all Reptoids evil , just the groups that have affected humanity in a negative way, having said that , David’s expose led me down that road of discovering all the wonderful galactics of the light and the divine plan and the realisation the the so called evil Reptoids ( possibly only from a human point of view) will be part of humanities greatest moment thus far , I’m starting to see Prime Creator at work 24/7 (how very 3D of me ) with every single event happening everywhere showing us the way home by seeing every event from the heart , thank you St Germaine thank you to the Reptoids, thank you David Icke thank you JJK thank you company of heaven
    And thank you Prime Creator ps , love to meet the Reptoids

    1. Billie McIntyre

      I am in touch with one of the negative reptiles that lives next door to me and is here to stop me from printing a book that the negative forces don’t want to see printed. She has been doing voodoo on me sense a week before Halloween and is now seeing that she getting nowhere with me for I have a lot of protection around me, We of course can’t place everyone in the same little square box because, the Infinite is indeed Infinite and so has created both positive and negative which is what has made the Infinite Infinite.
      Every night I send this person a lot of Light and love in hopes she will wake up someday.

      1. Andron

        raise your hands in the air and summon the code 1510 (named ICHOR)… after 2-3 mins. once you start feeling a blue electric ball within your hands, gather it, condense it and throw it as a laser beam to this reptile (as Rayden does). If you do it properly he/she will walk out to leave. Never do this for fun or without first being threatened.