5 Key Tips for Choosing the Right QHHT Practitioner for You

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomIt’s important to do your research before choosing a QHHT Practitioner. Keep reading for 5 key tips for choosing the right QHHT Practitioner for you.

Ever wondered what your higher self would say if you could ask it a question?

Many people are finding out by engaging in sessions of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist, developed this specialized hypnosis technique. She began teaching others and now there are many QHHT practitioners to choose from.

With the technique, she and her many students have been helping people connect with not only their past lives, but also future lives, lives in other dimensions, lives on other planets, and parallel lives.

The Higher Self also has the ability to remove diseases and promote healing. Healing is based on a number of factors and cannot be guaranteed, but results are astounding for many people.

So how do you choose the right QHHT practitioner for you? Check out the 5 tips below.

1. Website and Credentials

Most serious QHHT practitioners will have a professional website. Checking it out will give you a feel for the person’s style and professionalism.

The founder, Dolores Cannon, offers an endorsement through her list of Recommended Dedicated Practitioners. While a good practitioner doesn’t necessarily have to be on the list, it’s a huge plus.

2. Length of the Session

Find out the average session length. Some practitioners will offer sessions of only an hour or two. This is not enough time to complete a full QHHT session. Prepare for at least 4-5 hours, if not a little longer.

This includes an interview, the hypnosis experience itself, and a discussion time afterward.

3. Session Medium

Some practitioners may advertise telephone or Skype sessions. Know that true QHHT must be performed in person.

4. Session Recording

Practitioners should record the session and provide you with a copy.

Be sure to ask about this when considering potential practitioners. Listening to your session several times afterward can help promote more healing and boost the benefits garnered from your session. The advice from your higher self can more fully penetrate your being and you’ll experience stronger change. Wondering what types of things go on during a session? Read more now about this incredible session that took place in Ancient Egypt.

5. Practitioner Experience

Working with a practitioner with extensive experience isn’t always necessary. In fact, many newer practitioners are happy to give sessions at a discount, making the session more affordable.

However, it really depends on the practitioner as to the results you’ll get. Enthusiastic practitioners may be able to get you some great results. But if your issues are more extensive or you would feel more comfortable with an expert, you may want to choose one with a few more sessions under their belt.

The Right QHHT Practitioner for You

Remember, a QHHT experience is an intimate one. The main thing you should be concerned about when choosing a QHHT practitioner is one with whom you feel comfortable. This will deepen your experience and improve your chances of a successful session.

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