Archangel Uriel: The Eye of Horus

archangel uriel image eraoflightdotcomGreetings. It is I, Uriel. Things are escalating in a very profound way, through exploration that the students have embarked on in regards to their energetic system. Using the first four chakras in a greater, more resonant way with their Divine Essence is a big step that they have taken towards their ascension process.

Because of the work they have done in the previous class using color vibrations, starting with the first chakra, there is another piece that we wish to put into play that will help them a great deal in escalating the amount of Light they are able to maintain and sustain within their physicality. This energetic template is known by various languaging. The more common term is the “Eye of Horus”. This is an energetic template. It is not just a picture or something that can be visualized. It is an energetic template that is used by the Lords of Light, as well as the Master Realm, to help those embodied to begin to incorporate certain energetic patterns into the physical realm and physical body. It is an energetic template that has been used in ancient times through diagrams and pictures. The Eye of Horus is equated by many with the Egyptian culture. But, as with the “El Shaddai” we worked with, there is much more to this template than just this visualization.

What we are proceeding with at this time is to install this energetic. They have made their presence known to you and to the students in previous teachings so you can use these vibrations of color to transform the energetics that are held in the first four chakras. Thus changing not only the energetics of the physicality, but changing the molecular structure, the electromagnetic fields and the radiation that is held within a more evolved species.

In Creation there is an outer realm of Light and an inner realm. This event that we are now in the process of initiating within these students, and within you, is the bridgework that enables the student to interact from the outer realm and achieve consciousness within inner realm. The inner realm is where Prime Creator resides. The Elohim and the Lords of Light originated from this inner realm.

It is through my guidance that these events will be transmitted during the next class. You will be working on many levels now. You will work within the physicality, within states of consciousness that are contained in the outer realms of form. You will work within the higher realms. And I hesitate to use the terms ‘higher’ and ‘lower’, but these are the only descriptors I have available at this time.

Jim: Uriel, I think I understand. The Eye of Horus is a template that will enhance the ability to expand awareness, both visually and in knowingness. It’s a template that interacts with many aspects of the physical and emotional. What I’m not clear on is, what are some of the applications that would be enhanced with this knowledge and awareness?

Uriel: First, during the initiation in the next class meeting, there was an aspect put into place that will be maintained no matter what the physical realm is doing or expressing. A consciousness and inner knowing is maintained regardless of what is being expressed in the outer worlds of Creation. This is a very key step. It is no longer a trust that is developed, or a faith. It is a very real set of energetic configurations that assist the Soul to maintain that consciousness eternally and without reservation.

Secondly, it assists in understanding the workings of the mental and the emotional body and how those configurations can be transmuted into a state of consciousness that allows the operation of the mental and emotional bodies to work as a unit, rather than in separateness.

In this next class session allow us to initiate this energetic format within each one of those students. The template of the Eye of Horus, or the Eternal Eye, is configured within a pyramid. The pyramid is energetically a very balanced environment. During our initiation it will be placed within three areas within the students’ heads, both physically and energetically. This enhances greatly the ability to develop their spiritual abilities such as clairvoyance and knowingness. It is those three points that will be infused with this template. It is through practice that the integration and the expansiveness that is available through this Eye of Horus is achieved.

This template is a living expression of the Light of Source. It is a vibrating template. It is not stationary. It is not flat. It has dimension to it and contains the Living Light. Just as in the last session we worked with the color vibrations and Light frequencies, this is another component. It is the Living Light that is now available and usable through the installation of the Eternal Eye that is much more than a diagram or a visualization.

It is very difficult, when you are embodied, to utilize many of the concepts and energetics of the non-physical world. Therefore very elevated Beings of Light, devised various ways in which to make these templates and concepts usable within the physical realm by giving very precise visualizations.

Jim: To watch and read the pictures you’re showing me right now, the word ‘unlimitedness’ is beginning to be understood in a whole new way.

Uriel: Yes. It is through the expression of this particular template that allows unlimitedness to come into the consciousness. It is no longer a faith or a trust. “Unlimitedness” takes on a new perspective. The knowing of yourself as eternal and infinite becomes a very real concept that is acceptable. With this accepting, something magical happens within the mental and emotional body. The pattern of unworthiness begins to disintegrate and deteriorate.


This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Uriel and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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